Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Forest Creek Course Update

The ASGA rate for the June 6 event is $27.00 (tax included) and range balls are included at no extra charge.  Signup is by phone or in person starting at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, May 31 with late signup continuing until Saturday, June3.  (Telephone:  512-388-2873; Website:

Forest Creek Golf Course is experiencing problems with their greens and  has installed four temporary greens  on holes 6, 13, 16 and 18.  This has shortened the course by around 200 yards resulting in a course length of about 5800 yards from the White tee box.  (A temporary green for the long par 4 hole #18 is at the 100 yard mark short of the creek).  The tee boxes, fairways and bunkers are in immaculate  condition.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Riverside 2-M Best Ball Net Results

Results of the event are available on the ASGA Status  website Tournament Results  tab.  Here is a direct link.  This proved to be one of the more competitive events in recent history.
  •  Flight #1: three-way tie for 1st place; two-way scorecard playoff for 4th place  (won on hole #12 with a net 4)
  •  Flight #2: two-way tie for 2nd place; four-way scorecard playoff  for 4th place (won on hole #17 with a net 3)
  •  Flight #3: Three-way tie for 3rd place
Rain the two nights preceding the event prompted the course to issue a statement that the event would be "Cart Path Only".  This did not, however, prove to be a significant deterrent as a total of 76 members signed in at the course to play (82 were signed up for tee times).  The cart restriction was not major either since the course limited it to only four specific holes as play got underway.

Comments as players turned in their scorecards for processing were generally positive concerning the event format.  A one stated negative was that some were  confused on how the team scores were to be reported.

Future Reference For Best Ball Net Events

Enter gross scores for each player on the scorecard; event scores will be calculated automatically by the recording system (program or spreadsheet).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Latest News On Riverside Event

ASGA has received the following information from the  Riverside Head Golf Professional.

In his own words:
" I spoke to our Superintendent this morning, and as long as we don't see a major rain event we will be able to go out tomorrow.  We will have to be cart path only though because of the last two evenings of rain."

The good news is there has not been significant rain since he issued the notice mid-morning today, and the forecast for rain remains fairly low throughout the projected tournament time.  

As a reminder,  the event format is 2-M Best Ball Net.  To ease the  calculations for any who may be mathematically challenged, the teams will have to enter only their gross scores for both players onto the scorecard.  Scores will be recorded into a computer program as players finish their rounds and the computer will calculate the best ball net scores for the teams. (Teams are encouraged to personally report their scores and verify the accuracy of the calculations).

Riverside also reported minor changes in a few tee time assignments; this, along with the potential  for cancellations, means there could be opportunity for moving up tee times.  Come early or check with the course if interested.

A final note:  The team best ball net hole scores will be used for breaking any ties for last place in flights. (The single score defined as the best ball for that hole).

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bluebonnet Results May 16, 2017

A  misidentified player was discovered when entering hole-by-hole scores from the scorecards.  The revision has been completed and affected only flight #5.

(Note: The full results listing is available at the ASGA website Tournament  Results tab; a direct link is at the bottom of this post).

The event on May 16 at Bluebonnet Hill was held under good course conditions but subject to fairly high winds (not unusual at the course) probably impacting some player scores.  Seventy-eight ASGA members signed in out of the eighty-two  listed in the tee time posting for the event, and only one no-show was reported.  Good show-up! (It's important to notify the course as early as possible when a member determines that he/she cannot make the event).

Competition was close in most flights, especially in flight #1 which  had a tie for 2nd place and a tie for 4th place.  Terry Rodriquez won the scorecard playoff for 4th place on hole #16.

Link to the full results here.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Rule and Other Changes Made to ASGA Tournaments Rules

     At the recent meeting of the ASGA Board on Thursday, a new rule was passed that was meant to speed up play and to prevent a slow group from creating a back up of other groups. Additionally, another change in one regulation was also made to ensure consistency in the implementation of a rule.
     The new rule reads: Players MUST allow faster players to play thru if the group is more than one hole behind for more than two consecutive holes. Courtesy passes are encouraged before enforcement becomes necessary. 
     According to Tournament Chair, Sam Jenkins, this rule is an attempt by the board to prevent one or two groups from slowing the tournament flow as has happened at tournament events in the past and that have caused problems for the course and its other clientele. Groups should be aware of the rule and keep pace with groups in front with a eye toward voluntarily allowing other groups to pass if they have fallen behind the tournament pace as stated in the new rule.
     A minor change was also made in the disqualification rule in which the word "must" was substituted for the word "should" so that there would be no ambiguity as to how to rule. The change was made to the following rule: F. Scoring: You must exchange cards with opponent. You may not keep your own score.  To assure accuracy, the card SHOULD be signed by the scorer and attested by the player.  The word "must" is to be used instead of the "should" highlighted above.

McGillicuddy Addresses an Improper Score

     What do you do if you find out that you and your partner have just won a tournament but you know that the wrong score was the basis for that win? Well, Tim McGillicuddy knew what to do. He immediately called the Tournament Chairman Sam Jenkins early Friday morning and reported the error, a score of 116. After checking with the course officials, Jenkins found that it was indeed a mistake in calculation and the correction was made allowing the team of Bill Burke and Don Steussy to take first place with a total of 127. McGillicuddy and his partner, Bob

Sunday, May 7, 2017

ASGA Board Meeting Invitation

Your ASGA Board of Directors  (BOD) meets regularly to manage the general business and to discuss new ideas. All members are welcome to attend. The next meeting is scheduled at 1:00 PM on May 11. It will be held in the Lions Golf Course meeting room. 

You may have seen a couple of signs at the courses asking for those interested in being involved or helping the BOD and committees to sign up;  some did and are coming to this meeting. You can also serve by just showing up and being involved or expressing your pros and cons of how we are doing.

We hope to see you there! 

Travis McWhorter, President