Monday, December 18, 2017

Lion's Tournament Canceled Due to Weather

Tournament Director, Sam Jenkins, officially canceled today's (Tuesday, December 19) tournament due to weather.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Membership Renewal

Memberships are valid for the calendar year* and must be be renewed for the next year by January 1 for continued eligibility to participate in ASGA golfing events.  The renewal fee of $10.00 is in effect until January 2,  after which the new membership fee of $15.00 is required for re-joining the organization.  Members wishing to play in the January 2, 2018 Individual Net event at Morris Williams should expedite their renewal since  the handicap list for the December 27 signup must be distributed by the Monday before.  That list will contain only current 2018 members.


*NOTE:  Memberships for those who joined in November/December  are valid for 2018.

Monday, November 20, 2017

ABCD Tee Times and More

The tee times for the Modified ABCD event at Jimmy Clay are posted in PDF format to show the team members and their handicaps.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Teams with only three players must follow the procedure noted in the ASGA General Tournament Information repeated here:
  1. Player "A" absent - Player "B" takes two shots but not in succession
  2. Player "B" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession
  3. Player "C" absent - Player "D" takes two shots but not in succession
  4. Player "D" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession
Note that there are three teams with only three players.  Those teams should follow the procedure for item 4 above.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ASGA Colleague Struggles to Help His Golf Prodigy Son

     Samuel Woodberry is nine years old, hits his driver 190-220 yards, and has won three of the last four golf tournaments that he has entered. He is the son of David Woodberry, a member of the Morris Williams professional golf staff and a valuable associate of the ASGA. David collects names for ASGA tournaments and prints out scorecards as well as calculates final scores and determines flights. Samuel, however, is his main project as he works tirelessly to gather enough money to meet the costs of tournament entry fees and general expenses.

     David has struggled financially to support a rising golf prodigy. David says it best. “Samuel is my main concern and I am willing to do extra work or jobs so that I can see that he is able to follow his interest in golf. I have even set up a website in an effort to secure donations and sponsors.”
     David continues pleading his case for help. “I don't push Samuel as some might think, but I do push for any effort that will support my son.”
      Samuel is a budding star golfer on two junior golf tours, Little Linksters and U. S. Kids Golf. His potential was evident from an early age. Samuel started hitting soft golf balls around the living area of his parent's home at the age of 2. At two-and-half he had his first “Range Grinder” membership (unlimited range balls and discounted golf) at Morris Williams Golf Course.
     Samuel played his first tournaments in the City of Austin Junior Summer Series when he was five and followed that with two tournaments in the Little Linkster Tour at seven. After a short time when his interest in golf flagged, Samuel rebounded to play 9 tournaments as a nine-year-old while never finishing lower than 4th place. Recently, however, Samuel has finished first at Live Oak Golf Club, first at Landa Park Golf Course in New Braunfels, second at Balcones Country Club, and on November 5th won another first place at Bay Forest Golf Course.
Samuel shows great potential for completing his life's goal, to be a Master's Champion. His father would love to see financial support from members of the ASGA who would like to see youth golf grow. David hopes he can continue to finance his son's dreams.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Modified ABCD Signup

Signup anytime by Friday.  The course will set up the teams and tee times.  For information on the format  see "Four Man Select Shot--ABCD" in the General Tournament Information page accessed from the Golf Information tab on the ASGA Status home page

Monday, November 13, 2017

Grey Rock Important Note

Thirty-two teams are signed up for the tournament tomorrow at Grey Rock and the weather looks promising for the event.  Those who  played the last ASGA event at Grey Rock are no doubt aware that the sign in process was somewhat confusing; as a result the record of those paying the $5.00 ASGA entry fee was incomplete and the prize pool was $55.00 short.  In order not to penalize the winners ASGA made up the shortage.  That will not be done at this event and credit payouts will be based on the money collected.

To prevent a recurrence of that problem members are requested to observe the following process:
  1. A separate $5.00 CASH entry fee will be collected at sign in (a $5.00 bill would help speed the process).
  2. Members should verify that their entry fee payment is taken and a record made of their payment.
A further note: ASGA volunteers will record scores as rounds are completed.  Look for the setup in the snack bar to submit scorecards.

Friday, November 10, 2017

2018 Board of Directors Election Results

The ASGA 2017 Annual Meeting was held November 9, 2017.  The following officers were duly elected to serve for fiscal year 2018 and take office immediately.
  • President; Shawn Higgins
  • Vice President; Paul Redden
  • Past President; Travis McWhorter
  • Secretary/Treasurer; Samuel Mihalik
  • Tournament Chairman; Samuel Jenkins
  • Handicap Chairman; Bill Burke
  • PARD Representative; Jack Scruggs
  • Delegate at Large; Steve Darby
  • Delegate at Large; Barkley Edwards

Monday, November 6, 2017

Jimmy Clay Will Again Take Tee Times for Grey Rock

     Again through the cooperation and generosity of the staff at Jimmy Clay, we will be conducting the sign up at Jimmy Clay for Grey Rock on Wednesday morning, November 8, before the Tuesday tournament. All in-person and call-ins will be directed to Jimmy Clay rather than Grey Rock.  
     So, to be clear, the phone number at Jimmy Clay to sign up for the Grey Rock event is 512-974-4653 with the in-person and call-ins to start at 7:00 A.M. as usual. Basically, the process for registering will be the same as in past tournaments although the tee times will start at 8:30 through 11:10 A.M. Also, the field for the Grey Rock tournament is limited so the importance of early registration is paramount.          
     The deadline for signing up for the Grey Rock tournament at Jimmy Clay will by Friday, November 10th, at 12:00 noon. This new deadline is done for the purpose of notifying Grey Rock of any unused tee times.
     Do not call Grey Rock on Wednesday to register for the tournament!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Two Hole-in-One's at Lions, But Alas.........

