Monday, December 19, 2016

Decembr 20, 2016 Lions Event -- Start Delayed

Due to inclement weather the tournament start will be delayed until 9:00.  Those planning to play should adjust their schedules accordingly.  Contact Tournament Chairman Bob Remey with questions on the status.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ASGA Active Members -- 2017

Active members in 2016 who renew their membership before January 2, 2017 for $10.00 will be eligible to play in the first event of 2017 (Individual Net at Morris Williams Golf Club).

The list of eligible members can be viewed by clicking here.   The list will be be updated automatically as new renewals are processed. After today (12/14/16) there will be a direct link on the ASGA Status home page to the list.

In addition to the 2016 members who have/will renew there membership, new members who joined in November/December 2016 and Honorary Lifetime Members are also in the eligible list.

A reminder: 2016 members and members from previous years can re-join ASGA in 2017 after January 1, 2017 for $15.00.

Jimmy Clay 12/13/16 Results

The results from the Jimmy Clay tournament were received this morning and will be available on the ASGA Status website by 5:00 PM today, December 14.  A listing of  members whose membership is active for 2017 will also be available then.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Membership Renewal Deadline

Members are reminded that ASGA membership tenure is defined in the Bylaws Of The Austin Senior Golf Association as follows:

"Section 1 Dues are payable immediately if the person is to become an active member, and thereafter shall be due and payable on or before January 1 for the ensuing year."

In order to provide an orderly transition to the new year, current members are encouraged to renew their membership immediately.

Dues are $10:00 for current members to renew their membership before January 2, 2017 ; after January 1, 2017 the amount is $15:00.

Members can renew their membership using PayPal or a credit card by clicking here or by mail by downloading the form here.  Renewal forms are also available at the City of Austin golf courses in the ASGA rotation.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Event Format Change

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that the event scheduled at Lions on Dec 20 has been changed from 4-M Modified ABCD to Select Shot(2-M).  The online schedule reflects the change.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Joe Noon Sets Record Round With Four Clubs

     For most people (if not all), golf is a hard game. We try to make it easier by keeping and using as many different clubs as we are allowed (14 is the limit rule) and still it is a hard game. Well, it seems that it is a hard game except for a few and one of those few happens to be Joe Noon who recently set the net scoring record (for four clubs or less) with a 59 at the first annual ASGA four-club Individual tournament held at Jimmy Clay golf course.
     Noon, who plays with an ASGA handicap of 23, indicated, "I had to

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mythical All-Star Teams- Method and Madness

     How does one pick East/West All-Stars? The answer: In the most difficult and confusing way possible. In this way the picker (that would be me) will have confused everyone so much that he (the picker) will not get the blame (or the fame) for his selections. Got it! Good! Now let me tell you the method.
     Let me qualify this method in one respect. The handicaps of these players had no play in the selection process. All players were judged on how much and how often they contributed to their respective teams. With that said here is my process.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Only Four(4) Clubs Allowed in November 22nd Tournament

     In case you missed it, the November 22 tournament format calls for each player to use ONLY four clubs. This means that players should have only four clubs in their bag for that tournament. The putter is considered a club for identification purposes. For example, a player can have a putter, 7-iron, 3-wood, and a driver while another player can choose a 9-iron, 5-iron, 3-iron, and a driver. Select your weapons carefully, you can only have four of them.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New ASGA Board Takes Office

    Thursday, the ASGA membership elected officers for the 2017 year after discussing the budget, the 2017 tournament schedule, the Grand Prix, and our website issues. The following members were selected (see picture below from left to right): Frank Segura (Past President); Travis McWhorter (2017 President); Paul Redden (Website and Handicap Chairman); Bob Remey (Tournament Chairman); Sam Mihalik (Secretary/Treasurer); Bobby Johnson (Delegate-at-Large); Samuel Jenkins (Vice-President); Shawn Higgins (Delegate-at-Large); Denis Ching (PARD Advisory Representative) not shown.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

