Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sobremonte Captures HIO With Ace at Clay's #2 Hole

     Mike Sobremonte, playing in the Select Shot Tournament held Tuesday at Jimmy Clay, hit his wedge 101 yards to the #2 green and scored a Hole-In-One. It was the first hole-in-one for Sobremonte and he was ecstatic when asked about it. "My first hole-in-one after fifty years of playing this game" said Sobremonte. Sobremente described the shot, "It was a high shot that hit in front of the hole and with one bounce it went in the hole."The HIO will proved to be more than an exciting happening for Sobremonte as he will pick up a cool $425 from the pot which he had joined with the ASGA. 
     Although this was a happy occasion for Sobremonte as we all congratulate him, it means that the rest of us will have to come up with an extra $5.00 at the Lion's tournament this next Tuesday to get in the next HIO pot. A sign-up station will be at or near the tournament desk at Lions for those of us who would like to have the same feeling as Sobremente on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Morris Williams' Driving Range Closed for Two Weeks

    Notice has come to the ASGA from the staff at Morris Williams that they will be doing re-sodding of their driving range for the next two weeks and it (driving range) will be closed for that extended period. This means that it will be closed for this Tuesday's ASGA tournament at the MoWillie course. Members should plan to make other accommodations for warm-up activities before participating in Tuesday's tournament.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Boyd Leads Individual While French and Johnson Top the Team Grand Prix Standing

     As the Grand Prix championship reaches the halfway point, the races, both the Individual and the Team, are still up for grabs. And the grabs are significant since the champions of both divisions will pull down $50 while places second thru four will be allotted $25, $15, and $10, respectfully. Here is a run-down of the top ten contenders of both divisions in the most recent posting.
    William Boyd tops the Individual Grand Prix standings with 771.4 points and a 77.1 per tournament average but is being closely followed by Tom Walters (726.1) and Tom Schneider (690.7). Schneider seems to pose the most danger to Boyd's lead as he is averaging 76.7 points per tournament having played fewer events.
      In fourth place, is Sam Jenkins (675.7) and a 67.6 average followed closely by Carlos Ortiz with a 66.9 average and 668.7 points. Curtis Higgs (663.1) has a solid hold on sixth place with a 82.9 average. Bobby Johnson (657.9) has a four point lead over Jack Scruggs (653.7) for seventh place. Sam Amsler is sitting in ninth place with only a twelve point lead over Jerry Newton who rounds out the top ten in the individual race.
     Dale French and Bobby Johnson's partnership has proved to be a powerful combination in the race for the Team Grand Prix. The power-hitting partners have one of the highest averages at 87.4 points per tournament to go along with their league-leading 786.7 points. Chasing this pair is the team of David Brader and Richard Spigarelli with 771.0 points at the same time savoring an almost 60-point lead over Floyd Chambers and Roy January in third place.
      Long-time ASGA members LD Washington and Troy Collins sit in fourth place with 696 points while Tom Walters and Steve Abrams rest at the fifth spot with 652 points. Barkley Edwards and Alton Stewart are holding off Cliff Rierson and Bob Rankin for sixth place, 639.1 to 635.1. But the real fight, apparently, is with the eighth and ninth place holders, Joe Noon and Grady Morris (602.1) and Michael Bruker and Mike Bieck (600.0). Rounding out the top ten teams is the duo of Mario Gamboa and Rodolfo Garcia with 586.7 points.
     If you would like to see where you or your team are in the Grand Prix Standings, click here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Proposed ASGA Constitution/Bylaws Changes APPROVED

The proposed changes endorsed by the ASGA Board of Directors were approved by a unanimous  "YES" vote.   Seventy four members voted on the proposed changes at the General Meeting held in conjunction with the Individual Net tournament at the Lions Municipal golf course on August 6, 2019.

The approved document will be posted to the ASGA website in the near future.  Until the approved level replaces the previous level of documentation the approved version can be accessed HERE where the updated content is show in red.