Sunday, May 29, 2016

Don't get disqualified!

     Have you ever been waiting the morning after a ASGA tournament for results and when they do come up on the website your name is not there or it has DQ where a score should be. Maybe you did well and expected to see your name in "lights" as they say and your score is nowhere to be found. If this has ever happened to you it is more likely that you were disqualified.
     Failure to sign your scorecard has been the most frequent problem but their are other reasons as well. Returning a "lower" score on a hole that he/she didn't actually get or not putting a score down for a hole and skipping a hole. These are just some of the reasons for disqualification.
     The official rules says that each individual is responsible for his or her score and not your partner who happens to be keeping your score. You are responsible for verifying the authenticity of your scorecard and you do so by signing your name. This shouldn't be taken lightly! There are no refunds for disqualified players or teams!
     The only mistake that you can get away with and still have your score count is by inflating the score(s) and who wants that! So please take the time to go over your card and verify the score before returning it to the proper officials. The two minutes you spend checking your score is well worth the time. Don't let four and half hours go to waste!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Slayton leads Individual GP race

     Jack Slayton, who has a history of competing at the top of the Grand Prix points race, is currently the leader of the pack racking up 76 points. Although the race for the top spot is still up for grabs, a fight for places second through fifth is being waged as four golfers are separated by only five points. Travis McWhorter, who has participated in every individual tournament this year, is second with 72.5 points and is followed by Sam Jenkins with 71.5 points. Don Davis and Ken Garrett follow closely with 68.5 and 67.5 points, respectively.
     Four other individuals make up a middle group that includes last

Former Champions Segura and Robbins lead Team Grand Prix

     Probably smarting from a near miss in last year's race for the Team Grand Prix championship, George Robbins and Frank Segura surged into the lead in the team division with 108 points at about the half way mark of this year's golfing schedule. Robbins and Segura were the first recipients of the Team Championship in the 2014 inaugural season and after a slow start in 2015 managed to get back into the top ten last year before the season came to a close.
     The team of Jerrwood Marshall and Ray Harper is a close second

Monday, May 2, 2016

Riverside Payout Credit

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that prize money for the Riverside Golf Course tournament will be available as credit at the City of Austin courses as normal.  There will be no cash payout.