    There were two Hole-in-Ones, two Williams, two different holes, yet only one winner. Bill Barreda and Will Miller both scored aces, Barreda did it on hole #15 while Miller did it on hole #13. Miller, a first year member of the ASGA, used a lob wedge to score his HIO on the 96-yard hole. Miller's playing partners, Victor Wallace, Charles Organ, and HIO chairman, Shawn Higgins, witnessed the event and then realized that Miller was not a member of the Hole-in-One club. Higgins and Miller admited that they had discussed the $5 entry fee but never made it a real transaction.
     Barreda, on the other hand, was a member. He had paid his $5 fee but waited until the 100-yard, 15th hole to claim his ace. Barreda punched an eight iron to within a few feet and it rolled in giving him the HIO pot, approximately $250. The shot was witnessed by his playing companions, Laird Fowler, Andrew Allen, and Keith Scully.
     Barreda was very expressive when asked about his shot. "I had them look into the hole to confirm that my ball was at rest within the hole and below the level of the lip of the hole. My  thoughts were that nature smiled on me. The rain stopped just as I got to the tee. The grass on the green was right. The slope of the green was right. My Titleist flew nicely and rolled gently in to the hole. I thought of Golf in the Kingdom and was happy. Then I bought everyone beer and Fritos."
     Now that the HIO pot is empty it is time for everyone to sign up if they are interested in making a lot of money with one swing of their club. Shawn Higgins will be setting up a sign-up at the next tournament at Morris Williams on Tuesday and following tournaments. The entry fee is still $5 and will guarantee that if you do make a hole-in-one, you will be highlighted in this blog. For those not willing to post the fee, be prepared to have that sinking feeling that comes on after the initial happy reaction to your perfect swing.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

ASGA Annual Meeting

TO:  All ASGA Members
FROM: ASGA President Travis McWhorter and the Board of Directors

ASGA Member Reminder

The Annual Election will be held Thursday November 9th, Lions Meeting
Room at 8:30 AM. You are all welcome to attend..

ASGA Board of Directors

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rierson and Rankin Win Team, McWhorter Takes Grand Prix Individual

Cliff Rierson and Bob Rankin with Travis McWhorter
     At the Annual BBQ Tournament held at Jimmy Clay on October 24th, Cliff Rierson and Bob Rankin were awarded the Grand Prix Team Championship plaque having set a new points standard for future teams. The Grand Prix Individual Championship Award went to Travis McWhorter as his persistence and consistency kept him at the top of the standings throughout the year.
     McWhorter waged a year-long battle with Frank Segura, finally edging out his chief rival with good showings in the last two tournaments of the year. McWhorter finished the season with 157.5 points while Segura took second place with 146.5 points.
     Gary Prott finished third with 127.4 points with Ken "Gunner" Garrett (118.5) taking fourth followed by Lawrence Noble (111.5) in fifth place.
Jack Slayton, a former Grand Prix champion, captured sixth (106) beating out Paul Redden (102.5) while Bobby Johnson (100) edged out David Galindo (98.5) for the number eight spot. Rounding out the top ten was last year's Annual Tournament Champion, Don Pratt (98).
     In the Team Championship, the only real race was for the second place position. John Hirsch and Terence Donovan scored a razor-thin victory by a half-point margin, 121 to 120.5, over Dale French and Terry Rodriguez. Rodriquez is a former Individual Champion as well.  McWhorter, the 2017 Individual Champion, teamed with Don Visness (116.5) to take fourth place over Chester Burks and Dehart McMillan (111.5). Don Theiss and Robert Sebring (108.5) finished sixth, Domingo Santos and Gary Prott (104) took seventh, while Jim Abercrombie and Kenneth Lauber (101) claimed eighth. Lawrence Noble and Mike Bieck beat out the two teams, Charles Kelley and Waymon McLamb (92.5) and Alton Stewart and Barkley Edwards (92.5) for ninth place.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Last Chance to Buy a BBQ Ticket!

     The tournament this week at Riverside is the last chance to buy a ticket for the BBQ tournament next week at Jimmy Clay. No tickets will be sold after Tuesday!
     The tickets are $10 for the BBQ dinner to be held after the finish of the tournament. But maybe more than that, it is also a chance to win one of the several prizes that have been donated and, of course, a chance to win the Grand Prize of $100.  The $100 bill will be presented to the lucky winner at the end of the dinner and the other presentations by the donor, Ken "Gunner" Garrett.  Members must be present to collect any of the prizes including the Grand Prize.
     The tournament is a two-man 9-hole select shot and a 9-hole best ball event and is a shotgun start tournament, the first of its kind this season. Teams will need to only register for the event while the Jimmy Clay staff will set up players with the holes on which they will start.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Correction: Morris Williams Results

Errors in the standing/credit for flight #6 have been corrected and the online results updated.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Website News: Tee Times And Results Posting

Links to the latest posted tee time listing and tournament results will be available at the Tournament Schedule and Tournament Results tabs respectively.  There will no longer be links on the ASGA Status home page to that data.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Ken "Gunner" Garrett Offers $100 Grand Door Prize at BBQ

