Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tournament Director Position

Several members of ASGA and the Board of Directors attended the service for Bob  Remey in San Antonio Friday. It was quite inspiring. I can guarantee  you he would want us to move on and "play golf."

It is my intention to name his replacement for Tournament Chairman  within the next few days and want to make sure we get the member  that will do the best job for us all. We have big golf shoes to fill.

With that in mind I would ask any of you that have a desire to serve in that capacity, or want to recommend someone to serve, to send an email to me at this email address: You could also catch me in person at the 2-Person Select shot event  Tuesday at Jimmy Clay. My tee time is 8:40 AM so you can catch me before I tee off or after I finish. Please add a phone number to your email so I can call you to discuss your input.

Please make your voice heard before 5 PM Wednesday February 1. Filling this post is one of the most important jobs I will have this year as your President  and I will do my best to ensure the proper Tournament Chairman is in place.

Sincerely, Travis McWhorter
ASGA President

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Col. Robert Remey

Bob Remey, ASGA Tournament Chairman and member of our Board of Directors since 2015, has passed away. Bob will be remembered by all of us for the extra effort he put into making sure the members had a fun tournament to play each and every Tuesday. You can review his obituary at the link immediately following this message.

Col., USAF, Ret. Robert (Bob) A. Remey Sr. was a great friend to us all and a Great American. Your board plans to make a contribution on Bob's behalf to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Travis McWhorter
ASGA President

Col., USAF, Robert Remey Sr.

Friday, January 13, 2017

President Letter--100 Club

To: Current/Prospective ASGA 100 Club Members


Your  Board of Directors has approved the discontinuance of the separate flight for 100 Club members for individual net events to address issues with flight counts and handicap spread within flights.

Please review the following and send me or any Board of Director member your comments or questions.

Travis McWhorter
ASGA President

The History

The concept of the 100 Club was proposed by then-President Don Pratt and approved by the Board of Directors on June 12, 2013.  As reported in the minutes of the Board meeting that day, "The prime reason for the establishment of the 100 Club was to provide some equalization in competition for players regardless of their distance off the tee".  That remains the case today!

Team events did not have a separate flight for 100 Club members and that was true also initially for individual events. While not part of the approved proposal it was decided to provide a separate flight in individual events for the 100 Club members. The first such event was held at Lions Municipal on October 8, 2013 with nine of the twenty 100 Club members participating. The members' course handicaps ranged from 24 to 32.

The separate flight for individual events with the exception of the two day annual tournament has continued to this date.

The Issue

There are currently 31 active 100 Club members with more expected in 2017. Their handicap index ranges from 17.1 to 36.4. The separate flight for individual events poses problems in balancing the number of participants across flights while maintaining a reasonable range in handicaps within the flights. This issue is projected to worsen as more members become eligible for the 100 Club. (A wide range in handicaps within a flight can be unfair to the participants and uneven flight numbers can contribute to unfairly weighted Grand Prix points).

Participation in the 100 Club individual events has ranged from 6 to 20 players as well as a big range in handicaps. We do not have enough tournament participation at this time to break the 100 Club into multiple flights when the number is overly large, and on at least one occasion there were insufficient entries for a separate 100 Club flight (4 players minimum).

The Resolution

Effective with the next individual net tournament (Lions Municipal on February 07, 2017) the separate flight for 100 Club members will be discontinued and those participating members will be integrated into the regular flights based on their course handicaps.  100 Club members will continue to play from the forward tee box in all events and their handicaps will continue to be based on the forward tee parameters (slope and rating).

Additional Notes

Members moving in or out of the 100 Club need to do so before the end of January in order for the handicaps to be adjusted for February.  An additional note: The USGA course rating and slope have been updated for Lions Municipal and will be adopted by ASGA starting February 1, 2017. The immediate effect of the change will be to generally increase course handicaps 1-3 strokes dependent on handicap index and tee box  (low end handicaps will be effected very little).

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Riversides Notes

The end of the year usually finds short staffing at many businesses for employees vacationing or leaving work early for last minute tasks.  Whether that was the case or not, there were problems with the Riverside event held December 27 ; scorecards were missing needed to report the results and have the proper credit posted.  After extensive time-consuming investigation and follow up it was determined which scorecards were not available,  however confusion remains on the exact data for those players. 

Since exact numbers are required to place members in the standings and to accept the scores for handicap purposes, the decision was made to list the players as "NC/DNF" as is done when cards are not available at the conclusion of a round.   Should affected members have data on their scores and want to have their status updated they can contact me via email at

To view the posted results go to the ASGA Status Tournament Results tab or directly by clicking here .

Paul Redden
ASGA Handicap Chairman 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Joining ASGA

Membership is open to amateur golfers who are 62 or older. For additional registration information and resources go to

Monday, January 2, 2017

Riverside Results

Confusion from missing and incomplete data has delayed posting of the results of the Riverside Golf Course event held December 27, 2016.  Diligent efforts are underway to resolve the issues and post the results.  Your patience will be appreciated as this is completed