Monday, October 10, 2022

On Oct. 25 We Have The President's Cup, The Banquet, and The Annual Meeting

and the Annual Meeting!


Sam Mihalik,  ASGA President, has selected the following leaders for this year's President's Cup.

Past President, Travis McWhorter will lead the Red Team as the Captain. Travis selected David Brader to be the Assistant Captain. Travis' team has now won the first two President's Cup events and per precedent has once again been asked to defend the title. They are going for 3 in a row.

Sam Mihalik, served as the Assistant Captain to Travis last year and with a copy of Travis' playbook of strategic selection in hand has decided to step up to the tee box and stop this red streak in its tracks. Sam has selected Allan Myers as the Assistant Captain of the Blue Team.

The four leaders plus Shawn Higgins, Event Chair, will meet on Saturday morning Oct. 22 to draft the teams.

How do you get to be selected to play Oct 25? It is simple. Sign up or have your usual person sign you up to play in the event on the 25th. The sign up will be open from October 19 until 5 o'clock Friday the 21st. You do not have to select a time as we all shotgun start at the same time. You must be signed up by 5PM Friday because Bruce Jones will then compile the list of signups and forward it to the leaders so they will have some time to prepare for Saturday's draft. You will see which team you are on and who you will compete against in match play on Sunday the 23rd at the regular time on our website.


Following the golf tournament you will proceed to the pavilion and be served your meal. You must exchange your $10 ticket at the food line and it will be placed in a drawing box that will result in door prizes and you have to be present to win if your name is called. There will be no banquet tickets sold at the banquet. You must buy in advance no later than the event played October 18th as previously informed. Buy them as soon as you see a board member. Don't miss this great meal.

Important: the banquet ticket is not registering you for golf. It is only for food and door prizes. You have to register online in the normal way and also go in the pro shop the morning of the event and pay your fees including the normal $5 for entry fee. The winning team members will all win $10 whether they won their match, tied or lost. It is a team event. One team wins and one team loses. Play hard for your team.


At the meeting you can renew your annual membership for 2023 by paying $10 to David Brader, Secretary/Treasurer.

Win Door prizes. witness and be involved in various awards, including the Grand Prix winners, and of course the President's Cup. There will also be some members recognized for special awards.


Travis McWhorter and Shawn Higgins led a committee of 5 members and are recommending the following officers and board members for 2023. Of course there will be opportunity to nominate others during the election process.

President                Lewis Howell
VP                          Greg Marshall
Past Pres               Sam Mihalik (This is an automatic position and requires no vote from the membership)
Sec/Treas              David Brader
Event Chair           Shawn Higgins
Handicap Chair     Bill Burke
PARD  Rep           Jack Scruggs
Gen Membership  Allan Myers (His name will be placed in nomination from the floor)
Website Chair     Bruce Jones

Wow! That was a lot to cover and all of these things are important and only come once per year.

Sam Mihalik and all involved have pledged to streamline the process, but being prompt, involved and supportive will be important as we have fun and conduct the important business for ASGA. Find a board member (they're the ones with asterisks next to their names in the lineups), and get your ticket now and sign up to play the event as well when the time comes.


Travis McWhorter