     ASGA BBQ Committee Chair Frank Segura and ASGA President Travis McWhorter, are pleased to announce that "Benjamin Franklin" will be in attendance at the annual BBQ in the form of a GREAT GRAND PRIZE. One door prize winner will win a "Benjamin Franklin $100 bill" at this year's ASGA  BBQ on Oct 24th at Jimmy Clay.
     Ken Garrett. pictured with President Travis McWhorter,  made a hole-in-one earlier in the year and wanted to do something to celebrate his accomplishment. Ken decided to share with his fellow ASGA members by gifting $100 and presenting it to the winner. Ken was a very famous in the hockey world where he earned the nickname of "Gunner".  Please congratulate and thank Ken when you see him.
      Now how do you qualify for the door prize? You must buy a $10 BBQ ticket and be present at the drawing. No tickets will be sold after 4 o'clock on the Tuesday before the BBQ on October 17th and there will be no tickets sold at the BBQ!  Our BBQ order must be concluded the week before as we are having our meal custom cooked for us by Player's Catering.
      Where do you buy tickets? You can buy them from any Board Member. There names are listed on our website. Do not wait until the last minute. BUY IT NOW!!
      The $100 door prize will be drawn AFTER the BBQ and the awarding of other prizes. YOU HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN. When the tickets are drawn for other prizes they will all be put back in a separate "hopper" so that at the end all will have a chance to WIN if you are PRESENT. Buy a ticket and be present at the end of the BBQ and you may be the lucky one to take "Benjamin Franklin" home with you.
      Things to do: Buy your ticket, sign up for golf, eat a wonderful meal, and digest comfortably knowing you have a chance to win a door prize. You do not have to play in the golf tourney, but you do have to have a BBQ ticket turned in to one of the Player's team and be present to be eligible for the door prizes to win. BE PRESENT!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ken Eppright

Ken Eppright, long-time ASGA member, passed away on September 15, 2017.  Mr. Eppright served as president of the Organization in 2007 and was Special Events Coordinator for a number of years. He was made an Honorary Lifetime Member by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors on July 5, 2012 to recognize his many contributions to the Organization operation over the years.  The 2013 Spring Tournament was named in his honor.

The Austin Senior Golf Association expresses sincere condolences to Ken's family and many friends.

Schedule of Services

Thursday, September 21, 2017
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Cook-Walden Funeral Home
6100 North Lamar
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 454-5611
Funeral Service
Friday, September 22, 2017
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
5900 Cameron Road
Austin, TX 78723
More information including a photo gallery is available at  this link.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Greater Rewards Await Annual Championship Tournament Winners

    As with championships in the past, the ASGA will again supplement the money awarded as credit to winners of the Annual Championship Tournament. This has proved popular by the membership and profitable for the fortunate winners.
    Although the tournament registration has already produced a good turnout, the staff at Jimmy Clay will keep the registering process open until Monday. ASGA members should keep in mind that this tournament is only open to those who have played enough tournaments to meet the minimum number of handicap scores. Link to qualified list here.
    Players are reminded that the second day's tee time (Thursday) will be set by the staff at Jimmy Clay and groups will be formed based on flights and scores from the first day. As in the past, players will be competing with and against players in their own flight.
    Players should check the ASGA website on Wednesday evening following their Tuesday play for tee times and groups.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ASGA Annual Championship Tournament

     The ASGA Annual Championship Tournament will be held on Tuesday, September 19th, and Thursday, September 21st at Jimmy Clay. Sam Jenkins, ASGA Tournament Director, is announcing the specifics of the two-day tournament. The registration for the first day of play on Tuesday will be the normal call-in for sign-up by groups and individuals. The second day's tee times and groups will be assigned by the Jimmy Clay staff based on flights and scores.
      According to Jenkins, plans are to group players on Thursday with the players in their flight with whom they are competing against and based on Tuesday's scores. Members should check this website after Tuesday's play for information on their group and times for Thursday's play.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lions Tee Times--Format Correction/Info

The format for the Lion Municipal event tomorrow , September 12, was listed incorrectly when first posted.  This has been corrected to be Total Net (2m)  and can be viewed from the link on the ASGA Status Home page.

Tee Time Issues/Openings
  • The players are listed by the order the names were entered during call-ins so the team headings are incorrect, i.e., they may or may not be correct teams (look at it as P1, P2, P3, P4) .
  •  Ray Ward was registered twice with different partners; 7:52 and 8:16
  • Paul Redden needs a partner at 10:08 due to late cancellation by partner 
  • Rudy Martinez is signed up but needs a partner
Other than that everything appears to be  in order!! :>)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Open Tee Times at ASGA Forest Creek Event

There are several open tee times for the event tomorrow;  the full ASGA tee time list can be viewed at this link. It's not too late to sign up and members wishing to do so should call the course at 512-388-2874 today.

In particular, there are three openings at the 7:23 slot due to members being unable to play tomorrow who were previously assigned the time.  Should one to three  members wish to sign up for the slot or move to that time, contact the ASGA Handicap Chairman at or by phone at 512-836-2061 (leave a message if not answered).

The first three to respond will be accommodated!


*** $5.00 CASH Entry Fee

*** Hole-By-Hole Scores Will Be Recorded (By ASGA Volunteers)

*** Pro Shop Will Open At 6:00 AM

And One More...

*** Next to Last Event Before Annual Tournament

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Forest Creek Information

The sign up at Forrest Creek for the Individual Net tournament on September 5, 2017 begins tomorrow at 7:00 AM by phone or in person at the course.  According to reports from the head professional the greens are much improved from the last ASGA event at the course (June 6, 2017) and improving weekly.  Full Disclosure:  he indicated that #13 and #16 still had bare spots and there are still problems along the edges of some holes.   He further stated that the fairways are in excellent condition.

