Monday, June 26, 2017

Bluebonnet Hill Tournament on July 4th Holiday Canceled; Kizer revised

     The tournament for next week on July 4th at Bluebonnet has been canceled. The ASGA has, in the past, avoided scheduling tournaments that fall on holidays for a variety of reasons. Chief among those are that courses will be charging holiday green fees that conflict with our normal rates, family social events and travel, as well as being able to fulfill ASGA's commitments to certain levels of participation.
     Tournament call-in's will resume on July 5th for the Kizer Tournament scheduled for July 11th. So that the ASGA will continue the balance of one individual event per month Kizer will be changed to the Individual format.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grey Rock Results

Results for the Grey Rock event yesterday, June 20, have been posted to the ASGA Status website Tournament Results page (direct link here).

Tie_breakers were decided as follows:
  • Flight #2: Third place tie won by John Hirsch team with a two-best ball net total of seven on hole #18.
  • Flight #3: Second place tie won by Don Theiss team with a two-best ball net total of seven on hole  #17.
NOTE 1: Due to hole #6 being closed for the event, the decision was made to adjust team scores for a net par for all teams.

NOTE 2: Winning credit will be available via the PARD COA credit  accounts.  This could take up to a week for processing to complete.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Grey Rock Tournament Unique Opportunity for ASGA Members

     For the first time on June 20th the ASGA will have a tournament at Grey Rock Golf Club.  It is a great opportunity for members of the ASGA to experience the City of Austin premier golf course. The tournament format will be the 4-man team 2 best net balls per hole as was used at the event on April 18 at Morris Williams GC. Players will use a regular scorecard and record their GROSS scores only. They will not need to figure the lowest net balls per hole as the ASGA volunteers and the computer will do that as the players report their scores.  Players should write in both first and last names and record all four GROSS scores on each hole. The ASGA Tournament committee will total the two best net scores using a computer and assign flights and announce the winners on the website.
     The 100 Club players (and female players) will play the Red tees while everyone else will play the White tees. While the regular price for seniors is $45, ASGA members will be charged $36.49 for their green fee and cart. The players will also have to supply their usual $5 in cash for the tournament fee in addition to the green and cart fee.
     The request policy for tee times will be the same as other tournaments in that the call-in will start no sooner than 7:00 AM on Wednesday, June 14th. The phone number is (512) 288-4297 and you will have to use extension #2.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Forest Creek Notes

  • Forty-eight (48) members have signed up for the event (as of Saturday, June 3) .
  • Players are reminded that cash is required for the $5.00 entry fee.
  • Scores will be recorded at the course by ASGA volunteers as the rounds are completed.
  • Players are encouraged to report and/or monitor the recording of their scores to ensure accuracy.
  • A tee times listing is not available for posting.