Monday, May 6, 2019

Hole In One At Lions

Victor Edwards made a hole in one on hole #7 at Lions on April 30, 2019, claiming the $340.00 jackpot.  A new jackpot should be in place effective tomorrow May 7.  Witnesses were - Don Greenway, Lee Van Burkleo and Karen Walsh

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lions Tournament Limited to 17 Holes! What?

     Some teed off from the regular tee box early Tuesday, others teed off from a makeshift tee box from 142 yards out on the number one hole at Lions on Tuesday. So after Tournament Director Sam Jenkins consulted with the Lions' staff the tournament was shortened to 17 holes, specifically holes 2 thru 18. This situation was brought about when the construction crew working alongside the number one fairway decided to try and beat the rain by working on the day they usually do not. Due to a safety issue the tee box was moved to the middle of number one fairway making it a 142-yard hole. Unfortunately, since 8 or more groups had teed off from the regular tee boxes, Jenkins and the Lions staff decided the best course of action would be to limit the tournament to 17 holes. So don't be surprised if you see some outstanding scoring when the results are publicized.

Handicap Note

The handicap update for May events has been completed with scores of events completed through April 16, 2019. The scores for the April 30, 2019 event were not included (and will not be included in continuing updates) due to the incomplete scores by not including the scores for hole #1.

NOTE:  The results for the April 30, 2019 event ARE included in the updated Grand Prix standings.  Click Here To View