Wednesday, August 30, 2023

$450 of Additional Prize Money! And a New Goal For Senior Golfers

Our 2023 ASGA Championship event happens in a couple of weeks. On September the 12th we will play the first day at Jimmy Clay golf course. The second day of competition will happen on September 19th at Roy Kizer. Last year we saw a membership participation increase of around 40%. Hopefully this year we will see even more members playing in the event. 

You only sign up one time for both days. On day one at the Clay golf course, members will play with the groups they sign up with. Tee times are distributed and assigned as we normally do. The second day grouping process at Kizer will be a little different. Participants will be placed into flights based on your handicaps and grouped with competitors that shot similar scores as you on day one.

If you have a bad day one, you may be asking why bother to play on day two. One answer is the $450 of additional prize money you can win.  Each day of this annual event we will have closest to the pin and longest drive competitions.  Participants will be divided into three groups so you will compete against members with similar handicaps. On day one at Clay, winners of the competitions will receive $25 each. On day two, that amount doubles to $50 each. Winnings will be distributed at our Annual Banquet Meeting on October 24th after the President’s Cup Competition at Jimmy Clay. 

In addition to the winnings above, you also can win via the flight competitions.  Our Low Gross ASGA Champion receives $100.  We also pay $100 to the member who achieves the lowest NET score for the two-day competition. All flight payouts are doubled.  Since this is a two-day event, you will pay two event fees. Let’s say you win your flight which would normally pay $20. Being a two-day event, that amount would grow to $40. For the ASGA championship, that amount doubles to $80.

As you can see, there is plenty to play for. The event is a lot of fun and we hope to see everyone there. In years past, we played the Championship on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week on the same course.  Since we now play on different courses and separate weeks, paying for both days on day one of the event has not yet been finalized. Of course, when we learn of any changes, we will keep you updated.

May your drives find the fairways and your putts find the bottom of the cup. Good luck!

Lewis Howell


A New Goal to Aim for in This Heat