Monday, July 29, 2019

Curtis Higgs

The long-time Austin Senior Golf Association member passed away Thursday, July 25.  Curtis competed often and well over the years in ASGA  events and will be sorely missed by his fellow members.  The Organization expresses its sincere condolences to his family and friends.

His obituary is linked HERE 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

New Constitutional Changes to be Voted On

     Significant changes to the ASGA Constitution and Bylaws are going on the ballot at the same time as the golf tournament to be held at Lions on August 6, 2019. The vote will essentially be to update the ASGA Constitution and Bylaws and the meeting to vote will run in conjunction with the August 6th tournament. 
     Only the General Membership can approve changes to the constitution and two-thirds (67%) of those present must affirmatively vote for the changes. The appropriate number of officers of The Board will be present approximately 25 minutes before the first tee time to call the meeting to order.The meeting will last until approximately 25 minutes after the last group tees off in the tournament. 
     Members will vote in the lobby of Lions as they arrive to sign in for the tournament competition. Members who not participating in the tournament are also encouraged to come to the Lions site to vote as well. It will be an up(Yes) or down(No) vote for all the changes to the constitution. At the conclusion of the meeting the results will be tallied and then announced as well as posted on the website.
       Members who wish to do so should review the current document as it is available on the website under "The Organization" and then on that page click "Constitution and Bylaws".  
The changes can be viewed HERE where the updates will appear in red.
     Two of the most important changes are 1) that the annual election of the Board and Officers will be held at the annual banquet on October 15th at the "President's Cup" tournament where a large number of members will be assembled. This allows for more participation by the members whereas in the past the board has been elected by as few as twenty people, and; 2) the new titles of members of the board which will reflect a more modern board and will be more in line with the current duties assigned by the President and the Board.
     This project was assigned by President Paul Redden to Vice-President Travis McWhorter, who presented the changes to the board and were approved unanimously at the June 24th meeting. McWhorter, having sought and obtained suggestions and advise from the general membership during the course of this project, can answer members questions about the changes. He will not be seeking suggestions or changes.
     For those who do not use the website, the city courses will have documents posted on their bulletin boards indicating the changes and the procedures for voting on these changes.  Web users should encourage non-web users to look for these documents at the courses.