East Pulls Upset to Tie West for the Championship

     It couldn't have been a more fitting end. Going into the final individual match of the ASGA season (2016) at Bluebonnet Golf Club on October 4th, the East squad desperately needed a win to claim a share of the title and that is exactly what happened. The East clawed to a narrow 70.93 to 71.12 win in this season-ending final on the efforts of William Boyd's 63 and 64s by Don Visness and Joe Noon. William Sampson's 66 was followed by 67s from Samuel Jenkins and Ken Garrett while Lino Oballo, Lawrence Noble, and Juan Davila scored 68s in the dramatic win. Willard Hebbe, Terry Rodriguez, Richard Ortiz, and Dewayne Digby also helped the cause with 70s.
    The West squad had the most players under par (20-18) but it was the East's domination at the high end of the scoring range that led them to victory. Leading the West was Kenneth Lauber's 64 and Laird Fowler's 65. Barkley Edwards, Alton Stewart, and Curtis Higgs had 67s while Shawn Higgins, Don Davis, Jim Abercrombie, Jack Scruggs, and Robert Sebring all had 68s. Tom Walters, Bobby Johnson, and Andrew Allen finished with 69s in trying to stop the East comeback. Also assisting the West in that effort were Bill Barreda, Ken Pilcher, Linda Bradford, David Galindo, and John Egbert, all of whom scored a 70.
     For the year, both squads finished with 8 wins and 8 losses and shared the East/West Series Championship. The mythical All-Star squad for both the East and West will be posted soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

East Squad Makes Comeback With Two Wins

     Forest Creek proved itself to be more of a test of golf skill than most ASGA members expected and solving the course's distance woes and tricky greens produced high scores at the next individual tournament in the East/West series. Jerry Horton scored the lowest of the East team with a net 70. He was followed by Cliff Rierson's 71 and Lee Van Burkleo's 72. This trio helped the East to a much needed victory although the 79.34 to 79.50 win was the highest team score in the series but also one of the closest. The victory by the East pushed their win-lost record to 6-7 and within one match of the West who stands at 7-6.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

ASGA Membership Annual Meeting

The ASGA 2016 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 9:00 AM  on November 10 in the meeting room at Lions Municipal Golf Course.  A regular business meeting will be followed by the election of officers for 2017 who will take office at the conclusion of the meeting.

All active ASGA members are encouraged to attend.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Award Winners Honored at ASGA Annual BBQ

The ASGA Annual BBQ and tournament was held this past week and it went off without a hitch. President Frank Segura and Vice-President Travis McWhorter handled the Master of Ceremonies handing out awards and door prizes while everybody enjoyed the first-rate BBQ served up by Players.
Jerry Newton (middle) receives a Lifetime Award
from McWhorter (left) and Segura
     Jerry Newton received the first award of the event, receiving a Lifetime ASGA Membership. Jack Slayton had his name added to the Grand Prix Plaque for winning the Individual Championship while the duo of George Robbins and Frank Segura won the Team Championship for the second time.
     Robbins and Segura easily outdistanced all competitors to win their second championship.
Over 100 players gather after the golf
tournament to have BBQ
George Robbins, Jack Slayton, and Frank Segura,
 2016 Grand Prix Champions
Robert Stojank and his partner, Ben Taylor, finished second in the GP Team Standings and were followed  by Domingo Santos and Gary Prott in third place. Franklin Alton and Wayne Patterson finished in fourth place while Jerrwood Marshall and Ray Harper rounded out the top five in the season-long team series.
    Following Slayton, in the Individual Championship was Samuel Jenkins who topped third place finisher, Jerry Newton, by only three points and fourth place contender, Don Visness, by five points. Travis McWhorter closed out the top five just two points below Visness.
   The BBQ tournament results can be found on the ASGA website when officials certify the results.

Carl Givens (right) wins door prize

Monday, October 24, 2016

West Dominants the East, Winning 2 of 3 Matches

     The West team continued their dominance over the East squad with just a handful of players at the Hancock Individual Tournament on May 5th and raised their record to 6-4 while the East fell to 4-6. The handful of players consisted of Mike Sobremonte, Jack Slayton, Waymon McLamb, and Don Akers. Sobremonte and Slayton led the way with low net rounds of 63. Slayton not only helped his team to the win but also helped him move to the lead in the Grand Prix standings.  McLamb followed with a 72 while Akers had a 73. 
     For the East team, Ken Garrett led with a 66 followed by Charles

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Players Signed Up for 10/25/16 9BB/9SS

Due to a computer problem  the signup list of those who signed up for the Oct 25 event has been lost.  If you signed up for the event  please call back to Jimmy Clay and inform them of your sign up along with that of your playing partner and your other foursome members if applicable.

And pass this message along to others who may have signed up.

Thanks for your attention to the matter.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Correction to Riverside GC Results

The Riverside Golf Course results for October 11, 2016 have been corrected in Flight #2.  To see the corrected results go here.

