Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Event Format Change

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that the event scheduled at Lions on Dec 20 has been changed from 4-M Modified ABCD to Select Shot(2-M).  The online schedule reflects the change.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Joe Noon Sets Record Round With Four Clubs

     For most people (if not all), golf is a hard game. We try to make it easier by keeping and using as many different clubs as we are allowed (14 is the limit rule) and still it is a hard game. Well, it seems that it is a hard game except for a few and one of those few happens to be Joe Noon who recently set the net scoring record (for four clubs or less) with a 59 at the first annual ASGA four-club Individual tournament held at Jimmy Clay golf course.
     Noon, who plays with an ASGA handicap of 23, indicated, "I had to

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mythical All-Star Teams- Method and Madness

     How does one pick East/West All-Stars? The answer: In the most difficult and confusing way possible. In this way the picker (that would be me) will have confused everyone so much that he (the picker) will not get the blame (or the fame) for his selections. Got it! Good! Now let me tell you the method.
     Let me qualify this method in one respect. The handicaps of these players had no play in the selection process. All players were judged on how much and how often they contributed to their respective teams. With that said here is my process.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Only Four(4) Clubs Allowed in November 22nd Tournament

     In case you missed it, the November 22 tournament format calls for each player to use ONLY four clubs. This means that players should have only four clubs in their bag for that tournament. The putter is considered a club for identification purposes. For example, a player can have a putter, 7-iron, 3-wood, and a driver while another player can choose a 9-iron, 5-iron, 3-iron, and a driver. Select your weapons carefully, you can only have four of them.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New ASGA Board Takes Office

    Thursday, the ASGA membership elected officers for the 2017 year after discussing the budget, the 2017 tournament schedule, the Grand Prix, and our website issues. The following members were selected (see picture below from left to right): Frank Segura (Past President); Travis McWhorter (2017 President); Paul Redden (Website and Handicap Chairman); Bob Remey (Tournament Chairman); Sam Mihalik (Secretary/Treasurer); Bobby Johnson (Delegate-at-Large); Samuel Jenkins (Vice-President); Shawn Higgins (Delegate-at-Large); Denis Ching (PARD Advisory Representative) not shown.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

East Pulls Upset to Tie West for the Championship

     It couldn't have been a more fitting end. Going into the final individual match of the ASGA season (2016) at Bluebonnet Golf Club on October 4th, the East squad desperately needed a win to claim a share of the title and that is exactly what happened. The East clawed to a narrow 70.93 to 71.12 win in this season-ending final on the efforts of William Boyd's 63 and 64s by Don Visness and Joe Noon. William Sampson's 66 was followed by 67s from Samuel Jenkins and Ken Garrett while Lino Oballo, Lawrence Noble, and Juan Davila scored 68s in the dramatic win. Willard Hebbe, Terry Rodriguez, Richard Ortiz, and Dewayne Digby also helped the cause with 70s.
    The West squad had the most players under par (20-18) but it was the East's domination at the high end of the scoring range that led them to victory. Leading the West was Kenneth Lauber's 64 and Laird Fowler's 65. Barkley Edwards, Alton Stewart, and Curtis Higgs had 67s while Shawn Higgins, Don Davis, Jim Abercrombie, Jack Scruggs, and Robert Sebring all had 68s. Tom Walters, Bobby Johnson, and Andrew Allen finished with 69s in trying to stop the East comeback. Also assisting the West in that effort were Bill Barreda, Ken Pilcher, Linda Bradford, David Galindo, and John Egbert, all of whom scored a 70.
     For the year, both squads finished with 8 wins and 8 losses and shared the East/West Series Championship. The mythical All-Star squad for both the East and West will be posted soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

East Squad Makes Comeback With Two Wins

     Forest Creek proved itself to be more of a test of golf skill than most ASGA members expected and solving the course's distance woes and tricky greens produced high scores at the next individual tournament in the East/West series. Jerry Horton scored the lowest of the East team with a net 70. He was followed by Cliff Rierson's 71 and Lee Van Burkleo's 72. This trio helped the East to a much needed victory although the 79.34 to 79.50 win was the highest team score in the series but also one of the closest. The victory by the East pushed their win-lost record to 6-7 and within one match of the West who stands at 7-6.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

ASGA Membership Annual Meeting

The ASGA 2016 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 9:00 AM  on November 10 in the meeting room at Lions Municipal Golf Course.  A regular business meeting will be followed by the election of officers for 2017 who will take office at the conclusion of the meeting.

All active ASGA members are encouraged to attend.