COURSE SETUP:  The long par 4 holes # 15 and # 18 will be played and recorded as par 5 holes.

Other Important Items
  • $29.00 Green and Cart Fee Including Tax
  • $5.00 CASH Tournament Entry Fee (Paid Separately)
  • Hole-By-Hole Scores Will Be Recorded As Rounds Are Completed

Monday, August 28, 2017

Annual Tournament Eligibility--Updated September 6, 2017

There is one counting event remaining before the two-day Annual Tournament scheduled September 19/21.

Members must have played five scoring events to be eligible to enter the tournament.  The eligibility list has been updated to include the Forest Creek event and the members with four counting events have been  included. The one remaining counting event on the schedule before the tournament: Total Net (2M) at Lions Municipal on September 12.  Signup open through Saturday, September 9 AM.  

The eligibility list is available here: Annual Tournament Eligibility. Status will be updated as the counting events are completed.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lions ABDC Tournament Canceled

Tournament Chairman Samuel Jenkins has announced that the ABCD event at Lions Municipal scheduled for August 29, 2017 is cancelled.  Members who view this notice are encouraged to contact other members who they know who may not access this notice.

Thanks for your consideration.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lions ABCD Tournament Status

The weather and the status of the course are being monitored and ASGA Tournament Chairman Samuel Jenkins will issue a statement on Monday morning on whether the tournament will  be played or canceled.  Should course personnel determine before then that the course  will be unplayable the event will be canceled at that time.  Continue to monitor the ASGA Status home page and the blog for updates.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grey Rock Results (And An Entry Fee Mix-Up)

     The results listing are available under the "Latest Posting" link in the ASGA Status website Tournament Results tab.  A direct link is HERE   Payouts will be available through Austin PARD credit accounts as normal once the entry fees are deposited.
     Some members failed to submit their $5 cash entry fee at the tournament. This was largely because they were neither aware nor told at the desk of the need for a cash entry fee and/or they thought the fee was included in their credit card payment. Several members paid their fee when they turned in their scorecards but a shortfall remains.
     The ASGA is making up the shortfall and normal payout amounts for a 66 player field will be awarded.  Members who were unaware of he need for the cash entry fee and who realize that they did not pay the entry fee can pay their Grey Rock $5 fee to Paul Redden, Travis McWhorter, Sam Jenkins, Sam Mihalik, or at the desk of the next tournament to be played at Lions.  Procedures will be define for future tournaments that require a cash entry fee to ensure that their is no confusion on this matter.
     Thanks to those who remembered and paid at the end of the tournament day.  Grey Rock is a very good course and, while difficult (and warm!), most who played seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Curtis Higgs Scores Hole-in-One Shot at Clay

     Playing in a four-man select shot format, Vic Loar, Jack Field, David Hoffman, and Curtis Higgs, needed only one club and one shot on the 135-yard, par 3, 14th hole at Jimmy Clay last Tuesday. That club and shot belonged to Curtis Higgs. With his five wood, Higgs, lofted the ball onto the green and into the hole for his hole-in-one and a payout of $270.
     Higgs, who is near the age of 90 and owns a 29 handicap, said it

A Few Tee Times Still Available at Grey Rock

    The ASGA has had a good turnout for the Tuesday tournament at Grey Rock with 76 players signed up but still has tee times available. Sam Jenkins, ASGA Tournament Director, is keeping the sign up open until these times are filled or until Monday morning, whichever comes first. Anyone interested in signing up after today (Saturday) should call Jenkins at 512-629-7996. The tournament is a two-man team format. A few members have signed up and are searching for partners for the event and may be contacted through Jenkins or Paul Redden, Handicap Chairman.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jimmy Clay Will Register Grey Rock Entries

     In preparing for the upcoming registration for play at Grey Rock beginning Wednesday, August 16th, Tournament Director Sam Jenkins is releasing an update on the plans for sign-in procedures.
     Through the cooperation and generosity of the staff at Jimmy Clay, the ASGA will be conducting the sign up for Grey Rock as we have always done on the Wednesday morning before the Tuesday tournament. This time, however, all in-person and call-ins will be directed to Jimmy Clay rather than Grey Rock.  
     So, to be clear, the phone number at Jimmy Clay to sign up for the Grey Rock event is 512-974-4653. Basically, the process for registering will be the same as in past tournaments. Also, the field for the Grey Rock tournament is limited so the importance of early registration is paramount.          
     The deadline for signing up for the Grey Rock tournament at Jimmy Clay will by Friday, August 18th, at 12:00 noon. This new deadline is done for the purpose of notifying Grey Rock of any unused tee times.
     Do not call Grey Rock on Wednesday to register for the tournament!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Riverside Event Canceled

Tournament Director Samuel Jenkins has announced  the cancellation of the Total Net (2-M) event at Riverside GC scheduled for tomorrow August 8.  The decision to cancel was based on information from course management that the course is virtually unplayable from heavy rainfall overnight.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Sign-up Procedures Planned for Grey Rock Tournament