Last Chance for BBQ Tickets

BBQ Chair Travis McWhorter reports there are a limited number of tickets left for the Oct 25th BBQ at Jimmy Clay and your last chance to buy a ticket is at Morris Williams October 18th. Travis will be in the lobby of Morris Williams Tuesday from 7:15 AM to 8:45 AM or until tickets are gone. His tee time is 9:12. Should there be any left he will hang around following his round. There will be no tickets available the day of the BBQ, so don't miss out.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Interim Secretary/Treasurer

The incumbent Secretary/Treasurer has resigned and ASGA President Frank Segura, with the approval of the Board of Directors, has named Samuel Mihalik to fill the position until the next election of officers in November.

Monday, October 10, 2016

BBQ Reminder!!

Travis McWhorter, ASGA Vice-President and coordinator of the 2016 annual BBQ reports the following:

"BBQ Tickets are selling briskly! Don't miss your chance to enjoy great fun, food and win prizes following the October 25th Jimmy Clay Shotgun start.  Time to buy is running out!  Two more weeks or sooner we will most likely sell out the 125 available tickets!!  

Grab a board member at the Riverside 2-M Select Shot, October 11th  and have your $10 cash ready."

(Original post is here)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tournament Venue Change

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that the October 11, 2016 Select Shot (2-M) tournament scheduled for Lions Municipal Golf Course has been moved to Riverside Golf Course due to a schedule conflict.

A reminder: It was also announced previously that the Individual Net tournament on November 01, 2016 will be held at Forest Creek Golf Course.

Contact Bob with any questions on the changes.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

East/West Team Rosters

     Just so you know where you live......I mean, what team you are on, I am giving you the rosters for both teams. If you are like the rest of us you probably have one or more members of your foursome on the opposite roster and you are, theoretically anyway, playing against them. Remember, you are on the team based on what the ASGA records show as to where you lived when you filled out the address form. If you have moved, then you will have to suffer or glorify with the team you're on now until the end of the season. So here are the rosters for both teams.

West Slams East With Three Wins

     Nothing seems consistent in the East/West golf series this season. The West team reversed their losing ways by crushing the East squad in two matches while narrowly winning the third one in  the most recent round in the series played at the Austin public links.
    The West beat the East at the March 1st match at Bluebonnet by a whopping 70.92 to 73.23 margin as Grady Morris led the way with a sparkling 61 on the wind-swept course. Morris was followed by Don Davis who shot a 62 while Walt Camenisch and Wil Walther came in with scores of 64 each to help anchor the West win. John Egbert, Domingo Hernandez, and Curtis Higgs all provided support with scores of 65.

Annual Tournament Signup Still Open

Signup for the annual tournament remains open until Saturday at noon.  The early shotgun start will avoid the August heat that we have had to contend with in the past,  winning credit is increased due to Association matching funds and the course is in pretty good shape.  Come on out and join the fun!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Annual Tournament Information


  • Be At Course By 6:30 To Sign In

  • Pay Green And Entry Fees For Both Days On Day One

    • Pay Cart Fee Each Day

  • Final Eligibility List  HERE

(For More Tournament Details See Section 7 in the ASGA General Tournament Information HERE )

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Annual Tournament Eligibility

The eligibility requirement for participating in the ASGA Annual Tournament (September 22 & 24) is to have recorded scores in a minimum of five individual net and/or total net events in the past year (including the 2015 Annual Tournament).  To see a  list of those currently eligible CLICK HERE

Only one qualifying event remains before the eligibility list is finalized: Individual Net at Jimmy Clay Golf Course on September 6.  A member not currently on the eligible list who has played four qualifying events must play that event if they wish to play in the Annual Tournament.

Contact Handicap Chairman Paul Redden with any questions.

Monday, August 22, 2016

East Takes Series Lead Over West

     Going into the second round of the East/West series, the West led the rivalry with a 2-1 record and had a one win lead on the East. Apparently some East members saw this as an insult and took matters into their own hands. In the match at Morris Williams on January 5th, the East scored a 71.54 to 72.17 victory to tie the standings at 2-2 in the win-loss columns. Ray Harper led the way for the East victory with a round of net 62. He was followed by Don Theiss with a 64 and Dewayne Digby with a 65. L. D. Washington, Terry Rodriguez, and Troy Collins racked up net 66s to round out some of the low scoring for the East. In all, however, it was the consistency of the East team that won the day as 30 of the 50 players scored under par. For the West,

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tournament Schedule Updates

Tournament Director Bob Remey has announced changes to the ASGA tournament schedule, including a  move from Lions Municipal to Jimmy Clay on August 30 and a change in format to 2-M Select Shot at Morris Williams for the September 27 event.  Review the full schedule here .

