Friday, July 22, 2022

4P Scramble Next Tuesday--And a Place to Put That Scorecard

 The Heat Continues -- A New Scorecard Deposit Box for Lions

A winning team?

One of our most popular formats is coming up this Tuesday at Lions Muny, the 4-Person Scramble. Last time at Morris Williams just a month ago, we had 27 teams totaling 108 players survive the heat with amazing low scores. Teams needed scores of 51, 50, and 48 to win their respective flights.

The heat IS causing one thing for sure: Everybody wants that early tee time. Of the 101 who've signed up so far (Friday 9am),  10 foursomes want 7:00 or earlier. The next 5 groups want 7:30. So more than half of us want to play in the first hour the course is open. 28 of us will beat the randomizer, but at least 32 of us will be later than we planned.

Fortunately we only need to hit one good shot in every four for this event!

Check Out the New Scorecard Deposit Box at Lions
Next time you see Lewis Howell, give him a big thank you. He purchased, donated, and installed that new Scorecard Box at Lions Muny. We've had multiple instances of "lost" scorecards at this location--you scorers now have a permanent spot to deposit that all important scorecard. It's on the wall just inside the front door on your right.
Click image for larger view

And More on Scorecards
When you sign and attest those scorecards, you are certifying that it is correct--that each hole score is accurate. If your total score doesn't match your sum of the hole scores, the hole scores take priority. And that will be the score that's posted. Here's an article link that discusses your responsibilities in detail.

Stay cool--see you on the links,

Bruce Jones
ASGA Webmaster

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Hat News!

The New ASGA Hats Have Arrived!

Travis McWhorter has announced that the ASGA hats have been delivered from the vendor. He will try to catch those members that have prepaid at each of the next two events. There were a total of 106 hats sold along with a very limited number of extras ordered.

Tuesday at Morris Williams he plans to present hats near the first tee box to the first half of the tee times and catch up with the last half as you are coming in. For the next event at Jimmy Clay he will catch those he missed along with the other members who did not play this week. After these two events he will catch the balance where he can.

Travis says the hats look very good and should give you a good feeling when you wear them.

Thanks again for your support,

Bruce Jones
ASGA Webmaster

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Partner Events Have New Rules for Determining Flight Results

Next Tuesday we'll be playing our 2-Person Best Ball event.

And we'll be calculating flight positioning results using a new method, which will continue for all future partner events. Members on our Email list are reading about it now. So be sure to bring your and your partner's "Best" game to Morris Williams next week.

You can read of all the changes in the current version of the ASGA General Information document. 

On another note, as we are now in the hot summer season--most members wish to play early. Two weeks ago 106 of 114 signups wanted first period.  If you wish to tee off before 10:00 a.m. I recommend selecting Period 1 until the weather begins to cool. And don't forget to add your "Ideal" tee time. Some want 9:00, some want 6:30. I only know that if you enter it into your request.


Bruce Jones
ASGA Admin