     Tournament Director Sam Jenkins is announcing the planning of new sign-up procedures for the up-coming Grey Rock tournament that will differ in a number of ways from our usual call-in on Wednesday morning. According to Grey Rock's Tournament Director, Joe Gowdy, they do not have the staff to take the deluge of calls that would come in to their pro shop on the Wednesday morning before the tournament. In Jenkins' negotiation with Grey Rock, the price of $35 for green fees was reached provided that the association would provide them with a sign-up roster with assigned tee times. Since this was accepted by Jenkins, he along with Handicap Chair Paul Redden will have to organize a new sign-up procedure that can be used for the Grey Rock tournament.
    The Grey Rock format will be a two-man Select Shot/Best Ball event. Even though the tournament is not until August 22nd and we have the Riverside and another Jimmy Clay tournament to play, this planning process will begin immediately. Members should check back with this blog to get the most current news on this issue.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hole-in-One Rules Changed, Signup Continues at Jimmy Clay

     Shawn Higgins, ASGA Vice-President and Hole-in-One Chairman, will be setting up a sign-up at Jimmy Clay on Tuesday to allow members to sign up for the new contest. Members can just leave their name and $5 to be eligible for the money prize.
     Following Ken Garrett's Hole-in-One at Jimmy Clay two weeks ago, the sign-up process began again at Lions last week where many of the ASGA members took advantage of the new process and signed up. The money continues to grow as more and more members seek to win the new pot. 
     It should be noted that under Higgins' guidance, the ASGA Boards has approved two changes to the rules for the Hole-in-One contest. Change number one is that only par three holes will be considered for the Hole-in-One contest. The second change deals with the number of witnesses. As of now you will only need one witness to the hole-in-one besides the player who accomplishes the feat. 
     The number of witnesses in a couple of cases in the past has prevented a win and in some of those instances caused by the group being made up of only one team of two individuals. It was felt that to be fair and with the knowledge that our group is honest, that one witness besides the scorer of the hole-in-one would be enough.       
     However, the number one reason members have not won the prize in our tournaments has been they did not sign up. So sign up. It is up to you!

2017 Annual Tournament Eligibility Status

ASGA rules state that members who have completed at least five tournaments that count for handicap purposes since the last Annual Tournament are eligible for the upcoming Annual Tournament.  Counting tournament formats are Individual Net, Total Net (2M) and the 2016 Annual Tournament rounds.

A list of members who are currently eligible is available at this link: 2017 Annual Tournament Eligible.  There are five counting events remaining before the annual tournament, including the Individual Net event at Jimmy Clay on Tuesday, September 1.  (Interested members can get their current status by sending an email to

Status will be updated as counting events are completed.

NOTE! Members who played both days of  the 2016 Annual tournament should add one to their count to get their true status.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ken Garrett Scores Hole-in-One During Four-Man Select Tournament at Jimmy Clay

     All Ken Garrett could be heard saying was "that's a $400 shot" as his shot on the # 2  par three 97-yard hole fell downward into the cup. Garrett, using a 9-iron, hit what some said was an amazing shot as it hit the flag pole and fell into the hole. Garrett, who is rather famously known to have played and managed in the sport of hockey, parlayed that slap shot ability into golf terms and now collects a total of $445 for his efforts.
     Garrett's unexpected shot-making was witnessed by his teammates, Americo Paredes, Mike Arant, and Jack Slayton, all of whom rode to glory of a different kind although not quite as lucrative. With an excellent start with a chip-in by Paredes on #1 for a birdie and Garrett's eagle score of 1 on the second, this team went on to win their flight with a 62 total score.
    As it turned out, the hole-in-one shot by Garrett was just enough to ease out the flight win because the team of Gary Prott, Domingo Santos, David Galindo, and Bob Spinder scored a 64 to pull down the second place prize.
    Congratulations to Garrett for his Hole-in-One and the prize money that goes along with it but the sad news for the rest of the ASGA members is that they will now have to sign up ($5 fee) anew for another Hole-in-One contest. Members will be able to sign-up and pay their $5 at the next tournament which will be at Lions or at some future city course tournament sites.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 11, 2017 Results; Roy Kizer GC

  • The results listing is available on the Tournament Results page of the ASGA Status website (direct link here).  The tie-breaker for 4th place in flight #1 was won by Terry Rodriguez with a net eagle (2) on hole #18; the tie-breaker for 4th place in flight #7 was won by Alton Stewart with a net birdie (3), also on hole #18.

More Highlights:

  • 120 Players Signed Up For Tee Times; 108 Played
  • Low Gross Score: 70, Eddie Nunez, Flight #1
  • Low Net Score: 61,  John Hirsch, Flight #4; Bob Rankin, Flight #6

