Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hole-in-One Rules Changed, Signup Continues at Jimmy Clay

     Shawn Higgins, ASGA Vice-President and Hole-in-One Chairman, will be setting up a sign-up at Jimmy Clay on Tuesday to allow members to sign up for the new contest. Members can just leave their name and $5 to be eligible for the money prize.
     Following Ken Garrett's Hole-in-One at Jimmy Clay two weeks ago, the sign-up process began again at Lions last week where many of the ASGA members took advantage of the new process and signed up. The money continues to grow as more and more members seek to win the new pot. 
     It should be noted that under Higgins' guidance, the ASGA Boards has approved two changes to the rules for the Hole-in-One contest. Change number one is that only par three holes will be considered for the Hole-in-One contest. The second change deals with the number of witnesses. As of now you will only need one witness to the hole-in-one besides the player who accomplishes the feat. 
     The number of witnesses in a couple of cases in the past has prevented a win and in some of those instances caused by the group being made up of only one team of two individuals. It was felt that to be fair and with the knowledge that our group is honest, that one witness besides the scorer of the hole-in-one would be enough.       
     However, the number one reason members have not won the prize in our tournaments has been they did not sign up. So sign up. It is up to you!

2017 Annual Tournament Eligibility Status

ASGA rules state that members who have completed at least five tournaments that count for handicap purposes since the last Annual Tournament are eligible for the upcoming Annual Tournament.  Counting tournament formats are Individual Net, Total Net (2M) and the 2016 Annual Tournament rounds.

A list of members who are currently eligible is available at this link: 2017 Annual Tournament Eligible.  There are five counting events remaining before the annual tournament, including the Individual Net event at Jimmy Clay on Tuesday, September 1.  (Interested members can get their current status by sending an email to

Status will be updated as counting events are completed.

NOTE! Members who played both days of  the 2016 Annual tournament should add one to their count to get their true status.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ken Garrett Scores Hole-in-One During Four-Man Select Tournament at Jimmy Clay

     All Ken Garrett could be heard saying was "that's a $400 shot" as his shot on the # 2  par three 97-yard hole fell downward into the cup. Garrett, using a 9-iron, hit what some said was an amazing shot as it hit the flag pole and fell into the hole. Garrett, who is rather famously known to have played and managed in the sport of hockey, parlayed that slap shot ability into golf terms and now collects a total of $445 for his efforts.
     Garrett's unexpected shot-making was witnessed by his teammates, Americo Paredes, Mike Arant, and Jack Slayton, all of whom rode to glory of a different kind although not quite as lucrative. With an excellent start with a chip-in by Paredes on #1 for a birdie and Garrett's eagle score of 1 on the second, this team went on to win their flight with a 62 total score.
    As it turned out, the hole-in-one shot by Garrett was just enough to ease out the flight win because the team of Gary Prott, Domingo Santos, David Galindo, and Bob Spinder scored a 64 to pull down the second place prize.
    Congratulations to Garrett for his Hole-in-One and the prize money that goes along with it but the sad news for the rest of the ASGA members is that they will now have to sign up ($5 fee) anew for another Hole-in-One contest. Members will be able to sign-up and pay their $5 at the next tournament which will be at Lions or at some future city course tournament sites.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 11, 2017 Results; Roy Kizer GC

  • The results listing is available on the Tournament Results page of the ASGA Status website (direct link here).  The tie-breaker for 4th place in flight #1 was won by Terry Rodriguez with a net eagle (2) on hole #18; the tie-breaker for 4th place in flight #7 was won by Alton Stewart with a net birdie (3), also on hole #18.

More Highlights:

  • 120 Players Signed Up For Tee Times; 108 Played
  • Low Gross Score: 70, Eddie Nunez, Flight #1
  • Low Net Score: 61,  John Hirsch, Flight #4; Bob Rankin, Flight #6

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kizer Tournament Tee Times

Time       Player1                    Player 2                 Player 3                   Player 4 
6:57 Noble, Lawrence        Bieck, Mike            Hirsch, John           Donovan, Terence 
7:05 Stewart, Alton            Edwards, Barkley   Vaeth, John             Petrick, Joe 
7:13 Mihalik, Samuel         Stokes, Ed              Walther, Wil           Davis, Don 
7:21 Higgs, Curtis              Loar, Vic                 Field, Jack             Hoffman, David 
7:29 Jackson, Jack             Brown, Andrew       King, Charles        Byrd, Lawrence 
7:37 Espinoza, Bennie       Perez, Ben               Amaro, Robert       Munoz, Francisco 
7:45 Noon, Joe                   Martinez, Richard   Theiss, Don            Sebring, Robert 
7:53 Washington, LD         Collins, Troy           Harper, Ray           Marshall, Jerrwood 
8:01 Barreda, Bill              Ching, Denis            Fowler, Laird        Allen, Andrew 
8:09 Nunez, Eddie             Givens, Carl             Burks, Chester      Alexis, Randy 
8:17 Hebbe, Willard          Van Burkleo, Lee     Klattenhoff, Earl   Sampson, William 
8:25 Taylor, Ben                Stojanik, Robert      DiSorbo, Jim          Oshiro, Henry 
8:33 Harris, RH                 Newton, Jerry          Zuraitis, Bill          Boyd, William 
8:41 Robbins, George        Segura, Frank          Hammer, Lynn      Scruggs, Jack 
8:49 Burke, Bill                Mang, Frank             Steussy, Don         Osgood, John 
8:57 Chapa, Bob               Warner, Tommy       Guttery, Pete         Walters, Tom 
9:05 Otting, Gary              Lynds, Lewis           Yoder, Ken            Digby, Dewayne 
9:13 Campbell, Thermon Williams, Cleo         Ward, Ray             Moore, Robert 
9:21 Redden, Paul             French, Dale           Hedrick, Carl         Rodriguez, Terry 
9:29 Lauber, Kenneth       Cates, John              Lipsky, Joe            Matson, Paul 
9:37 Millan, Jim               Lambert, Lee           Horton, Jerry         Howell, Lewis 
9:45 Sowell, Larry           Bushover, Frederick Villela, Ralph       Nichols, Randy 
9:53 McWhorter, Travis   Jenkins, Samuel       Pratt, Don             Padilla, Gabriel 
10:01 Johnson, Bobby      Blazine, Fred           Hernandez, Dom  Ybarbo, Jesse 
10:09 Prott, Gary              Santos, Domingo     Galindo, David     Botello, Henry 
10:17 Garrett, Ken           Slayton, Jack            Arant, Mike          Paredes, Americo 
10:25 Camenisch, Walt    Bradford, Linda       Thompson, Joe      Egbert, John 
10:33 Oballo, Lino          Hervas, Eliseo           Garcia, Donald     Sobremonte, Mike 
10:41 Marshall, General Wormley, Leroy         Fludd, Curt           Davenport, Charles 
10:49 Elam, Dale            Rankin, Bob               Hafner, Don         Farnsworth, Bill