Wednesday, August 26, 2020

President's Message - August 26, 2020

Your City has responded and your ASGA Board met via Zoom Thursday, August 20. The meeting resulted in many new plans for the future.

The Mayor's office finally was able to follow up with me and the result is that we are developing a new program to be presented to Parks and Recreation within the next few days.  The objective is to develop a program to comply with the current Covid-19 Risk-Based Guidelines and city golf course protocol  seamlessly. If our program is approved the very earliest we can return to playing our Tuesday events will be 9/15. Originally that date would have been for Jimmy Clay and have been the first day of our Annual Tournament. Since traditional tournaments are currently not authorized we have decided to cancel the Annual  Tournament. We are also canceling 9/08 at Morris Williams and the second date scheduled  for the annual  tournament 9/17. Shawn Higgins is working on the schedule from 9/15 for the balance of the year. He will update our website when he has it completed. We of course will advise you when we can officially resume in time to plan and make your tee times.

Your Board took the following actions:

1. At this point we have cancelled both annuals, so we are extending every current member at the end of this fiscal year for another year of membership at no cost.

2. The Grand Prix for 2020 will still be awarded. Should we not get to return to playing, the current standings will be the final standings. However, should we resume at some point the new points will be added as played. In either event the final tournament to count this year will be October 20. After that points will start accumulating for 2021 and on October 27 or soon thereafter we will announce the final standings for the 2020 Grand Prix.

3. Due to the group gathering rules currently in place for "banquets" and other meetings we will not attempt to schedule our annual meeting which also serves as our election on October 27. We will cancel it and replace with a digital vote as outlined in 4. below.

4. Your officers and directors have mostly met on-line this year and a couple have served much less than a year so did not get to gain experience for future roles. We were not able to pursue two out of three of our goals.  We were successful in developing and launching our on-line Tee Time Registration System, but could not pursue new memberships to grow our membership or create a new golf event involving young people. It is with this in mind that several members recommended that the officers and directors also have their roles extended for another year. The Board all agreed with the members blessing that they would so serve. 

What action do Members need to take:

The Board via our group email system will be sending an email asking for you to vote by return email either yes or no to extend the terms. If the total vote approves you will have authorized the waiving of normal procedure and give us an experienced board to continue to guide us through this pandemic and hopefully to more normal times next year. Please Vote As Soon as you receive the email outlining the voting procedure. You will have a limited time to vote.

We did not plan on having a pandemic, but together we have worked our way through it. Keep positive thoughts flowing while keeping safe and happy.

On behalf of the ASGA Board of Directors

Travis McWhorter

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Waymon McLamb (1946-2020) Passes

Waymon 'Mack' McLamb

 Long-time member Waymon McLamb, known as 'Mack' to our many members, passed away July 26, 2020. A member since late 2008, he will be missed.  

Member Don Akers remembers Waymon..."I played many rounds of golf with Mack and always enjoyed his camaraderie. RIP my friend." 

An obituary for Mack may be found here:

 There is also a GoFundMe page raising funds for his widow, Bobbie located at:

According to the site, his former employer Medlift, is matching donations.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

President's Message - August 4, 2020

The City of Austin Courses did not reopen and Riverside followed.

August 4, 2020 - Here we go again! The Riverside tournament is cancelled and so are the next three scheduled through and including September 1.  Riverside has the policy, pertaining to open/close to follow the city courses, so they are closed for now. Shawn Higgins will be trying hard to find another non city course to take one or more of our tournaments. Should he be successful we will make that announcement but for now we have marked all of these cancelled.

The Golf Division of the Parks and Recreation, currently feels (hopes) that toward the end of August the courses may open, but that for sure no tournaments will be played until at least after Labor Day.There is a good possibility that after they reopen there will be some tournaments allowed.

The Mayor's office has yet to set up my meeting, but in the mean time I have not been idle. Over the weekend it looked like I would be invited to speak at a committee meeting Monday morning for Health and Human Services when the committee instead forwarded my information to all of the City Council and the Mayor.. We shall see.

I am doing something out of the ordinary below as we normally do not do political or business things on our website. However, this is about golf and it is what we do as a charter. I just signed this petition and it was number 470 of a needed at least 500 to get the City Council and Mayor's attention. It is up to you if you take action, but we need to have as loud a voice as we can. Paul Redden advised that the gentleman that started this petition is well respected in the Austin golfing community and in fact his son is an acquaintance. Several of you have already signed and just as I was about to conclude this it was forwarded to me by a member of the Austin Advisory Board for Golf. So they are behind it as well. it is easy to do just click on the link below.

Austin Amateur Golf. Started by Randy Reynolds

Hopefully soon we will have some good golfing news, but for now keep safe and happy.

On behalf of the ASGA Board of Directors

Travis McWhorter