Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The ASGA Spring Event is Here!

This year the event is being played at the Morris Williams golf course April 26 and 28, Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a two-person event where we play:

Best Ball Low Net on Tuesday; and
Scramble on Thursday.  

Some event details are provided below:

  • All members wishing to play will only have to sign up one time for the two-day event.  Sign up as usual anytime during Wednesday through Friday the week prior.  Be sure to group your members as 2-person teams.
  • If you’re riding in a cart, ask the course how they want to handle the cart fee
  • On Tuesday at the course, you will be requested to pay for both days green fees on the first day.
  • Make sure you turn in your legible scorecards before leaving the course. Ensure there are two separate signatures and the card is dated. As you are keeping score, please spend a little extra effort in making sure the scores clear and complete player names are easily understood.  
  • At the conclusion of play, flighting will be based on low handicap member of the twosome.
  • Tuesday’s first round scores and flight information will be posted Wednesday prior to Thursday’s play beginning.


And now for a bit of Golf Humor
Question: What did you get on your last hole?
Answer: Depressed

I’m so bad at golf that I have to get my ball retriever re-gripped more than my clubs.

If your opponent can’t remember whether he shot a six or seven on the hole, chances are he had an 8 on it.

I hope all your drives are in the direction you want them to be and all of your first putts find the bottom of the cup.

At your service,
Sand Trap

Thursday, April 7, 2022

PGA Tournament Looking for Volunteers--Can You Help?

The upcoming PGA Professional Championship is looking for volunteers to assist in the running of their tournament. They asked us if we would please let our membership know of their need for volunteers.

From their website: "The field is comprised of players who advanced from the 41 PGA Section Championships, along with Past Champions. The low 20 scorers at Omni Barton Creek will earn a berth in the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

More information and volunteer registration link below.

ASGA Board of Directors 


 Date/Location: April 17 – 20, 2022 | Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa | Austin, Texas

Join us as we host the 2022 PGA Professional Championship at Omni Barton Creek Resort. Adults wishing to volunteer must be 18 years of age or older by April 13, 2022 to complete the application.

 The Volunteer Service Fee is $25.00. For this fee, you will receive:

  • A volunteer shirt and hat

  • Lunch provided

  • Opportunity to participate in a volunteer appreciation day that includes golf on the courses at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Friday, April 1, 2022

Upcoming Tournaments--Good Stuff!

 Note to readers: Sand Trap is in the Building…

Spring is Here!

Redbud tree in bloom

Spring is in the air, tee times are starting earlier, we may actually get some grass on the fairways and hopefully good greens. Our ASGA Spring golf event is coming soon. This year it is being played at Morris Williams April 26 and 28.  This is a two-person event where we play Best Ball Low Net on day 1 and Scramble on day 2.  Mark your calendars and reserve those dates. The Spring golf event is one of, if not the most, enjoyable events we play during the year. More information to follow.

Fall Annual ASGA Championship

At the last board meeting, the annual ASGA championship was discussed. This year it’s being held on September 6 and September 13. Over the past several years, we have struggled to get seventy members to participate. In order to get more members participating the Board agreed to make a few changes with more to come. First, it was agreed instead of playing the tournament on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week, this year we’ll play on Tuesday of two consecutive weeks.  Playing two rounds in the September heat of the same week can be difficult; we understand some members would only like to play one ASGA round a week.

The first round of play will be at Morris Williams. The second and championship round will be held at Jimmy Clay the following Tuesday. Members will sign up for tee times in your normal groups for the first round. Hopefully playing with your regular foursome will be better and more enjoyable for members. Afterwards members will be placed into flights based on handicap, and tee times will be assigned based on your first-round scoring within your flight for the second round championship play, lower handicaps starting first.  Several other possibilities to make the event more enjoyable for you are under discussion, so I’m told. If you have any suggestions, please pass them on to a Board member. More information to come as we get closer.


Slow Play

Last week at Lions our slowest round was 4 hours, 30 minutes. Thanks. We're improving.

Golf Humor

Gimme gimmie…?

A “gimmie” can best be described as an agreement between two golfers…..neither of whom can putt very well.

Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them?

In case they get a hole in one.


I hope all your drives are in the direction you want them to be and all your putts find the bottom of the cup.


At your service,

Sand Trap