Monday, November 20, 2017

ABCD Tee Times and More

The tee times for the Modified ABCD event at Jimmy Clay are posted in PDF format to show the team members and their handicaps.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Teams with only three players must follow the procedure noted in the ASGA General Tournament Information repeated here:
  1. Player "A" absent - Player "B" takes two shots but not in succession
  2. Player "B" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession
  3. Player "C" absent - Player "D" takes two shots but not in succession
  4. Player "D" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession
Note that there are three teams with only three players.  Those teams should follow the procedure for item 4 above.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ASGA Colleague Struggles to Help His Golf Prodigy Son

     Samuel Woodberry is nine years old, hits his driver 190-220 yards, and has won three of the last four golf tournaments that he has entered. He is the son of David Woodberry, a member of the Morris Williams professional golf staff and a valuable associate of the ASGA. David collects names for ASGA tournaments and prints out scorecards as well as calculates final scores and determines flights. Samuel, however, is his main project as he works tirelessly to gather enough money to meet the costs of tournament entry fees and general expenses.

     David has struggled financially to support a rising golf prodigy. David says it best. “Samuel is my main concern and I am willing to do extra work or jobs so that I can see that he is able to follow his interest in golf. I have even set up a website in an effort to secure donations and sponsors.”
     David continues pleading his case for help. “I don't push Samuel as some might think, but I do push for any effort that will support my son.”
      Samuel is a budding star golfer on two junior golf tours, Little Linksters and U. S. Kids Golf. His potential was evident from an early age. Samuel started hitting soft golf balls around the living area of his parent's home at the age of 2. At two-and-half he had his first “Range Grinder” membership (unlimited range balls and discounted golf) at Morris Williams Golf Course.
     Samuel played his first tournaments in the City of Austin Junior Summer Series when he was five and followed that with two tournaments in the Little Linkster Tour at seven. After a short time when his interest in golf flagged, Samuel rebounded to play 9 tournaments as a nine-year-old while never finishing lower than 4th place. Recently, however, Samuel has finished first at Live Oak Golf Club, first at Landa Park Golf Course in New Braunfels, second at Balcones Country Club, and on November 5th won another first place at Bay Forest Golf Course.
Samuel shows great potential for completing his life's goal, to be a Master's Champion. His father would love to see financial support from members of the ASGA who would like to see youth golf grow. David hopes he can continue to finance his son's dreams.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Modified ABCD Signup

Signup anytime by Friday.  The course will set up the teams and tee times.  For information on the format  see "Four Man Select Shot--ABCD" in the General Tournament Information page accessed from the Golf Information tab on the ASGA Status home page

Monday, November 13, 2017

Grey Rock Important Note

Thirty-two teams are signed up for the tournament tomorrow at Grey Rock and the weather looks promising for the event.  Those who  played the last ASGA event at Grey Rock are no doubt aware that the sign in process was somewhat confusing; as a result the record of those paying the $5.00 ASGA entry fee was incomplete and the prize pool was $55.00 short.  In order not to penalize the winners ASGA made up the shortage.  That will not be done at this event and credit payouts will be based on the money collected.

To prevent a recurrence of that problem members are requested to observe the following process:
  1. A separate $5.00 CASH entry fee will be collected at sign in (a $5.00 bill would help speed the process).
  2. Members should verify that their entry fee payment is taken and a record made of their payment.
A further note: ASGA volunteers will record scores as rounds are completed.  Look for the setup in the snack bar to submit scorecards.

Friday, November 10, 2017

2018 Board of Directors Election Results

The ASGA 2017 Annual Meeting was held November 9, 2017.  The following officers were duly elected to serve for fiscal year 2018 and take office immediately.
  • President; Shawn Higgins
  • Vice President; Paul Redden
  • Past President; Travis McWhorter
  • Secretary/Treasurer; Samuel Mihalik
  • Tournament Chairman; Samuel Jenkins
  • Handicap Chairman; Bill Burke
  • PARD Representative; Jack Scruggs
  • Delegate at Large; Steve Darby
  • Delegate at Large; Barkley Edwards

Monday, November 6, 2017

Jimmy Clay Will Again Take Tee Times for Grey Rock

     Again through the cooperation and generosity of the staff at Jimmy Clay, we will be conducting the sign up at Jimmy Clay for Grey Rock on Wednesday morning, November 8, before the Tuesday tournament. All in-person and call-ins will be directed to Jimmy Clay rather than Grey Rock.  
     So, to be clear, the phone number at Jimmy Clay to sign up for the Grey Rock event is 512-974-4653 with the in-person and call-ins to start at 7:00 A.M. as usual. Basically, the process for registering will be the same as in past tournaments although the tee times will start at 8:30 through 11:10 A.M. Also, the field for the Grey Rock tournament is limited so the importance of early registration is paramount.          
     The deadline for signing up for the Grey Rock tournament at Jimmy Clay will by Friday, November 10th, at 12:00 noon. This new deadline is done for the purpose of notifying Grey Rock of any unused tee times.
     Do not call Grey Rock on Wednesday to register for the tournament!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Two Hole-in-One's at Lions, But Alas.........

    There were two Hole-in-Ones, two Williams, two different holes, yet only one winner. Bill Barreda and Will Miller both scored aces, Barreda did it on hole #15 while Miller did it on hole #13. Miller, a first year member of the ASGA, used a lob wedge to score his HIO on the 96-yard hole. Miller's playing partners, Victor Wallace, Charles Organ, and HIO chairman, Shawn Higgins, witnessed the event and then realized that Miller was not a member of the Hole-in-One club. Higgins and Miller admited that they had discussed the $5 entry fee but never made it a real transaction.
     Barreda, on the other hand, was a member. He had paid his $5 fee but waited until the 100-yard, 15th hole to claim his ace. Barreda punched an eight iron to within a few feet and it rolled in giving him the HIO pot, approximately $250. The shot was witnessed by his playing companions, Laird Fowler, Andrew Allen, and Keith Scully.
     Barreda was very expressive when asked about his shot. "I had them look into the hole to confirm that my ball was at rest within the hole and below the level of the lip of the hole. My  thoughts were that nature smiled on me. The rain stopped just as I got to the tee. The grass on the green was right. The slope of the green was right. My Titleist flew nicely and rolled gently in to the hole. I thought of Golf in the Kingdom and was happy. Then I bought everyone beer and Fritos."
     Now that the HIO pot is empty it is time for everyone to sign up if they are interested in making a lot of money with one swing of their club. Shawn Higgins will be setting up a sign-up at the next tournament at Morris Williams on Tuesday and following tournaments. The entry fee is still $5 and will guarantee that if you do make a hole-in-one, you will be highlighted in this blog. For those not willing to post the fee, be prepared to have that sinking feeling that comes on after the initial happy reaction to your perfect swing.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

ASGA Annual Meeting

TO:  All ASGA Members
FROM: ASGA President Travis McWhorter and the Board of Directors

ASGA Member Reminder

The Annual Election will be held Thursday November 9th, Lions Meeting
Room at 8:30 AM. You are all welcome to attend..

ASGA Board of Directors