Monday, March 26, 2018

ASGA Member Pictures Requested

      The ASGA website would like to get more personal with the members by having everyone that's willing to send a portrait of themselves and maybe another picture of their golf stance, swing, or putting style.
     This is optional of course, but this would allow the editors and writers for this website to be more creative and more informative for their fellow members. Almost everyone with an iPhone or a similar device can take instant pictures and send them by email. Send them to in care of Sammy Charles.
     Don't forget to identify the individual(s) in your picture(s) by their first and last name. Any comments about the pictures would also be appreciated. Do this and then tell your friends to do it as well and we will build up a image library that we can use when these individuals win tournaments, lead the Grand Prix race, or do something good. Group or team photo or video is also welcome.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The 2018 Grand Prix is Off and Running

The 2018 Grand Prix Individual and Team race is on and players are racking up the points with the new scoring system adopted by the ASGA Board of Directors. 

Jerry Horton has taken the lead in the Individual standing with 308.5 points holding off Paul Redden who sits in second place with a close 298.2 point collection. In third place is Randy Alexis with 287.8 points while Michael Cahoon has 283.2 points.  Rounding out the top five in the Individual race is Dehart McMillan with 277.6 points.  
Although he holds down the sixth position in the Individual standings, Don Akers is one of the players to watch. Akers is averaging 85.5 points per tournament which leads all other players in the top ten. The other one getting noticed is Charles Kelley. Kelley is averaging 97.1 but has played only two tournaments and has accumulated 194.1 points. 
In the Team standings, LD Washington and Troy Collins are running away with the points race with 672.6 and averaging 84.1 points per tournament. Washington and Collins are followed by Vic Loar and Curtis Higgs with 543.2 points while Michael Cahoon and Jerry Horton follow closely with 536.3 points. In fourth, Jim Abercrombie and his partner Kenneth Lauber have rolled up 519.7 points. In the fifth spot is the team of Larry Frazer and Randy Alexis with 491.1 points.
The races are far from being over as it is early in the schedule but this snapshot will determined who to watch and how far others have to go to catch up. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Tournament Set for Jimmy Clay

     The Spring Tournament is set to roll at Jimmy Clay next Tuesday with a shot-gun start at 8:00 AM.   Participants should plan to be at the course approximately 45-60 minutes before tee off time so that everyone can pay and be assigned to their starting hole. Reporting in any later than that will cause long lines and possibly cause the tournament to get off to a late start.
     This tournament is a two-day event starting on Tuesday and finishing on Thursday. Players will be required to pay for their cart and two rounds initially and then only their cart fee on Thursday. Players should plan on using a cart as they will be required to move to their starting holes right away which may be quite a distance from the clubhouse.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

How the March 20 Tournament Will be Scored

     The Tuesday (March 20) tournament should be played and scored as if each player is playing as an individual with his own ball and his own score at the end of eighteen holes. The net score FOR 18 HOLES will be calculated using the net totals for three individual players to determine a winner. The fourth net score will be used as a tie-breaker. It is NOT a hole by hole best ball format.
     Player Tom nets a 73, player Bob nets a 68, player Sam nets a 77, player John nets a 63. The team's score is 73+68+63=204 with Sam's score of 77 used as a tiebreaker. In the case of the fourth player's score also being tied, the best scoring player's (John) scorecard will be used as a tiebreaker in the usual way.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Three of Four Net Score Tournament New to ASGA Schedule

     The 4-Man 3 Best Total Net Scores Tournament which ASGA members will be playing on Tuesday (March 20) will be new to the schedule this year. It is a simple format with the winner being the team with the best total net for three players of the four-man team. The fourth score is important as it will be used as a tiebreaker. The individual scores will be used for handicapping purposes since each player will be playing his/her own ball.
     Even though a three-man team can play and win without a fourth player they would lose in the event of a tie with a four-man team. All the scoring for all four players should be maintained as usual and the course pros will determine the flights and winners.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Revised Lions March 6 Results

A math error in the previously posted results for the March 6, 2018 Individual Net event has been corrected and the revised results are available from the Tournament Results tab of the ASGA Status website.  Flight #8 was the only flight affected.

Grand Prix results have been updated for the changes.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Nike 7-Iron Found at Clay Tournament

     Gabe Padilla found a Nike 7-iron at the most recent ASGA tournament held at Jimmy Clay last Tuesday and would like to return it to the rightful owner. Padilla is playing at the next tournament at Lions on Tuesday with a starting time of 8:15 AM and will bring the club. If anyone is missing this club you can contact the Lions pro shop and ask that they pass a message on to Padilla to leave it at the pro shop for pickup. Otherwise, if you know Padilla, you should get in touch with him if you wish to pick up the club earlier than next Tuesday.