Thursday, August 11, 2016

East vs. West in the ASGA

     I was just thinking (I know, dangerous right?), what if we had an East vs. West competition among the members of the ASGA for each tournament on the schedule?  What would be the result? Where are the better golfers, in the East or the West? So here is the way I would go about creating such an All-Star matchup.
     First, I had to have a division line. Who would be on the East squad and who would constitute the West team? So I plotted out the addresses of every 2016 member on a map of the Austin area and began to pour over the results looking for a good division line. And there as clear as a bell was a natural dividing line with only two exceptions. The line was the Lower Colorado River. It transverses the Austin area from a somewhat northern origin to a slightly southeastern journey down to the Gulf of Mexico thus giving a natural East/West regional division to the map.
     The membership numbers turned out to be 148 in the east and 104

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Robbins and Segura Pulling Away with Team GP Lead

     First year Team Grand Prix (GP) champions, George Robbins and Frank Segura, are on the verge of repeating their feat of two years ago of winning the ASGA Team GP championship. With a combination of both winning and participation, the Robbins/Segura team has built a large lead in the team portion of the Grand Prix points race. They have a total of 142.5 points gathered in the 23 tournaments they have entered.
     Robbins and Segura have a 17-point lead over Jerrwood Marshall and

Friday, July 29, 2016

McWhorter Leads Tight Individual GP Race

     With only six individual tournaments left on this year's schedule (the tournament year ends with the B-B-Q tournament), the race for the 2016 Grand Prix Individual Championship is extremely tight with only a little over five points separating the top four contenders. Although none of the top ten contenders are out of the running it appears to be a four to five-man race. Here is a rundown of contenders and possibles.
     Travis McWhorter, for the second year in a row, is in the hunt for a

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pace of Play, Housekeeping, and Cheating

    I know, I know.....what do these three have to do with you? Let me explain. Obviously, the pace of play is the easiest to relate to the members of ASGA. Let's face it, we're all old and not as quick to move around (explains why it is called "Austin SENIOR Golf Association", right). So why am I bringing this up? Well, pace of play is a problem that all of us (even us slow folks) would like to see improved. How? Here are a

Friday, July 15, 2016

Subscribe to ASGA News

You can have ASGA news items delivered to you by email.  Simply fill in your email address in the box under "Get News by Email" on the top right of this page and click "Submit".  You will then be prompted for confirmation information and will receive an email that requires you to reconfirm your subscription.

New ASGA news items (if any) will be delivered to your email inbox daily.  You can unsubscribe from the email delivery by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email deliveries if you no longer wish to receive the news by email.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Notes on the July 13th ASGA Board meeting

   President Frank Segura greeted board members at the July ASGA Board meeting with the offer of a drink....... a drink of water, that is. Segura apparently wanted a lot of conversation and was prepared to keep everyone refreshed and verbally active by providing bottles of water for the board. And he got what he wanted as board members had a lot to say about the upcoming BBQ, the 2017 slate of officials for the new board, and next year's tournament schedule.

     Vice-President Travis McWhorter got things started with his report

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Modified Pinehurst Event Format

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that the format for remaining events on the 2016 schedule with the "Ryder Cup" or Alternate Tee Shot/Alternate Shot format have been changed. (The entire schedule may be reviewed online at the schedule page).

The July 19 event is affected by the changes and is now a Modified Pinehurst (2M Team) event.  In this format each player hits a tee shot on each hole. The desired tee shot is selected and the second shot is hit by the player whose tee shot was not selected.  Alternate shot is then played until the ball is holed.

Contact the Tournament Chairman with questions regarding the schedule.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bluebonnet Hill Payouts

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey Announcement:  Payouts for the Bluebonnet Hill tournament held June 7 are now available as credit through the Austin city courses.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Don't get disqualified!

