Thursday, January 27, 2022

Onward to Morris Williams

    We had a good turn out at last Tuesday’s ABCD Scramble held at Roy Kizer. With the ABCD format, it resulted in very even teams and close scoring for each flight. If you skipped it, you missed a lot of fun. No rain with just a bit of wind to support those long drives! Discussing those putts for birdie! It was a great way to meet members outside of your usual group.

Thanks to everyone for supporting all the different types of events ASGA works hard to organize and schedule. Which reminds me of a "discussion" I recently had with my usual partner.

We were playing the alternate shot event at Jimmy Clay a couple of weeks ago.  On number one I hit a great drive down the middle - he hit the second shot to the right of the green near the tee box area of number two. Fortunately, I got lucky with a good recovery shot onto the green and the ball stopped about two feet above the pin. My partner then hit his putt, a bit too hard, downhill, and it finally stopped six feet beyond the pin. I lined up the long putt and sank it. As we walked off the green, I mentioned “We’ll have to do better, that was a bogey five.” “Don’t blame me”, he grumbled, “I only took two of them.”

You're on your own for next week, as we have an Individual event at Morris Williams. It's your chance to pump up your Grand Prix totals 100 points!  But before we play, I'd like to discuss two things:

1. Slow play: I believe we can significantly speed teams up if we do two things:     

    (A) Play ready golf: You don’t have to wait on someone else, if you’re ready and the path ahead is clear, go ahead and hit. If you are on the tee box ready to play, fairway is clear, but one player isn’t there yet, tee off. When you’re in the fairway, ready to hit, fairway clear but another player is still looking for their ball, go ahead and hit your shot. Remember, if you’re ready and the path is clear, swing away.

(B) Walk a little bit: we see this all the time, two players in a cart drive to a ball. One player gets out, does his shot routine, and then hits while the second player just sits in the cart and watches. They then travel a short distance to the second ball and the same routine continues. We could significantly speed up if the second player instead of sitting in the cart watching, would get out, walk to his or her ball and prepare to hit the second shot. Once the clubs and cart arrive, the player could get the needed club and execute the shot.  

Please help us keep all rounds under 4 ½ hours.

2. Tee Time Registrations: On the tee time registration page there is a button/link that reads "Additions/Changes/Cancels" (see below)

Should you need to change or cancel a tee time before tee times are posted, use this link. It’s easy, fast and will be seen immediately. You'll receive a personal reply when the request has been done.  Please try and notify us of any changes prior to the tee times being posted. Once tee times are posted, you have to call the course to change or cancel your time.

As always, may your drives be long and straight, approach shots dance around the flag sticks and have fun.

At your service,

Sand Trap 

P.S. When you see a note in red on the home page--please read it. 😉

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ABCD Scramble Format is Back!

His swing is "Over the Top"...

We had a challenging and windy individual event at Jimmy Clay this week. 70% of us ended up shooting OVER net par. Congratulations to

Chester Burks for achieving the low net score.  

Next Tuesday we have the ABCD Scramble format at the Roy Kizer golf course. I have played this format twice and enjoyed it both times.

Remember--you probably will not be playing with the persons you sign up with this week for the ABCD format. Tee time availability will be determined the best we can based on requested times but no guarantees.

A Little Refresher

First, all entrants will be divided into four flights based on handicap. (For example, if there are 80 entrants, the 20 with the lowest handicap will be placed in the Championship flight. The next twenty based on handicap will be in the next flight, and so on.)  Second, the players in each flight will be divided into A, B, C, and D players based on handicap. Third, teams will be formed in each flight starting with the lowest handicap A player in the flight, the highest handicap B player in the flight, the lowest C, and the highest D player. The next team will be the second lowest A in the flight, the second highest B, and so on.

There will be no two-player teams allowed in this four-player team event. If a player cancels late or fails to show, a standby may replace that player provided his handicap is within one stroke up or down from the missing player's handicap.

If a player on a 4-player team is absent:
1. Player "A" absent - Player "B" takes two shots but not in succession
 2. Player "B" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession
3. Player "C" absent - Player "D" takes two shots but not in succession
4. Player "D" absent - Player "C" takes two shots but not in succession

The last time I played this format one of our team members didn’t show up. I ended up being the player who took two shots on each hole, which made for a long day for me and severely reduced our group’s chances of being in the money.  We did have a good time and still talk about it when we see each other at the courses. Please if you sign up, show up.
And I hope everyone hits a lot of riders next Tuesday. What is a rider you ask? That is where you hit the ball far enough so that you have to get in your golf cart and ride to get it. Remember to hit your drives straight and long, your approach shots around the flags and most importantly, have fun.

At your service,
Sand Trap

P.S. The only problem with golf that I see is that the slow players are always in front of you and the fast people end up behind you. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

Can't Decide -- Let's Do Both! Scramble AND Best Ball!

Morris Williams Here We Come!

"We got this!"
Last Tuesday a new member of ASGA teed off on number 2 at Lions with three seasoned ASGA members. The new member hit a bad tee shot. He called “Mulligan” and then hit a very good tee shot. Afterwards he picked up his tee and asked the other players what does ASGA call a “Mulligan”? All three members playing with him responded, “we call it 3”. It’s always good to know the rules and or ask before hitting if you aren’t sure. We had a good event at Lions. Congratulations to Rudy Aguilar for achieving the field low net score. 

Next week we’re bringing back an event last played in 2019! We’re playing a two-person team Select Shot and Best Ball at Morris Williams. It is an event in which the two players play Scramble for the first nine holes. On the second nine, they each play their own ball and record their best gross score on the hole. The team gross score is the total score for the two nines. Handicaps of 35% / 15% will be applied for a Net Score.

Good luck and remember to play Scramble/Select Shot on the front nine and Best Ball on the back nine. The best gross score of the two team members is recorded as the team score on the second nine. Your scorecard should have a single entry for each team on every hole.  And make it legible for Bill’s sake, please.

May your drives be long and straight and your approach shots dance around the flag sticks.

Sand Trap