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kizer Tournament Tee Times

Time       Player1                    Player 2                 Player 3                   Player 4 
6:57 Noble, Lawrence        Bieck, Mike            Hirsch, John           Donovan, Terence 
7:05 Stewart, Alton            Edwards, Barkley   Vaeth, John             Petrick, Joe 
7:13 Mihalik, Samuel         Stokes, Ed              Walther, Wil           Davis, Don 
7:21 Higgs, Curtis              Loar, Vic                 Field, Jack             Hoffman, David 
7:29 Jackson, Jack             Brown, Andrew       King, Charles        Byrd, Lawrence 
7:37 Espinoza, Bennie       Perez, Ben               Amaro, Robert       Munoz, Francisco 
7:45 Noon, Joe                   Martinez, Richard   Theiss, Don            Sebring, Robert 
7:53 Washington, LD         Collins, Troy           Harper, Ray           Marshall, Jerrwood 
8:01 Barreda, Bill              Ching, Denis            Fowler, Laird        Allen, Andrew 
8:09 Nunez, Eddie             Givens, Carl             Burks, Chester      Alexis, Randy 
8:17 Hebbe, Willard          Van Burkleo, Lee     Klattenhoff, Earl   Sampson, William 
8:25 Taylor, Ben                Stojanik, Robert      DiSorbo, Jim          Oshiro, Henry 
8:33 Harris, RH                 Newton, Jerry          Zuraitis, Bill          Boyd, William 
8:41 Robbins, George        Segura, Frank          Hammer, Lynn      Scruggs, Jack 
8:49 Burke, Bill                Mang, Frank             Steussy, Don         Osgood, John 
8:57 Chapa, Bob               Warner, Tommy       Guttery, Pete         Walters, Tom 
9:05 Otting, Gary              Lynds, Lewis           Yoder, Ken            Digby, Dewayne 
9:13 Campbell, Thermon Williams, Cleo         Ward, Ray             Moore, Robert 
9:21 Redden, Paul             French, Dale           Hedrick, Carl         Rodriguez, Terry 
9:29 Lauber, Kenneth       Cates, John              Lipsky, Joe            Matson, Paul 
9:37 Millan, Jim               Lambert, Lee           Horton, Jerry         Howell, Lewis 
9:45 Sowell, Larry           Bushover, Frederick Villela, Ralph       Nichols, Randy 
9:53 McWhorter, Travis   Jenkins, Samuel       Pratt, Don             Padilla, Gabriel 
10:01 Johnson, Bobby      Blazine, Fred           Hernandez, Dom  Ybarbo, Jesse 
10:09 Prott, Gary              Santos, Domingo     Galindo, David     Botello, Henry 
10:17 Garrett, Ken           Slayton, Jack            Arant, Mike          Paredes, Americo 
10:25 Camenisch, Walt    Bradford, Linda       Thompson, Joe      Egbert, John 
10:33 Oballo, Lino          Hervas, Eliseo           Garcia, Donald     Sobremonte, Mike 
10:41 Marshall, General Wormley, Leroy         Fludd, Curt           Davenport, Charles 
10:49 Elam, Dale            Rankin, Bob               Hafner, Don         Farnsworth, Bill

Monday, June 26, 2017

Bluebonnet Hill Tournament on July 4th Holiday Canceled; Kizer revised

     The tournament for next week on July 4th at Bluebonnet has been canceled. The ASGA has, in the past, avoided scheduling tournaments that fall on holidays for a variety of reasons. Chief among those are that courses will be charging holiday green fees that conflict with our normal rates, family social events and travel, as well as being able to fulfill ASGA's commitments to certain levels of participation.
     Tournament call-in's will resume on July 5th for the Kizer Tournament scheduled for July 11th. So that the ASGA will continue the balance of one individual event per month Kizer will be changed to the Individual format.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grey Rock Results

Results for the Grey Rock event yesterday, June 20, have been posted to the ASGA Status website Tournament Results page (direct link here).

Tie_breakers were decided as follows:
  • Flight #2: Third place tie won by John Hirsch team with a two-best ball net total of seven on hole #18.
  • Flight #3: Second place tie won by Don Theiss team with a two-best ball net total of seven on hole  #17.
NOTE 1: Due to hole #6 being closed for the event, the decision was made to adjust team scores for a net par for all teams.

NOTE 2: Winning credit will be available via the PARD COA credit  accounts.  This could take up to a week for processing to complete.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Grey Rock Tournament Unique Opportunity for ASGA Members

     For the first time on June 20th the ASGA will have a tournament at Grey Rock Golf Club.  It is a great opportunity for members of the ASGA to experience the City of Austin premier golf course. The tournament format will be the 4-man team 2 best net balls per hole as was used at the event on April 18 at Morris Williams GC. Players will use a regular scorecard and record their GROSS scores only. They will not need to figure the lowest net balls per hole as the ASGA volunteers and the computer will do that as the players report their scores.  Players should write in both first and last names and record all four GROSS scores on each hole. The ASGA Tournament committee will total the two best net scores using a computer and assign flights and announce the winners on the website.
     The 100 Club players (and female players) will play the Red tees while everyone else will play the White tees. While the regular price for seniors is $45, ASGA members will be charged $36.49 for their green fee and cart. The players will also have to supply their usual $5 in cash for the tournament fee in addition to the green and cart fee.
     The request policy for tee times will be the same as other tournaments in that the call-in will start no sooner than 7:00 AM on Wednesday, June 14th. The phone number is (512) 288-4297 and you will have to use extension #2.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Forest Creek Notes

  • Forty-eight (48) members have signed up for the event (as of Saturday, June 3) .
  • Players are reminded that cash is required for the $5.00 entry fee.
  • Scores will be recorded at the course by ASGA volunteers as the rounds are completed.
  • Players are encouraged to report and/or monitor the recording of their scores to ensure accuracy.
  • A tee times listing is not available for posting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Forest Creek Course Update

The ASGA rate for the June 6 event is $27.00 (tax included) and range balls are included at no extra charge.  Signup is by phone or in person starting at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, May 31 with late signup continuing until Saturday, June3.  (Telephone:  512-388-2873; Website:

Forest Creek Golf Course is experiencing problems with their greens and  has installed four temporary greens  on holes 6, 13, 16 and 18.  This has shortened the course by around 200 yards resulting in a course length of about 5800 yards from the White tee box.  (A temporary green for the long par 4 hole #18 is at the 100 yard mark short of the creek).  The tee boxes, fairways and bunkers are in immaculate  condition.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Riverside 2-M Best Ball Net Results

Results of the event are available on the ASGA Status  website Tournament Results  tab.  Here is a direct link.  This proved to be one of the more competitive events in recent history.
  •  Flight #1: three-way tie for 1st place; two-way scorecard playoff for 4th place  (won on hole #12 with a net 4)
  •  Flight #2: two-way tie for 2nd place; four-way scorecard playoff  for 4th place (won on hole #17 with a net 3)
  •  Flight #3: Three-way tie for 3rd place
Rain the two nights preceding the event prompted the course to issue a statement that the event would be "Cart Path Only".  This did not, however, prove to be a significant deterrent as a total of 76 members signed in at the course to play (82 were signed up for tee times).  The cart restriction was not major either since the course limited it to only four specific holes as play got underway.

