Thursday, August 25, 2016

Annual Tournament Eligibility

The eligibility requirement for participating in the ASGA Annual Tournament (September 22 & 24) is to have recorded scores in a minimum of five individual net and/or total net events in the past year (including the 2015 Annual Tournament).  To see a  list of those currently eligible CLICK HERE

Only one qualifying event remains before the eligibility list is finalized: Individual Net at Jimmy Clay Golf Course on September 6.  A member not currently on the eligible list who has played four qualifying events must play that event if they wish to play in the Annual Tournament.

Contact Handicap Chairman Paul Redden with any questions.

Monday, August 22, 2016

East Takes Series Lead Over West

     Going into the second round of the East/West series, the West led the rivalry with a 2-1 record and had a one win lead on the East. Apparently some East members saw this as an insult and took matters into their own hands. In the match at Morris Williams on January 5th, the East scored a 71.54 to 72.17 victory to tie the standings at 2-2 in the win-loss columns. Ray Harper led the way for the East victory with a round of net 62. He was followed by Don Theiss with a 64 and Dewayne Digby with a 65. L. D. Washington, Terry Rodriguez, and Troy Collins racked up net 66s to round out some of the low scoring for the East. In all, however, it was the consistency of the East team that won the day as 30 of the 50 players scored under par. For the West,

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tournament Schedule Updates

Tournament Director Bob Remey has announced changes to the ASGA tournament schedule, including a  move from Lions Municipal to Jimmy Clay on August 30 and a change in format to 2-M Select Shot at Morris Williams for the September 27 event.  Review the full schedule here .

Thursday, August 11, 2016

East vs. West in the ASGA

     I was just thinking (I know, dangerous right?), what if we had an East vs. West competition among the members of the ASGA for each tournament on the schedule?  What would be the result? Where are the better golfers, in the East or the West? So here is the way I would go about creating such an All-Star matchup.
     First, I had to have a division line. Who would be on the East squad and who would constitute the West team? So I plotted out the addresses of every 2016 member on a map of the Austin area and began to pour over the results looking for a good division line. And there as clear as a bell was a natural dividing line with only two exceptions. The line was the Lower Colorado River. It transverses the Austin area from a somewhat northern origin to a slightly southeastern journey down to the Gulf of Mexico thus giving a natural East/West regional division to the map.
     The membership numbers turned out to be 148 in the east and 104