Tuesday, December 18, 2018

McWhorter Scores Hole-in-One, Wins Pot

McWhorter picks his HIO ball out of the hole
    Travis McWhorter selected his club and took his place on the 12th tee box as the lead-off man for his group of golfing companions and proceeded to nail a five-iron to the green of the 125-yard hole. The ball landed 20 feet short of the hole and continued to roll the remaining distance into the hole for McWhorter's second career hole-in-one.
     McWhorter's feat came at the two-man team ASGA tournament held on Tuesday. Along with the HIO accomplishment he also won the pot of approximately $375. McWhorter shared his time in the spotlight by buying several golfers their choice of liquid refreshment after the round.
     The hole-in-one was witnessed by his golfing partner, Don Visness, and his fellow golfers, Sam Jenkins and Don Pratt. McWhorter, understandably happy, when asked about the use of  a five-iron on a 125-yard hole,  laughingly noted that the shot,"was a knock-down five-iron."

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ASGA Memberships

New ASGA memberships dues are $15.00 for the calendar year and expire on December 31 each year.  Current members may renew for $10.00 during the renewal period extending from the date of the annual banquet event until December 31.  Members who choose to not renew during the renewal period may rejoin the organization at any time for the new member fee of $15.00.

A reminder: Only ASGA active members may signup and participate in ASGA tournaments.

In-Person Renewal Opportunity

A setup at Morris Williams at the last ASGA tournament of 2018 on December 18 will provide means for membership renewals to be completed before and after member rounds are completed.

Other Membership Renewal Options

 Membership renewal options can be accessed from the "Member Programs" tab on the ASGA website home page and selecting the "Renew Membership" button.  A direct link is available HERE