Comments as players turned in their scorecards for processing were generally positive concerning the event format.  A one stated negative was that some were  confused on how the team scores were to be reported.

Future Reference For Best Ball Net Events

Enter gross scores for each player on the scorecard; event scores will be calculated automatically by the recording system (program or spreadsheet).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Latest News On Riverside Event

ASGA has received the following information from the  Riverside Head Golf Professional.

In his own words:
" I spoke to our Superintendent this morning, and as long as we don't see a major rain event we will be able to go out tomorrow.  We will have to be cart path only though because of the last two evenings of rain."

The good news is there has not been significant rain since he issued the notice mid-morning today, and the forecast for rain remains fairly low throughout the projected tournament time.  

As a reminder,  the event format is 2-M Best Ball Net.  To ease the  calculations for any who may be mathematically challenged, the teams will have to enter only their gross scores for both players onto the scorecard.  Scores will be recorded into a computer program as players finish their rounds and the computer will calculate the best ball net scores for the teams. (Teams are encouraged to personally report their scores and verify the accuracy of the calculations).

Riverside also reported minor changes in a few tee time assignments; this, along with the potential  for cancellations, means there could be opportunity for moving up tee times.  Come early or check with the course if interested.

A final note:  The team best ball net hole scores will be used for breaking any ties for last place in flights. (The single score defined as the best ball for that hole).

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bluebonnet Results May 16, 2017

A  misidentified player was discovered when entering hole-by-hole scores from the scorecards.  The revision has been completed and affected only flight #5.

(Note: The full results listing is available at the ASGA website Tournament  Results tab; a direct link is at the bottom of this post).

The event on May 16 at Bluebonnet Hill was held under good course conditions but subject to fairly high winds (not unusual at the course) probably impacting some player scores.  Seventy-eight ASGA members signed in out of the eighty-two  listed in the tee time posting for the event, and only one no-show was reported.  Good show-up! (It's important to notify the course as early as possible when a member determines that he/she cannot make the event).

Competition was close in most flights, especially in flight #1 which  had a tie for 2nd place and a tie for 4th place.  Terry Rodriquez won the scorecard playoff for 4th place on hole #16.

Link to the full results here.

(E-mail comments on this post or other web items to:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Rule and Other Changes Made to ASGA Tournaments Rules

     At the recent meeting of the ASGA Board on Thursday, a new rule was passed that was meant to speed up play and to prevent a slow group from creating a back up of other groups. Additionally, another change in one regulation was also made to ensure consistency in the implementation of a rule.
     The new rule reads: Players MUST allow faster players to play thru if the group is more than one hole behind for more than two consecutive holes. Courtesy passes are encouraged before enforcement becomes necessary. 
     According to Tournament Chair, Sam Jenkins, this rule is an attempt by the board to prevent one or two groups from slowing the tournament flow as has happened at tournament events in the past and that have caused problems for the course and its other clientele. Groups should be aware of the rule and keep pace with groups in front with a eye toward voluntarily allowing other groups to pass if they have fallen behind the tournament pace as stated in the new rule.
     A minor change was also made in the disqualification rule in which the word "must" was substituted for the word "should" so that there would be no ambiguity as to how to rule. The change was made to the following rule: F. Scoring: You must exchange cards with opponent. You may not keep your own score.  To assure accuracy, the card SHOULD be signed by the scorer and attested by the player.  The word "must" is to be used instead of the "should" highlighted above.

McGillicuddy Addresses an Improper Score

     What do you do if you find out that you and your partner have just won a tournament but you know that the wrong score was the basis for that win? Well, Tim McGillicuddy knew what to do. He immediately called the Tournament Chairman Sam Jenkins early Friday morning and reported the error, a score of 116. After checking with the course officials, Jenkins found that it was indeed a mistake in calculation and the correction was made allowing the team of Bill Burke and Don Steussy to take first place with a total of 127. McGillicuddy and his partner, Bob

Sunday, May 7, 2017

ASGA Board Meeting Invitation

Your ASGA Board of Directors  (BOD) meets regularly to manage the general business and to discuss new ideas. All members are welcome to attend. The next meeting is scheduled at 1:00 PM on May 11. It will be held in the Lions Golf Course meeting room. 

You may have seen a couple of signs at the courses asking for those interested in being involved or helping the BOD and committees to sign up;  some did and are coming to this meeting. You can also serve by just showing up and being involved or expressing your pros and cons of how we are doing.

We hope to see you there! 