     Have you ever been waiting the morning after a ASGA tournament for results and when they do come up on the website your name is not there or it has DQ where a score should be. Maybe you did well and expected to see your name in "lights" as they say and your score is nowhere to be found. If this has ever happened to you it is more likely that you were disqualified.
     Failure to sign your scorecard has been the most frequent problem but their are other reasons as well. Returning a "lower" score on a hole that he/she didn't actually get or not putting a score down for a hole and skipping a hole. These are just some of the reasons for disqualification.
     The official rules says that each individual is responsible for his or her score and not your partner who happens to be keeping your score. You are responsible for verifying the authenticity of your scorecard and you do so by signing your name. This shouldn't be taken lightly! There are no refunds for disqualified players or teams!
     The only mistake that you can get away with and still have your score count is by inflating the score(s) and who wants that! So please take the time to go over your card and verify the score before returning it to the proper officials. The two minutes you spend checking your score is well worth the time. Don't let four and half hours go to waste!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Slayton leads Individual GP race

     Jack Slayton, who has a history of competing at the top of the Grand Prix points race, is currently the leader of the pack racking up 76 points. Although the race for the top spot is still up for grabs, a fight for places second through fifth is being waged as four golfers are separated by only five points. Travis McWhorter, who has participated in every individual tournament this year, is second with 72.5 points and is followed by Sam Jenkins with 71.5 points. Don Davis and Ken Garrett follow closely with 68.5 and 67.5 points, respectively.
     Four other individuals make up a middle group that includes last

Former Champions Segura and Robbins lead Team Grand Prix

     Probably smarting from a near miss in last year's race for the Team Grand Prix championship, George Robbins and Frank Segura surged into the lead in the team division with 108 points at about the half way mark of this year's golfing schedule. Robbins and Segura were the first recipients of the Team Championship in the 2014 inaugural season and after a slow start in 2015 managed to get back into the top ten last year before the season came to a close.
     The team of Jerrwood Marshall and Ray Harper is a close second

Monday, May 2, 2016

Riverside Payout Credit

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that prize money for the Riverside Golf Course tournament will be available as credit at the City of Austin courses as normal.  There will be no cash payout.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Riverside Payouts

Tournament Chairman Bob Remy has  provided the payout information below for the event at Riverside Golf Course held April 26, 2016.

Note 1: Listed payouts are are for the team, divide by two for member payout.
Note 2: Scores are net scores based on low handicap for the team.
Note 3: Full results posting and Grand Prix updating will be completed when the results are available.

Contact Bob with any questions.

...1st Flight     8 teams

...1st.LD Washington/Troy Collins     70...$32

...1st Lawrence Byrd/Jack Jackson  70...$32

...3rd Higgins/Jenkins                       74...$18; Three teams tied, Western playoff

...2nd Flight     9 teams

...1st Harper/Marshall J                     71...$40

...2nd Gen Marshall/Davenport         73...$25                 Tie

...2nd Galindo/Ortiz                           73...$25

...3rd Flight         6 Teams

...1st King Chas./Andrew Brown         70...$40

...2nd Hummel/Thompson                  72...$20

...4th Flight          10 Teams

...1st McWorter/Visness                    69...$44

...2nd Moore/Ward                            73...$34

...3rd Martinez/Munoz                       74...$22; Three tied, Western Playoff

...5th Flight           7 Teams

...1st Bieck/Slayton                           67...$46

...2nd Abercrombie/Lanber               72...$24

...6th Flight              6 teams

...1st Guedea/Guedea                        68...$40

...2nd Morris/Sebring                          77...$20

Monday, April 25, 2016

Riverside Hole In One Contest

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey Announcement

Hole in One contest at Riverside will be conducted on Holes 5 and 10.  This gives every one an opportunity to compete.   Please make sure that the partner odd/even tee is selected correctly.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Riverside Golf Course

The next scheduled ASGA event is at the venerable Riverside Golf Course which was the second location of the Austin Country Club.  (Look for the former residence of Harvey Penick overlooking Hole #5 tee box).  The course is located at 1020 Grove Boulevard in Austin on property now owned by Austin Community College.  To link to the course website  click here .

The event format is 2-M Team Alternate Tee Shot/Alternate Shot also known as Ryder  Cup  Foursomes.  In this format one player hits the tee shot on the odd numbered holes and the other player hits the tee shot on the even numbered holes.  The player who does not hit the tee shot hits the second shot and alternate shots continue until the ball is holed.  Note: The low handicap will be applied to determine the team net score.

Sign up for the event begins on Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00 AM as usual.  The telephone number is 512-386-7077.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Gimmies hurt your game

Oh, how we golfers hate that two-foot putt. Questions enter our mind. How much does it break or does it break at all (two questions)? Is it downhill or level (again, two questions)? Then one of my playing companions says, "Pick it up". Feelings of relief flow over me as I reach down and pick it up. That may have been for money!

Then a feeling of guilt follows me as I get into my cart and head for the next hole. Could I have made the putt? How do the others in my group feel about me and my game now? Will I now have to make a decision on a gimme for my playing partners, or worse, for an opponent in my flight? How far from the hole is a gimme? Is it 18 inches? Two feet? Now I'm consumed with these feelings and possible decisions that may be in my path to having a good round. Why didn't I just putt it in?

