Saturday, January 23, 2016

Golf Channel highlights "Save Muny" effort

     In case you missed it on Morning Drive on the Golf Channel, there was an interesting interview of  a member of the  "Save Muny" group, Ken Tiemann. Tiemann explained the group's reasons for advocating that Lions Golf Course be saved instead of turned into a more commercial property. The ASGA has not taken an official position on

Grand Prix plaque and other observations

     Finally! The plaque for the Grand Prix champions is now up on the bulletin board at the Lions Golf Course club house. After having two years worth of champions and promising them that the plaque broadcasting their accomplishment would be put up for review, the act was finally accomplished. Congratulations again to 2015 champions, Roy January and his partner Chester Burkes, for winning the Team title and to Terry Rodriguez for his Individual title. You can view the

Friday, January 22, 2016

ASGA Position On Use of Anchored Putter

ASGA Tournament Chairman Bob Remey  has issued the following position statement on the use of anchored putters:  "ASGA will conform to USGA Rule 14-1B that prohibits strokes using a putter anchored to the players body".

For the rule definition go to  USGA Rule 14-1B on the USGA website.  Examples of permitted and prohibited strokes are available at this link.

Questions may be directed to Tournament Chairman Bob Remey.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Morris Williams 1/05 Results Revised

Results for the Morris Williams Individual Net tournament on Jan 05, 2016 have been revised.   Members were disqualified in flights #3 and # 7 for missing the deadline for membership renewal and credit was corrected in flight #5.  The corrected results may be viewed here:  Revised Results 

Grand Prix standings are updated to reflect the changes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jimmy Clay 12/29 Results Revised

Results for the Individual Net tournament at Jimmy Clay on December 29, 2015 have been revised.  The wrong handicap was listed for a member in flight #5 that resulted in changes to the standings and credit earned.  The revised results may be viewed at this link: Revised 12/29 Results.