Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring Tournament Information

Members are reminded by Tournament Director Samuel Jenkins that the following is in effect for the two-day Select Shot (2-M) Spring Tournament on March 26 and March 28:
  • Shotgun Start At 8:00
  • Carts Are Required For All Participants (No Walkers)
  • Green Fees And Entry Fees Are Due At Day One Sign In
  • Cart Fees Are Paid Each Day At Sign In
Please adhere to the following schedule for event announcements and to ensure starting on time.
*** BE IN CART BY 7:45   

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hole In One!

Ralph Villela won $350 for a hole in one on hole #12 at Morris Williams on Tuesday.  A new pot will be started Tuesday at Jimmy Clay.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Padilla Leads Individual Grand Prix

     Gabriel Padilla, one of the best golfers in the association, is trying to enhance that image by leading the Grand Prix Individual standings with three individual tournaments under his belt and an average of 91.7 per outing. Padilla has 11-plus point lead over second place with a total of 275.0 points. Dehart McMillan, however,  is well within striking range with 263.6 points and an 87.9 average while holding down second place.
     William Boyd is at the number three position with 259.1 points and has a seven and half point lead over fourth place. Samuel Jenkins, the ASGA Tournament Director, holds that position. Bobby Johnson is in fifth place with 241.9 points narrowly ahead of Carlos Ortiz with 240.6 points. Staring down the backs of these two is Jack Scruggs with 240.0 points.
     In the last three positions in the top ten, Don Pratt, a former ASGA Champion, is holding off Lee Lambert for eighth place with 237.4 points to 236.3 and Jim Millan is holding the tenth spot with 233.9 points
     If you would like to find out how you or others are doing in the individual standing, click the following:
Grand Prix Individual Standings

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Kizer 2018 March 12, 2019 Results CORRECTED

An error in the posted results has been corrected and the online results updated.  Flights #4 and #5 were affected.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Barreda and McMillan Lead Grand Prix Team Standings

     Although early in the race for the Grand Prix Championships and the monetary rewards and recognition that go along with it, the current leaders are making a statement that they are in the running and plan to stay there. This will be the second year that the ASGA will offer monetary rewards for winning the championships. The champions will receive a $50 credit for winning, the second biggest prize offered by the ASGA behind the association championships rewards, and earn a permanent place on the Grand Prix plaque that hangs on the wall at the Lions Golf Course clubhouse.
     In the Team Championship race, the team of Bill Barreda and Dehart McMillan are leading the pack after placing in four events for a total of 326.4 points, more than thirty points more than their nearest competitors. Barreda and McMillan are averaging 81.6 points per outing, more than eight points better than the second place holders, Jack Slayton and Ken Garrett. Slayton and Garrett are hanging on to that spot with 293.1 points and a 73.3 average just edging out the third place team of Lino Oballo and Mike Sobremonte who have scored 291.6 points and have a 72.9 average.
     Trailing the leaders in fourth place is the team of  Don Pratt and Samuel Jenkins with 276.4 points followed by Floyd Chambers and Roy January with 266.7 points and Michael Bruker and Mike Bieck with 262.5 points. In seventh place with 254.2 points is the team of Dale French and Bobby Johnson while holding the eighth spot is David Brader and Richard Spigarelli with 243.1 points in only three events. Barkley Edwards and Alton Stewart hold ninth place with 236.7 points and Vic Loar and his partner, Curtis Stewart, round out the top ten with 215.3 points.
     If you want to know how you and your partner stand with the Grand Prix click on the following:
Grand Prix Team Standings

(Coming soon, Grand Prix Individual Standings)

Monday, March 4, 2019

Tuesday's Morris Williams Tournament Cancelled

     The Tuesday tournament at Morris Williams has been cancelled due to extreme cold, delayed tee times til 11:30, and numerous cancellations.  Please remember to call in Wednesday morning starting at 7:00 AM for the next tournament, a Total Net (2-Player team),  at Roy Kizer.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Tuesday Tournament Update

     A notice of information was released Saturday morning (March 2) from the staff at Morris Williams stating the following: 
"Tuesday's freezing temperatures are currently forecast to run until 11 am. We will mow once the freeze is over, so the current start time is projected to be around 11:30. That means a 4.5 hour delay for the first tee time."
     Stay tuned to this NEWS site for the latest on the status of the Tuesday tournament. An update should be posted on Monday at 6:00 PM if not before.
      Remember, if you plan now to not play due to weather or the change in your tee time,  please call the course to cancel.