Sound familiar? Yes, we've all been there! But playing in the Austin Senior Golf Association, I don't have to concern myself with those thorny questions and guilty feelings. We all just putt them out! What a concept!

I can walk off the green knowing that I don't have to have anything on my mind except what kind of drive I need to hit on the next hole. Everyone plays by the same rules. If I miss a two-foot putt, I can be assured that someone else in my flight will have the same opportunity. It makes for a better game for me and a fair game for all of us. The ASGA tournament players are not your local foursome playing for chips from each other. You're playing against everyone in your flight, and you need to be aware that following the rules benefits all of us. It will make us better players, respected players, and worry-free players.

Thanks ASGA.  I feel better now.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why golf is not so important

    Tired from the individual tournament at Lions and a little miffed at missing that last three-foot putt on the 18th green, I carefully drove away from my parking space and down the long driveway that led out of the Lions Golf Club and there it was. Lying in the middle of the road in the scenic entrance way was a dog. Despite all my problems with my putting and my worries about how I played that day, the sight of a dead or injured dog gripped my heart strings and sent a wash of feelings of sadness cascading over me. I was familiar with that sadness because of the many dog lives that I have experienced throughout my 73 years, my most recent one was the hardest to endure. Gizmo had wandered off one afternoon and was found the next day drowned. 
      So with that sinking feeling in mind, I gradually pulled up to the lying figure until it was just in front of my car bumper so as to protect it from the car approaching from behind. The car, probably driven by another frustrated golfer leaving the scene of the crime, zoomed around me unaware of the situation unfolding before me. I had mixed emotions as I stopped the engine and prepared to open the door. I sincerely hoped that the dog was okay and only slightly injured if not at all. But the other emotion wanted the object, not moving at all, to be gone and not still alive suffering from a fatal injury. I remembered the awful feelings that accompanied one when faced with the sight of a living creature near the end. 
      I slowly exited my car and walked around to the front of my car with those tribulations inside of me. And there, cold, not moving, and silent

Monday, March 21, 2016

Forest Creek Payouts

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey is announcing that Forest Creek payouts will be available at Morris Williams on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"SAVE MUNY" Group Seek ASGA Support

     Ken Tiemann, spokesperson for the "Save Muny" coalition, speaking at a regular meeting of the ASGA urged members and the ASGA Board to help support their group's effort to save the Lions Municipal Golf Course. He said that the course was composed of 141 acres of a 350 acre track and was the target of the group's efforts. He introduced one of his members, Bob Ozer, to the group and asked that Ozer give his version of their efforts.
     Ozer, a resident of Austin and an avid golfer, passionately expressed the concerns of their group. "There is so much historical value associated with this issue. It is similar to an entity coming to a historical battlefield and wanting to put condominiums on it." Ozer also pointed to other solutions for Texas University, who owns the land. "There is the potential for land swaps and this could be advantageous for the University as well as for the citizens," said Ozer.
     Frank Segura, the President of the ASGA, proposed that the ASGA go on record as supporting the "Save Muny" campaign. The motion passed unanimously.
     Travis McWhorter, ASGA Vice-President, was assigned to prepare a report on the reasons for such support by the ASGA. To view this interesting and supportive document click on this link.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forest Creek Winners

Tournament Director Bob Remey Announcement --Forest Creek Tournament

This is the payout for the tournament. Complete results will be published on Wed/Thur. Those teams in the money, I will make arrangements with M W pro shop to pay out your winnings next Tuesday, first day of the Spring Tournament .  (payouts per team)

...Flight 1
1st place...Cahoon/Horton... Net 71...$40
2nd place...Jenkins/Higgins...Net 73...$30
3rd place...Newton/Harris...Net 74...$20

...Flight 2
1st place...Slade/Pilcher...Net 73...$40
2nd place...Hafner/Westlund...Net 74...$30
3rd place...Camminisch/Hummel...Net 76...$20

...Flight 3
1st place...Bieck/Slayton...Net 65...$40
2nd place...Prott/Santos....Net 68...$30
3rd place...Amsler/Rierson...Net 69....$20 (won scorecard playoff ,hole 16

...Flight 4...
1st place...Abercrombie/Lauber...Net 72...$40
2nd place...Higgs/Loar...Net 73...$25
2nd place...Hernandez/Ybarro...Net 73...$25

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Two-Day Spring Tournament next on the schedule

