Monday, January 28, 2019

The Morris Williams Tournament Will Proceed With Cautions

Tournament Director, Sam Jenkins, is announcing that the Morris Williams tournament will proceed as scheduled with a cautionary note to all participants. Realizing that the weather conditions may cause many no-shows and several have canceled as of this writing, the tournament will go on with Jenkins noting the following, "If the tournament does not have enough teams to justify it as a sanctioned ASGA tournament, it could be declared a non-tournament event. This is the reason that players should call in if they decide they are not going to play. With only ten cancellations as of now, I can't justify canceling the tournament".
     Players must be willing to play under that stipulation. In the unlikely event that the tournament is declared a non-event, the $5.00 entry fee will be credited or refunded.

ASGA Tournament Chairman Weather Statement

ASGA Tournament Director Samuel Jenkins has issued the following statement:

"The current (10:00 AM Monday, January 28) weather outlook shows temperatures dropping into the 30's with north winds and wind chill factors in the 20's by 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.  Previous history shows that a significant number of members will cancel and/or 'no show' for the tournament.  Members who think they will not play tomorrow should call the course and cancel as soon as they are decided on their status.

Monitoring of the weather status will continue and an update will be issued by 7:00 PM this evening. If the event is not cancelled there is the possibility that it will not be considered a regular ASGA event." 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Reviewing and Updating Scoring for MW Tournament

Sam Jenkins, Tournament Director is announcing a delay of the Morris Williams Tournament scores. There were errors in the scoring and are being reviewed. The results will hopefully be available by Thursday at the latest.