Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spring Partner Event is Coming in April!

 Spring Event and Three Other Topics

Well, last Tuesday was a big turnout even with the Texas winds. Golf TV narrators say that the Texas players know how to play in the wind!

Partner Spring Event is Coming

Our Spring event is taking place at Morris Williams next month on April 25th and 27th. Unlike our annual Individual championship event, we play both sessions of this Partner Spring Event on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week. First up on Tuesday is the two person best ball net, then on Thursday we play two person scramble. The Spring event is one of  our most popular. We look forward to seeing everyone out there.

Looks Like Winter Is Over

The weather is turning hot again and soon it will be in the 100-degree area. Last year we played several times on very hot days. Bruce Jones has been working with ATX courses to try and get them to allow us eight-minute tee time intervals instead of the currently required ten minute intervals. So far, no success but we will keep trying.  The main way you can assist is to watch your pace of play. It is very important to keep moving so everyone can finish and get out of the heat. If the heat and time does not bother you, please let Bruce know and we can place you with a later tee time.

ASGA White Hats

We are almost sold out of the new summer white ASGA hats, we only have 14 left. After the final 14 are sold, that will be it--done, finito, sayonara. If you need a back-up (remember IT IS WHITE), now is the time to get one. You can purchase a hat from our website or reply to this message with your name and number of hats you want and we’ll deliver it to you at the course.


Lewis Howell
ASGA President

Bruce Jones                                          
ASGA Web Admin

P.S. Two Dad jokes to pass on to your grandkids...

Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex?
They were watchdogs!

What do they call a cold canine?
A chili dog!