Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Riverside Payouts

Tournament Chairman Bob Remy has  provided the payout information below for the event at Riverside Golf Course held April 26, 2016.

Note 1: Listed payouts are are for the team, divide by two for member payout.
Note 2: Scores are net scores based on low handicap for the team.
Note 3: Full results posting and Grand Prix updating will be completed when the results are available.

Contact Bob with any questions.

...1st Flight     8 teams

...1st.LD Washington/Troy Collins     70...$32

...1st Lawrence Byrd/Jack Jackson  70...$32

...3rd Higgins/Jenkins                       74...$18; Three teams tied, Western playoff

...2nd Flight     9 teams

...1st Harper/Marshall J                     71...$40

...2nd Gen Marshall/Davenport         73...$25                 Tie

...2nd Galindo/Ortiz                           73...$25

...3rd Flight         6 Teams

...1st King Chas./Andrew Brown         70...$40

...2nd Hummel/Thompson                  72...$20

...4th Flight          10 Teams

...1st McWorter/Visness                    69...$44

...2nd Moore/Ward                            73...$34

...3rd Martinez/Munoz                       74...$22; Three tied, Western Playoff

...5th Flight           7 Teams

...1st Bieck/Slayton                           67...$46

...2nd Abercrombie/Lanber               72...$24

...6th Flight              6 teams

...1st Guedea/Guedea                        68...$40

...2nd Morris/Sebring                          77...$20

Monday, April 25, 2016

Riverside Hole In One Contest

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey Announcement

Hole in One contest at Riverside will be conducted on Holes 5 and 10.  This gives every one an opportunity to compete.   Please make sure that the partner odd/even tee is selected correctly.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Riverside Golf Course

The next scheduled ASGA event is at the venerable Riverside Golf Course which was the second location of the Austin Country Club.  (Look for the former residence of Harvey Penick overlooking Hole #5 tee box).  The course is located at 1020 Grove Boulevard in Austin on property now owned by Austin Community College.  To link to the course website  click here .

The event format is 2-M Team Alternate Tee Shot/Alternate Shot also known as Ryder  Cup  Foursomes.  In this format one player hits the tee shot on the odd numbered holes and the other player hits the tee shot on the even numbered holes.  The player who does not hit the tee shot hits the second shot and alternate shots continue until the ball is holed.  Note: The low handicap will be applied to determine the team net score.

Sign up for the event begins on Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 AM as usual.  The telephone number is 512-386-7077.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Gimmies hurt your game

Oh, how we golfers hate that two-foot putt. Questions enter our mind. How much does it break or does it break at all (two questions)? Is it downhill or level (again, two questions)? Then one of my playing companions says, "Pick it up". Feelings of relief flow over me as I reach down and pick it up. That may have been for money!

Then a feeling of guilt follows me as I get into my cart and head for the next hole. Could I have made the putt? How do the others in my group feel about me and my game now? Will I now have to make a decision on a gimme for my playing partners, or worse, for an opponent in my flight? How far from the hole is a gimme? Is it 18 inches? Two feet? Now I'm consumed with these feelings and possible decisions that may be in my path to having a good round. Why didn't I just putt it in?

Sound familiar? Yes, we've all been there! But playing in the Austin Senior Golf Association, I don't have to concern myself with those thorny questions and guilty feelings. We all just putt them out! What a concept!

I can walk off the green knowing that I don't have to have anything on my mind except what kind of drive I need to hit on the next hole. Everyone plays by the same rules. If I miss a two-foot putt, I can be assured that someone else in my flight will have the same opportunity. It makes for a better game for me and a fair game for all of us. The ASGA tournament players are not your local foursome playing for chips from each other. You're playing against everyone in your flight, and you need to be aware that following the rules benefits all of us. It will make us better players, respected players, and worry-free players.

Thanks ASGA.  I feel better now.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why golf is not so important

    Tired from the individual tournament at Lions and a little miffed at missing that last three-foot putt on the 18th green, I carefully drove away from my parking space and down the long driveway that led out of the Lions Golf Club and there it was. Lying in the middle of the road in the scenic entrance way was a dog. Despite all my problems with my putting and my worries about how I played that day, the sight of a dead or injured dog gripped my heart strings and sent a wash of feelings of sadness cascading over me. I was familiar with that sadness because of the many dog lives that I have experienced throughout my 73 years, my most recent one was the hardest to endure. Gizmo had wandered off one afternoon and was found the next day drowned. 
      So with that sinking feeling in mind, I gradually pulled up to the lying figure until it was just in front of my car bumper so as to protect it from the car approaching from behind. The car, probably driven by another frustrated golfer leaving the scene of the crime, zoomed around me unaware of the situation unfolding before me. I had mixed emotions as I stopped the engine and prepared to open the door. I sincerely hoped that the dog was okay and only slightly injured if not at all. But the other emotion wanted the object, not moving at all, to be gone and not still alive suffering from a fatal injury. I remembered the awful feelings that accompanied one when faced with the sight of a living creature near the end. 
      I slowly exited my car and walked around to the front of my car with those tribulations inside of me. And there, cold, not moving, and silent