Travis McWhorter, President

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Riverside Play Brings Adjustments to the Course

     Those ASGA members playing in this coming week's tournament at the Riverside Golf Course will be seeing some adjustments made to the course that may be to their liking. First, while most members will be playing from the middle tees (black), the 100+ group will be playing from the forward tees(green). Additionally, the yardage for the middle tees will be reduced somewhat as holes #8, #15, and #16 will have their tees moved up so that no one will be trying to reach a 400+ yard par 4 hole in two. All three of the these holes fit that description at present but Riverside pro Michael Travis has agreed to change this part of his layout to fit the ASGA.
    Travis clarified the play for the #1 hole and some adjustments on tee times. "All members will be playing the number one hole as a par three rather than a par four as is common during weekend action at the course. As of now (Thursday) we have 92 players entered but we still have some early tee times available. If these times are not used we will move up the tee times to close the gap." said Travis.
     Members should check the website prior to Tuesday's play to ensure themselves that they have the correct starting time. Members will have to pay their entry fee ($5) in cash when paying their course fees.
    The format for this tournament is 2-man select shot (9 holes)/ 2-man Best Ball (9 holes).

Friday, April 14, 2017

Steve Ellis Scores Hole-in-One But Misses Jackpot

     Can a golfer be unhappy after scoring a hole-in-one? We may never know but Steve Ellis could possibly answer that question. Ellis was skilled and lucky enough (you have to have some luck) to shoot a hole-in-one last Tuesday at the April 11th ASGA tournament held at the Lions Golf Course. He was playing in the tournament and on hole #4, the short par three playing 136 yards, Ellis used a hybrid club to finish the hole in one stroke.
     Was he happy? Probably so until he realized that he had missed out on the $440 jackpot awarded to a member of ASGA for a hole-in-one. It seems that of the 88 members who had paid $5 for a shot at the pot, Ellis was not one of those people.
     Not all was lost however, as Ellis got credit for his feat when his partner, Don Akers, reported it to the pro shop and it was subsequently reported in the Hole-in-One Listing in the Statesman newspaper. The shot was witnessed by his partner Akers as well as his playing companions, Steve Darby and Bill LaTulipe. The shot also helped Akers and Ellis score a net total of 130 in the tournament to take second place money. So despite the fact that Ellis missed an opportunity to win $440, he still had some success for the day.
     If you are an ASGA member and haven't paid your $5 for a chance at a big pot, then see any board member or more specifically Shawn Higgins, who is chairperson of the Hole-in-One Jackpot.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Scoring for 4-Man Best Two (2) NET Balls Tournament

Morris Williams Golf Course
EXAMPLE Scorecard

Format: 4-man Best Two (2) Net Balls per hole

Green (M-63.8/100) 293 455 145 323 425 337 354 136 319 2787

Red (L-69.0/117) 287 447 110 248 415 315 344 125 308 2599

Name Player Hdcp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Front

Jon John 10  




Shedred Jones 22 *

Tim Raines 1








Sam Moses 19 *

Course Hdcp 15 13 3 7 17 5 1 9 11

Best Net Score #1 3 4 1 3 5 3 2 2 4 27

Best Net Score #2      3      5     2      3      5      4      3      3      4      32


The following is an explanation for keeping score for the “4-man Best 2 Net Balls per hole” Tournament:

In the scoring row across from each player's name there are small asterisk(s) “*” located in top left of each scoring box in which a player gets a handicap stroke(s). In some cases, a player may have two asterisks (**) as their handicap is high enough so that they receive two strokes on these holes.

First, using the asterisks “*” in each players scoring box as a guide, enter the player's NET score for each hole in the row opposite the player's name. Second, at the bottom of the scorecard in the row marked “Best Net Score # 1” record the lowest NET score of the four players for that hole. In the row marked “Best Net Score #2” record the NEXT lowest NET score of the remaining three players for that hole.

Total the "Best Net Score #1" row for the first score. Total the "Best Net Score #2" row for the second score.  Total the two scores for a final score.

In the example for hole #1 above, player John scored a gross/net 4 because he did not have an asterisk or stroke. Jones had a gross 4 but a net 3 because he had a stroke. Player Raines had a gross/net score of 4 as he did not have a stroke. Player Moses scored a gross 4 for a net 3. At the bottom, since the best two NET scores belong to Jones and Moses, a three (3) and a three (3) are recorded. 

If you need further explanation of this scoring system, please consult with the golf professional in the clubhouse, any ASGA board member, Sam Jenkins (Tournament Chairman) or Paul Redden (Handicap Chairman).

(Example is only 9 holes)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Tournament Closest To Pin Winners


  • 3 – Jim DiSorbo
  • 8 – Cliff Rierson
  • 12 – Carl Givins
  • 14 – Xavier Guedea

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kizer Tee Times Lost; Members Asked to Call Again

     Due to an electrical outage, the tee times for next week's tournament at Kizer have been lost. The course is requesting that members who had previously acquired a tee time call again and confirm their time with Kizer course officials. Members are asked not to request a more convenient time than the one originally assigned to them as this will cause even further confusion and delay. This should be done as soon as possible. Pass the word to other members who might not visit this blog.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"L.E." Clarke Passes Away

     Louis Edward "L.E." Clarke, a long-time and dedicated member of the ASGA, passed away on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at his home in Georgetown. LE became a member of the ASGA in 1990. He served as Handicap Chairman continuously from at least 1992 through 2007. LE maintained and distributed handicaps manually during his term of service and before the ASGA turned to the digital age and full use of computer technology. 
     He became Vice-President in 2008 and advanced to the higher leadership role of ASGA President in 2009. Following his mandatory stint as Past President in 2010, LE was awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership at the annual meeting in November of 2011.

He remained a supporter of the ASGA and its activities even after his presence at ASGA events ceased.
     See more about services at the link below:

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