Saturday, January 13, 2024

City of Austin Golf Courses Closed Sun. 1/14 thru Tue. 1/16

Tue. 1/16 Golf ATX Update - Currently the greens are covered in a sheet of ice at all locations and will not thaw on Tuesday Jan 16th. We need temps to be consistently above freezing for a significant amount of time before we can reopen. Our best guesstimate at this time for reopening is Thursday, Jan. 18th. 

All Golf ATX driving ranges will reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 17thmats only with a last ball at 5:00 sold. In addition, Lions may not have running water and this affect both the restrooms and food operations.

Golf courses and practice greens will remain inaccessible while the temperatures are below freezing and until the greens thaw out.

We hope everyone is making it through this event with no property damage and staying warm.  We want you back out at the facilities as badly as you want to be back out there.



Steve Hammond

GOLFATX Division Manager


 Email from Austin's GOLF ATX Division Manager:

"With the impending weather, GOLFATX properties will be closed Sunday the 14th through Tuesday the 16th.  In an effort to protect the grasses, our agronomists are going to insulate the greens with water and it will freeze over on Saturday night.  Although the sun may be shining, the ground will not thaw until the temps are consistently over 35 degrees.  We apologize about the closure as we know your time to play our courses is valued.  Our practice of insulating the greens has proved beneficial the last three years and it has showed in our conditions.

"We will have phone operators on property until 11:00 each day provided they can safely get to the golf courses. Please do not access the properties during the closure.

"Stay safe and warm, we will see you next week."


Steve Hammond

GOLFATX Division Manager