Sunday, July 29, 2018

WRONG! Results From July 17 Jimmy Clay Two-man Best Ball in Error

     According to Sam Jenkins, ASGA Tournament Director, the results of the Jimmy Clay two-man best ball tournament two weeks ago are in error!
     "The results were hand-scored initially but a second scoring by the hole-by-hole computer program exposed many errors that will have profound effects on the payouts. In fact, any player listed as having won place money for that tournament should refrain from spending the money until the results can be corrected and the payouts transmitted to the city finance department," said Jenkins.
     The previous results are being blocked on the website until a correction can be made and verified with the city. Please check the website periodically for the notice that the corrections have been made and the results posted.
     Jenkins is now compiling a list of those teams who may have been credited with place money in error. Notice to those individuals will be processed through the email system to one or more of the team members. Those that may be elevated to a higher place must wait for the posted changes where they can view the results. A website headline notice will alert players of the new results.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Don Steussy Shoots Hole-in-One at Jimmy Clay, Wins HIO Pot

     Ok, fellow members, we have to renew our expectations since Don Steussy one-stroked his way to the HIO prize money at the most recent tournament at Jimmy Clay. His feat erased the money in the pot and now requires that those seeking a chance at glory put up another $5.
     The next opportunity to hit the jackpot is this Tuesday at Riverside. Travis McWhorter will be setting up a box, with instructions, for members to sign up, once again, so they will be eligible for the Riverside tournament. Look for the sign and the box at the Pro Shop.

     Don't forget this is a cash arrangement both for the $5 HIO pot and the $5 fee for entry. Course fees can be paid using a credit card.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Violation: Tournament Tee Markers Moved Up During Event

     In the most recent tournament at Morris Williams the tee markers on #11 tee box were moved erroneously and in violation of our procedures. The officials of the ASGA received notice from the professionals at Morris Williams that the tee markers on the hole had been moved up to the front tee boxes from their original and official position. This apparently happened in the middle of the morning after some players had already teed off from the proper tee. It was corrected and the tee markers were moved back to their original position for the rest of the tournament but not before several teams had used the fraudulent tee boxes.
     This is an unprecedented violation and one that begs for a proper ruling and a measure of discipline or/and punishment. However, a ruling, i.e., disqualifying players who played from the wrong tee, would seem unjust since many of those individuals were simply unaware of what was happening. There are no ASGA rules that cover this situation.
     We are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the violation in the hope that no ASGA member will be found to have participated in this affair. We call on any ASGA member who may have seen the actions of moving the tees or may have any information about this matter to step forward. You may send an email to Sam Jenkins, ASGA Tournament Director at All correspondence will be confidential.