Sunday, August 29, 2021

President's Message -- August 29, 2021

 Your Board Met in Person. Committees. Grand Prix Update. A Tribute.

Your ASGA Board of Directors met in person last week for the first time since the Pandemic began. You will be receiving more details soon. I did want to update you with some keys. The hearing of each other, at our age, through the muffling of masks gave us some difficulty but being back in person was a positive sign for the future. 100% of the board was present.

  1. The Annual Election, Match Play, Picnic and Grand Prix Awards are set for 10-26-2021 at Jimmy Clay. The committees are planning an in-person event, but it is possible that if Covid-19 does not back off we will have to go virtual on some things. We will keep you posted.
  2. The two-day ASGA Fall Championships (9-14 and 9-16) are on target. That week you will only have to sign-up through our system that you are playing, not call the course. The Event Chair will assign tee-times and flights which will be posted on Sunday preceding the 2-day event. Details are listed under General Event Information. VI.
  3. Annual meeting Committees are working on nominations for special recognition and officers. Also, the Secretary will be posting on-line and at the courses soon that the general membership will be voting whether to extend membership to 60 year olds and above, replacing our current 62 minimum age requirement.  The board is recommending that move as it matches the city courses senior annual membership requirements.
  4. There are only eight more events left to count towards the Grand Prix. The two categories are still a close race at the top. A lot can happen at the end considering double points for the 2-day event. You have been able to follow all year as our Website Chair has done a great job of  bringing this year-long event to the forefront. The winners will be announced at our Annual Event as well as some changes for the next year's Grand Prix. The new Grand Prix will begin the week after our  President Cup Match Play, Picnic and  Election Meeting Event.
  5. The Captains and Assistant Captains of this year's President Cup will be announced soon.

Please take the time to scroll down to the note below from Sam Mihalik and pay tribute to Jesse Ybarbo, one of our past members, whom has recently passed away. Then click on the link to read his interesting obituary. ASGA was blessed to have had Jesse as a member.

This News has been brought to you on behalf of the ASGA Board of Directors and The Austin Senior Golf League, See you on the links.

Travis McWhorter, President

Former Member Jesse Ybarbo has passed August 7, 2021

89 year old Jesse Ybarbo was a member of ASGA until the end of 2019. He died August 7, 2021. You should read the Obituary found at as he was such a special person.

Sam Mihalik, ASGA Secretary

Sunday, August 8, 2021

President's Message -- August 8, 2021

 Too long to clearly remember?  A few tips to avoid a senior moment.

ASGA last played a 4-person select shot event November 26, 2019. Many of you have asked for the game to be returned. The last time we analyzed popularity of formats it was in the top 3. It is back Tuesday. Many of you have fond memories of playing it and maybe some of those memories may not be quite clear.

Almost a hundred have signed up to play at Jimmy Clay August 10. Your tee times and final grouping (if you did not register as a complete 4-person team) will show up Sunday around noon on the website under Event Schedule. Come play with your team. It is often difficult to find a last minute replacement so don't back out if at all possible.

Shawn Higgins, Our Event Chair, is responsible for our annual playing rules as well as scheduling in general. Recently under 2-person select shot he added a new handicap formula and outlined that on the Event Schedule before the event. In the 4-person Shawn advised me that we will not be using a handicap. The team will record only one score on each hole. That score will be determined when one of the players gets the ball in the hole first. Remember all these formats are discussed on our website under Golf Information and General Event Information. It is recommended that you re-read before Tuesday.

Some of the keys are:

1. Each player of the team hits a shot beginning with the tee and then precedes to the shot that the team selects to play next. Our normal rules apply at the shot with the exception that if not on the green you may move the spot to shoot from within one club length not closer to the hole. On the green you select the ball best positioned to putt, mark it and each putts until one is holed. The resulting score is the team's score. You record only one score per hole.

2. If at all possible have a 4-person team. If one is missing you can play with 3 players, but none can hit the ball twice to get to four hits as some of you may remember from the past. That is no longer true per General Event Information. If you play with 3 your team only gets 3 shots from each location. If you only have 2 players and neither you nor the ASGA system can add 1 or 2 before your tee time, you are not eligible. You must have at least 3 players to compete.

We are all aging and may have senior moments.  Re-reading the rules you will refresh and clear up your memories, create the chance to have a fun round and not let a senior moment get you disqualified.

This News has been brought to you on behalf of the ASGA Board of Directors and The Austin Senior Golf League, See you on the links.

Travis McWhorter, President