Thursday, September 26, 2019

President's Cup Talk Gets Hot

   The President's Cup tournament is less than a month away (October 15th) and the trash talk is starting up as the two captains, Shawn Higgins and Travis McWhorter, were interviewed recently following a meeting of the ASGA board.
     The President's Cup is a type of tournament format new to the ASGA members because it is the only one on the schedule in which match play is used. The two captains, Higgins and McWhorter, were chosen by ASGA President Paul Redden to be the dueling captains on this inaugural event.
     Higgins used his option of choosing the co-captain of his choice by selecting his partner and friend, William Miller. Both Higgins and Miller are single digit handicappers.  McWhorter, who carries an 18 handicap went with the former two-time ASGA Champion, Don Pratt.
     The interview consisted of three questions asked of the two captains. Neither captain was privy to the other's answers until now. What follows are the questions followed by each captain's answers.
Question 1: Why did you pick the co-captain that you did?
Higgins: "William is very familiar with golf and knows a lot of people which will help selecting players in our draft. He is also my golf partner and friend."
McWhorter: "I picked Don because he is a good judge of talent and knows a lot of golfers and he is golf smart."
Question 2: What kind of player are you looking to select in the draft?
Higgins: "I'd rather not say anything about my thought process for the draft. I don't want my opposing captain knowing anything about my reason for drafting certain players."
McWhorter: "I want competitive people. I will be researching tournament results to find results-oriented players"
     With the aim of creating a little good-natured competitive trash talk question three did exactly that. Both captains raised the stakes with their answers.
Question 3: What do you think about your opposing captain?
Higgins: "Let's just say he hits the ball like he talks.........."
McWhorter: "Shawn is a very knowledgeable person. He works hard and a very gracious player, that's why he'll still be nice when he loses. He'll be a gracious loser."
     This tournament date offers a wealth of competition, rewards, food, and voting for a new board. Along with the tournament play, players will be asked to vote on a new ASGA board, they will receive the final standings of the Grand Prix, both team and individual, as well as be eligible for door prizes. The winning President's Cup team members will all receive $10 credit in the pro shop regardless of the results of their individual match which is equivalent to getting their dinner free.
     All players are asked to register by noon on Friday, October 11, so a comprehensive list can be generated for the draft.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Annual Tournament Results Revised

Payouts have been revised to correct for the tie for first place in flight #1 and the ties for third place in flight #4.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Annual Banquet Tickets Available for Purchase

     The Annual Banquet is October 15, 2019 at Jimmy Clay. See any of our board members for tickets at the same low value of $10 each. Your ASGA will provide for any additional costs associated with the provision of food. 
    Several cash door prizes will be drawn from your tickets. You must be present to win. More announcements will be coming to make this year's banquet the most fun ever.

Paul Redden, President

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Annual Champion Recognition Changed to a Gross and Net Winner

(from an earlier post in May)

     The ASGA Board of Directors voted to change the way the ASGA Annual Tournament Champions will be recognized. The Annual Champions will be determined in two categories. The ASGA champion will be the player with the lowest gross score in the tournament. A tie for the championship will be settled between the players by having them immediately engage in a sudden death playoff.
     A new Net Champion will also be named. The Net Champion will be the player with the lowest net score in the tournament. A tie for the net champion will be settle by a Western Scorecard Playoff beginning with the 18th hole.
     This is a big change from the previous method. The ASGA will no longer award a runner-up and instead crown a Net Champion. This means that every player in the association will now have the opportunity to be named the ASGA Net Champion and like the Gross Champion collect a lot of monetary awards. 
     For all other players, net scores will be used to determine the flight winners. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Procedures for the 2019 Annual Championship Tournament, September 17 &19th

The procedures for the 2019 Annual Championship Tournament have been announced by ASGA Tournament Director Sam Jenkins. They are listed below:
  • Members will sign up by calling the course beginning at 7:00 on Wednesday, September 11. Callers can enter additional players but cannot sign up as a group. 
  • The course will assign flights per the process defined in the ASGA General Tournament Information (9 minimum flight entries with all handicaps the same as the 9th in the same flight, see page 2, #7).Link Here
  • Tee times will be assigned by course personnel according to flight order, with the first tee times assigned to the lowest number flight and continuing in order to the highest number flight. This will be in effect both days of the tournament. 
  • Tee times on the second day will be modified within flights to group like scores for the same tee time; e.g., players with the two lowest scores in the flights will have the same tee time. 
  • The full ASGA handicap listing will be provided to the course on Monday, September 9. Handicaps will be updated to include events through 9/10 and a listing of any changes and a final list of eligible members will be provided to the course by Friday, September 13. 
  • The tournament fees (entry fee, both first and second day green fees, and the cart fee for the first day) will be assessed at sign-in on the first day of the tournament. Members riding the second day will pay their cart fee on that second day.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Jimmy Clay Results Aug 27, 2019--Revised

A math error was discovered in the tournament results in flight #1. The corrected results are now available online.  Questions can be directed to Handicap Chairman Bill Burke

Sunday, September 1, 2019

FINAL Annual Tournament Eligibility--Updated 9/10/2019

The two-day ASGA 2019 Annual Tournament is scheduled for September 17/September 19 with signup beginning on September 11.  To be eligible to participate in the ASGA 2019 Annual Tournament, members must have recorded 5 scores that count toward their official ASGA handicap since (and including) the 2018 Annual Tournament.  The list of eligible members  is available HERE.

NOTE: Deadline for signing up is 12:00 Noon September 15.

 Eligibility questions can be directed to the Handicap Chairman and/or Tournament Chairman.