     After the Forest Creek tournament this week, one of the biggest tournaments of the year will be next on the schedule. The 2016 Two-Day Spring Tournament will take place on Tuesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 24th at the Morris Williams Golf Course. The tournament will be a 2-person Select Shot format on both days.
     It will be the first shotgun start tournament of the year with players required to register starting on Wednesday, March 15th. Even though registration is important, doing so early on Wednesday morning will not be as important as usual since it is a shotgun start. However, Bob Remey, ASGA Tournament Director is encouraging everyone to register as soon as possible.
     Players will be required to pay the green fee for both days and the $10 tournament entry fee on Tuesday, March 22nd, the first day of the event. When checking in on Day 2, players will only have to pay for their use of a cart as well as pick up their scorecard.
    Even though the shotgun start time is 8:00 A.M., players are ask to check in at the tournament site by 7:00 A.M. on the first day so that check-in procedures and hole assignments can be completed before play begins.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Forest Creek initial registration high

     Bob Remey, the ASGA Tournament Director,  gave his committee report at the ASGA Board of Director's meeting held this week at Lions and expressed enthusiasm for the early turnout for the tournament. "By 8:30 A.M. this morning we had a total of 66 players already signed up," said Remey. Not bad for an hour and a half of signup time. The calling in for tee times started at 7:00 A.M. and the Forest Creek staff didn't get a break until 8:30 and still the phone was ringing.
     Remey stressed that even though that was a good start there were still some tee times left for golfers. "I told Forest Creek to hold open the registration until noon Saturday so we could get as many players as possible". Although the tee times seem to going fast this still leaves plenty of time for members to call Forest Creek (512-388-2874) and register to play.
     The format will be Ryder Cup style with alternate shots by a team of two players with one teeing off from the even tees and the other from the odd tee markers.  Don't miss the chance to play in this unique style of play at a quality golf course. Sign up now!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Guttery pockets $425 for hole-in-one

     Pete Guttery has to love playing golf at Bluebonnet Hill Golf Course. Tuesday at the ASGA Individual Tournament at the Bluebonnet course, Guttery won the Hole-in-One contest with a 120- yard shot on hole #13 using an 8-iron. Not only did he make the lucrative shot but ended up with a net 69 score to place second in his flight.
     Guttery's shot was witnessed by his playing partners, John Osgood, Tom Walters, and Bob Chapa. The hole-in-one was the fourth ace for Guttery after 40 years of playing the sport.
      For the day Guttery pulled in $444 and headed straight for

More Forest Creek Info

A reminder:  Call-in for tee times at Forest Creek begins at 7:00 Wednesday, March 9. The phone number is 512-388-2874.

The course address is: 99 Twin Ridge Parkway, Round Rock, TX 78664.  Directions from I-35: East on US 79; turn right on Red Bud Lane; left on Bobby Jones Way; left on Forest Creek Drive; right into the parking lot. 

 You can get detailed directions and alternate routes from your starting point at this Google Maps link.

Handicaps for the tournament are posted on the ASGA Status website.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Forest Creek hosts ASGA Ryder Cup style tournament

     For the first time the ASGA members will be able to play in a tournament at Forest Creek Golf Course. The tournament will be played on Tuesday, March 15th, which is only one tournament away. At the time of this writing, next up is a select shot/best ball combo tournament at Jimmy Clay.
     According to Handicap Chairman, Paul Redden, Forest Creek is an excellent place to play golf. "It is a really high quality, respected venue as evidenced by being the home of the Central Texas Amateur event that hosts the best amateur players in the area. If this tournament is a successful, well-attended event the course will probably welcome us back for future events. Forest Creek is tough but players will get additional strokes due to the increased slope rating. The length for 100 Club members is about 5400 yards and for others around 6000 yards, both are close to the length for Bluebonnet."
     Tournament Director, Bob Remey, "This tournament will be a Ryder Cup format in which Player A hits tee shots from the odd holes and his partner, Player B, will hit tee shots from the even holes. The players will alternate shots hitting one ball with the player NOT hitting the tee shot playing the second shot."
     Teams must call (512) 388-2874 on Wednesday, March 9th starting at 7:00 A.M. to register and reserve a tee time. The earliest tee time being 8:00 AM due to Daylight Saving Time. Forest Creek charges $30.00 (plus tax) for cart and green fee, plus the $5.00 ASGA tournament entry fee for ASGA members.
     Since Forest Creek is not associated with the Austin courses, payout will be distributed in cash by Tournament Director Bob Remey. Remey is hopeful that the tournament attendance is very good, "I want a big turnout, it will be our first time at the Forest Creek course."
     Directions, maps, and other info will be available on the website during the week before the tournament. Players should watch for these announcements and plan to play in this event!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ASGA Board meets with special guest

