Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Forest Creek Information

The sign up at Forrest Creek for the Individual Net tournament on September 5, 2017 begins tomorrow at 7:00 AM by phone or in person at the course.  According to reports from the head professional the greens are much improved from the last ASGA event at the course (June 6, 2017) and improving weekly.  Full Disclosure:  he indicated that #13 and #16 still had bare spots and there are still problems along the edges of some holes.   He further stated that the fairways are in excellent condition.

COURSE SETUP:  The long par 4 holes # 15 and # 18 will be played and recorded as par 5 holes.

Other Important Items
  • $29.00 Green and Cart Fee Including Tax
  • $5.00 CASH Tournament Entry Fee (Paid Separately)
  • Hole-By-Hole Scores Will Be Recorded As Rounds Are Completed

Monday, August 28, 2017

Annual Tournament Eligibility--Updated September 6, 2017

There is one counting event remaining before the two-day Annual Tournament scheduled September 19/21.

Members must have played five scoring events to be eligible to enter the tournament.  The eligibility list has been updated to include the Forest Creek event and the members with four counting events have been  included. The one remaining counting event on the schedule before the tournament: Total Net (2M) at Lions Municipal on September 12.  Signup open through Saturday, September 9 AM.  

The eligibility list is available here: Annual Tournament Eligibility. Status will be updated as the counting events are completed.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lions ABDC Tournament Canceled

Tournament Chairman Samuel Jenkins has announced that the ABCD event at Lions Municipal scheduled for August 29, 2017 is cancelled.  Members who view this notice are encouraged to contact other members who they know who may not access this notice.

Thanks for your consideration.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Lions ABCD Tournament Status

The weather and the status of the course are being monitored and ASGA Tournament Chairman Samuel Jenkins will issue a statement on Monday morning on whether the tournament will  be played or canceled.  Should course personnel determine before then that the course  will be unplayable the event will be canceled at that time.  Continue to monitor the ASGA Status home page and the blog for updates.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grey Rock Results (And An Entry Fee Mix-Up)

     The results listing are available under the "Latest Posting" link in the ASGA Status website Tournament Results tab.  A direct link is HERE   Payouts will be available through Austin PARD credit accounts as normal once the entry fees are deposited.
     Some members failed to submit their $5 cash entry fee at the tournament. This was largely because they were neither aware nor told at the desk of the need for a cash entry fee and/or they thought the fee was included in their credit card payment. Several members paid their fee when they turned in their scorecards but a shortfall remains.
     The ASGA is making up the shortfall and normal payout amounts for a 66 player field will be awarded.  Members who were unaware of he need for the cash entry fee and who realize that they did not pay the entry fee can pay their Grey Rock $5 fee to Paul Redden, Travis McWhorter, Sam Jenkins, Sam Mihalik, or at the desk of the next tournament to be played at Lions.  Procedures will be define for future tournaments that require a cash entry fee to ensure that their is no confusion on this matter.
     Thanks to those who remembered and paid at the end of the tournament day.  Grey Rock is a very good course and, while difficult (and warm!), most who played seemed to have enjoyed the event.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Curtis Higgs Scores Hole-in-One Shot at Clay

     Playing in a four-man select shot format, Vic Loar, Jack Field, David Hoffman, and Curtis Higgs, needed only one club and one shot on the 135-yard, par 3, 14th hole at Jimmy Clay last Tuesday. That club and shot belonged to Curtis Higgs. With his five wood, Higgs, lofted the ball onto the green and into the hole for his hole-in-one and a payout of $270.
     Higgs, who is near the age of 90 and owns a 29 handicap, said it

A Few Tee Times Still Available at Grey Rock

    The ASGA has had a good turnout for the Tuesday tournament at Grey Rock with 76 players signed up but still has tee times available. Sam Jenkins, ASGA Tournament Director, is keeping the sign up open until these times are filled or until Monday morning, whichever comes first. Anyone interested in signing up after today (Saturday) should call Jenkins at 512-629-7996. The tournament is a two-man team format. A few members have signed up and are searching for partners for the event and may be contacted through Jenkins or Paul Redden, Handicap Chairman.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jimmy Clay Will Register Grey Rock Entries

     In preparing for the upcoming registration for play at Grey Rock beginning Wednesday, August 16th, Tournament Director Sam Jenkins is releasing an update on the plans for sign-in procedures.
     Through the cooperation and generosity of the staff at Jimmy Clay, the ASGA will be conducting the sign up for Grey Rock as we have always done on the Wednesday morning before the Tuesday tournament. This time, however, all in-person and call-ins will be directed to Jimmy Clay rather than Grey Rock.  
     So, to be clear, the phone number at Jimmy Clay to sign up for the Grey Rock event is 512-974-4653. Basically, the process for registering will be the same as in past tournaments. Also, the field for the Grey Rock tournament is limited so the importance of early registration is paramount.          
     The deadline for signing up for the Grey Rock tournament at Jimmy Clay will by Friday, August 18th, at 12:00 noon. This new deadline is done for the purpose of notifying Grey Rock of any unused tee times.
     Do not call Grey Rock on Wednesday to register for the tournament!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Riverside Event Canceled

Tournament Director Samuel Jenkins has announced  the cancellation of the Total Net (2-M) event at Riverside GC scheduled for tomorrow August 8.  The decision to cancel was based on information from course management that the course is virtually unplayable from heavy rainfall overnight.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Sign-up Procedures Planned for Grey Rock Tournament

     Tournament Director Sam Jenkins is announcing the planning of new sign-up procedures for the up-coming Grey Rock tournament that will differ in a number of ways from our usual call-in on Wednesday morning. According to Grey Rock's Tournament Director, Joe Gowdy, they do not have the staff to take the deluge of calls that would come in to their pro shop on the Wednesday morning before the tournament. In Jenkins' negotiation with Grey Rock, the price of $35 for green fees was reached provided that the association would provide them with a sign-up roster with assigned tee times. Since this was accepted by Jenkins, he along with Handicap Chair Paul Redden will have to organize a new sign-up procedure that can be used for the Grey Rock tournament.
    The Grey Rock format will be a two-man Select Shot/Best Ball event. Even though the tournament is not until August 22nd and we have the Riverside and another Jimmy Clay tournament to play, this planning process will begin immediately. Members should check back with this blog to get the most current news on this issue.