Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Charles Organ claims cleanest card contest at Clay

Charles Organ
     Charles Organ didn't know about the cleanest scorecard contest until last week when one of his playing companions in the Championship Flight mentioned it in passing. This week, Organ won the award of one bucket of range balls for having kept the cleanest scorecard for the individual tournament held at Jimmy Clay Golf Course last Tuesday. 
     Organ, who was keeping the scorecard of his fellow player, Ray Harper,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

ASGA B-B-Q tickets go on sale

     The Annual B-B-Q will be held on October 27th which is less than a month away and tickets, like the one on the right, are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased from any ASGA board member or from the city golf courses. Frank Segura is again heading up the job of getting the BBQ ready for the membership. Segura commented on the tickets, "We need to have each member holding a ticket to make sure they sign it at the bottom. The tickets are $10 each and going fast. I have already sold 30 myself."

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boyd and January win scorecard contest

      Apparently Roy January was paying attention to the way Bill Boyd was keeping his scorecard in their threesome on Day One of the Annual Tournament last Tuesday. As it turned out, Boyd, while keeping Travis McWhorter's scorecard, took great care in putting down Travis' scores and ended up as the winner of the bucket of range balls on the first day of the Annual Tournament.
      Two days later January was keeping Boyd's scorecard and,

Friday, September 25, 2015

Latest Clean Scorecard Winner

Check the News tab or the direct link from the ASGA Status home page after each tournament for the latest winner of the Clean Scorecard contest.  There will be a new write-up each week on the News page .  Previous winners can be found in the Archives listing to the right of the News page.

And keep on keeping it clean!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Paypal continued for renewals

        Paypal, an online service that allows members to use their computers to renew their membership for the ASGA will again be available this year according to a recent announcement by Secretary-Treasurer Rufus Stanton.
      As stated in a recent post, next year's membership renewals will open on the date of the BBQ, October 27th, and remain so until December 31st.  But starting on January 1st an additional $5 will be tacked on as a late charge making the total membership dues $15.

Nichols wins third scorecard contest

Randy Nichols has been named as the third winner of the "Cleanest Scorecard" contest for the Morris Williams tournament. Nichols won last week even though it was a more spirited contest as more and more members are becoming aware of this new activity added to the tournaments. According to the ASGA board member Travis McWhorter, "This week was a hard one to get a card picked as a lot of extra things

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tee Time/Flight Information

The corrected flights kept the same tee times as previously posted.  This means that there is some intermixing of flights in the tee times.  As given in the notes on the Tee Time page,  the page can be sorted by player,  handicap and flight. Clicking once sorts smallest to largest, clicking twice reverses the sort and refreshing (pressing function key F5) returns to the original tee time order. As noted, JavaScript must be enabled in the browser for the sort operations to work.

Send questions/comments to

Friday, September 18, 2015

Akers collects on Hole-in-One Contest

Coming to the eighth hole at Morris Williams, Don Akers was hoping the jackpot was big just in case he made a hole-in-one. Well, the jackpot was big, $445 worth, and Akers collected it all at the recent ASGA Individual tournament held at MoWillie.  Akers described his lucrative shot,"It was on #8 at MoWilly. I lasered the flag at 135 yards and hit a six iron. My head is still spinning!"

Witnesses to Akers super shot were Steve Ellis, Bill

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alert!! Morris Willliams Results

A significant number of errors in the Morris Williams results from Tuesday, September 15 necessitate a redo of the course-provided data and the posted results.  The original posting has been removed;  availability of the updated results will be announced when available.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Membership Renewal Deadlline

The ASGA Constitution and Bylaws require that membership renewals be completed by January 1 of the upcoming year for the member to remain active and eligible to participate in ASGA tournaments.  To encourage that this requirement is met a process is described in a post by 'Sammy Charles' on Monday September 14.  Members are encouraged to review the post and it is hoped that a majority of members will renew by the January 1 deadline and avoid the late fee penalty that will be imposed when renewing after the deadline.  (A previous version of the Deadline post erroneously showed the deadline to be December 1).

Renewal by the deadline ensures that members will remain in the active handicap and tournament signup database, thus eliminating confusion and extra work when members attempt to signup for a tournament at the last minute.

Revision: Morris Williams Sept 15 results

A review of the scorecards for handicapping  purposes revealed several problems in the data now online.  An update correcting the problems will be posted by tomorrow morning  (Thursday, September 17) .

Note:  The previously posted results will remain available.

Monday, September 14, 2015


$5 charge added to late Member renewal for 2016

     Next year's membership renewals will open on the date of the BBQ, October 27th, and remain so until November 30th according to Treasurer Rufus Stanton and President Wayne Patterson. But starting on January 1st an additional $5 will be tacked on as a late charge making the total membership dues $15.
     ASGA Secretary-Treasurer Stanton, will have a membership

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Second Clean Scorecard Winner Announced

Walt Camenisch has been selected as the second winner of the "Clean Scorecard" contest for the Jimmy Clay Individual Net event held September 8, 2015.  Steve Hammond, Director of Golf at Clay/Kizer, noted that he could see a difference in the quality of the scorecards for this tournament.  Everyone is to be congratulated and encouraged to keep up the good work.  A little of attention goes a long way!

A free bucket of range balls is awarded to the contest winner each week.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grand Prix Individual race tightens

New contenders for the Individual Grand Prix title have made a decisive run at Troy Collins, who has been leading the ASGA membership for the past several months. Collins, who hasn't played in the two most recent individual tournaments, has seen his lead vanish and now finds himself

Annual Tournament Elligibility

There are currently 170 members eligible to participate in the Annual Tournament to be held September 22 and 24 at Lions Municipal Golf Course.  A total of 13 members who have recorded four completed scores for handicap purposes can become eligible by playing in the September 15 2_M Total Net event at Morris Williams Golf Course.  Eligibility status  can be checked via the link on the ASGA Status home page.

Note:  Minor errors have been corrected with the link that affected two members. (They are being contacted directly).

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lions Results Revisions

The results for the Lions Municipal 2-M Select Shot tournament on September 1 have been revised to correct place and payouts for ties in flights #3 and #5.  Minor revisions have been made to correct math errors in scoring for the Lions Municipal 2-M Total Net event on August 11.  These latter changes do not affect payouts but have minor effect on Grand Prix team standings.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Clean Scorecard Winner

Curtis Higgs is the winner of the first Clean Scorecard contest. and is awarded a free bucket of range balls by  the participating City of Austin golf courses.  Over all, the clarity of the scorecards was much improved as noted by Lions Municipal Golf Professional Erik Lopez:  "Best I've seen in 15 years".

ASGA Board of Director member Travis McWhorter, instrumental in setting up the contest, thanks  members for their efforts and urges continued support for the goal of  providing error-free and legible scorecards.