Sunday, July 25, 2021

President's Message -- July 25, 2021

 At Least It's Not Hotter'n Hell.  Please Don't Dig & Block The Hole!!

We have been blessed this summer with cooler and wetter weather than normal for our area. Now the temperature is rising and most of us are lowering our preferred start time as we are registering on our sign-up system. Please be as open minded as you can to a later start time as we get through the next 6 weeks or so of hot weather. The 10 minute intervals we are required to schedule makes the last tee times later by 25% than when the city previously used 8 minutes. However, come on out and you will see that most of the time we are running a few minutes ahead of schedule and at least we are not pumping a bicycle to play golf and having to go 100 miles before we finish.

Hotter'n Hell Race Start
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I grew up in the Wichita Falls area and believe me it gets hot there and may be just a little hotter than Hell. I am not totally sure as I have not visited Hell yet. If you want to get a comparison sign-up for it. The schedule is below:

Hotter'n Hell Hundred -August 26-29 2021-Wichita Falls, Texas.  

Ride it once and you will be back volunteering for the last tee time for ASGA in Aug/Sep wearing a jacket.

Speaking of the Devil,  several members have asked me to point out that some of you must be using a pitchfork to get your ball out of the hole. Maybe you are not following the Devil and just using your putter head instead. The putter method actually bruises the top of the hole and often leaves debris that blocks the hole when the ball approaches. On-line, possibly the course shop or at Walmart and other places it seems a suction cup is available that attaches to your putter handle and cost less that $6. The best way to remove the ball is to carefully use your hand if you can physically do so or get one of your more flexible golfing buddies to retrieve the ball for you.

Please, we always putt the ball out and do not need any more obstacles or even time delays to repair the holes before we putt. If you can't bend then get a suction cup on the end of your putter and do not use the putter head itself to dig it out. You might as well use the Devils own pitchfork. Don't let the Devil make you do it!!

This News has been brought to you on behalf of the ASGA Board of Directors and The Austin Senior Golf League, See you on the links.

Travis McWhorter