     The ASGA Board of Directors will have their second meeting of the year on Wednesday, March 9th and will play host to a special guest speaker. Ken Tiemann, a spokesman for the "Save Muny Initiative". Tiemann will give a talk and ask the ASGA for its support in the campaign to save the Lions Golf Course from commercial development. The meeting will be held a 1:00 pm in the meeting hall at the Lions clubhouse. All interested members and/or visitors are welcome.
     Frank Segura, current ASGA President, has expressed the hope that the board meeting, which is open to the membership, will be well-attended. Along with the special guest, regular ASGA business will be conducted after the speaker presentation.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lost Club

ASGA member Fred Conder left a Ping sand wedge somewhere on the course at Lions Municipal during the tournament on February 23.   Please contact Fred or the ASGA Handicap Chairman at if found.

Friday, February 26, 2016

* * * * Forest Creek coming soon * * * *

What: Forest Creek tournament 
Date: March 15th!
Make sure your membership is current and ready for the Forest Creek golf outing.
More details after March 1st

Monday, February 22, 2016

Event Format Changes

Tournament Chairman Bob Remey has announced that the remaining Pinehurst format events on the 2016 schedule have been changed to Modified Pinehurst.  In Modified Pinehurst, both team members tee off. They select the one best drive, then play alternate shot into the cup. The golfer whose drive was not chosen hits the second shot.  (The expectation is that this format should allow rounds to be completed in under 4 hours in the hottest summer months).
The changes have been made to the online schedule and the General Tournament Information will be updated to include the format description.

Morris Williams 2/02/2016 Results--100 Club Flight Revised

An error has been corrected; the revised results may be viewed here.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pinehurst Format

Some members may be wondering how to play the ASGA Pinehurst event scheduled forTuesday, February 16 at Morris Williams Golf Course.  Here is how the format is described in the ASGA General Tournament Information:

"Pinehurst Format: (Modified Alternate Shot): This is an alternate shot format with one added step.  On each hole, both players drive the ball from the teeing area. On the second shot, player A hits player B's ball and player B hits player A's ball. From this point on, one ball will be chosen for alternate shot play. Either player may hit the first alternate shot regardless of which ball is chosen."

Simply stated, if you and I are playing as a team, we both hit tee shots, then I hit your ball and you hit mine, and then we select the best ball and hit alternate shots until the ball is holed.  Either partner can hit the third shot.

Additional information on tournament formats can be found here.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Golf Channel highlights "Save Muny" effort

     In case you missed it on Morning Drive on the Golf Channel, there was an interesting interview of  a member of the  "Save Muny" group, Ken Tiemann. Tiemann explained the group's reasons for advocating that Lions Golf Course be saved instead of turned into a more commercial property. The ASGA has not taken an official position on

Grand Prix plaque and other observations

     Finally! The plaque for the Grand Prix champions is now up on the bulletin board at the Lions Golf Course club house. After having two years worth of champions and promising them that the plaque broadcasting their accomplishment would be put up for review, the act was finally accomplished. Congratulations again to 2015 champions, Roy January and his partner Chester Burkes, for winning the Team title and to Terry Rodriguez for his Individual title. You can view the

Friday, January 22, 2016

ASGA Position On Use of Anchored Putter

ASGA Tournament Chairman Bob Remey  has issued the following position statement on the use of anchored putters:  "ASGA will conform to USGA Rule 14-1B that prohibits strokes using a putter anchored to the players body".

For the rule definition go to  USGA Rule 14-1B on the USGA website.  Examples of permitted and prohibited strokes are available at this link.

Questions may be directed to Tournament Chairman Bob Remey.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Morris Williams 1/05 Results Revised

Results for the Morris Williams Individual Net tournament on Jan 05, 2016 have been revised.   Members were disqualified in flights #3 and # 7 for missing the deadline for membership renewal and credit was corrected in flight #5.  The corrected results may be viewed here:  Revised Results 

Grand Prix standings are updated to reflect the changes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jimmy Clay 12/29 Results Revised

Results for the Individual Net tournament at Jimmy Clay on December 29, 2015 have been revised.  The wrong handicap was listed for a member in flight #5 that resulted in changes to the standings and credit earned.  The revised results may be viewed at this link: Revised 12/29 Results.