Friday, October 13, 2023

2023 President's Cup and Banquet Info

This year’s President’s Cup, Annual Meeting and Banquet will be held at the Jimmy Clay golf course & pavilion on October 24, 2023. Here are some details of the event.


Past President Sam Mihalik will once again lead Team Blue along with his Assistant Captain Allan Myers. Sam and Allan last year led a 41-person team to a decisive 30.5 to 15.5 victory over Team Red rivals Travis McWhorter and David Brader.

This year current President Lewis Howell will captain Team Red, along with Greg Marshall as his Assistant Captain.

The four leaders plus Shawn Higgins, Event Chair, will meet on the Saturday morning prior to the event to draft the teams.


How do you get to be selected to play Oct 24? It is simple. Sign up or have your usual person sign you up to play in the event on the 24th. The sign up will be open from October 18 until 5 o'clock Friday the 20th. You do not have to select a time as the event is a shotgun start (appx. 8:00). You must sign up by 5PM Friday because Bruce Jones will then compile the list of signups and forward it to the Captains and Event Chair so they will have time to prepare for Saturday morning's draft. You will see on Sunday the 22nd at the usual time which team you are on and who you will compete against in match play. 

On Tuesday morning you will pay your usual fees at the course. The winning President Cup team members will win $10 whether they won, lost, or tied their individual match.


At the meeting we will elect Association Officers for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. In addition, door prizes will be provided for those with banquet tickets, along with announcements of the Grand Prix winners, and of course the President's Cup. There will also be members recognized for special awards.

Sam Mihalik led a nominating committee that is recommending the following members for 2023-2024 board positions. Any member is also allowed to nominate a member from the floor during the election process.


President:  Greg Marshall
Vice President: Allan Myers
Secretary/Treasurer: David Brader
Event Chair: Shawn Higgins
Handicap Chair: Jim Sallade
PARD City Board Rep: Maury Miller
General Membership: (
nomination from the floor per bylaws)
Website/Admin Chair: Bruce Jones
Past President: Lewis Howell (automatic per bylaws)


Tickets for the banquet are now on sale on our website and from board members. The cost is $13 on-line or $15 from a board member. Greg Marshall and Allen Myers oversee the banquet this year. After the golf tournament, just head over to the Clay pavilion.  You’ll see Shawn scoring the event in real-time. Your banquet ticket stub will be used for the door prize drawings.


In the banquet area you will have your first opportunity to renew your ASGA membership for 2024. We will have a table set up where you can easily renew your membership. Online renewals for 2024 begin November 1st.

Dues have increased by $5.00 for next year. The main renewal period begins with the date of the Annual Banquet event and continues through December 31st. After December 31st if you fail to renew, your fee will increase to the new member rate of $20.00 to reactivate your membership.

Hope to see you at the President’s Cup competition and our annual banquet.


Lewis Howell
Team Red Captain

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Oct. 24 Event Banquet Tickets Now Available

The Ticket

Fall is finally least on the calendar anyway.  And that means the  President's Cup and Annual Banquet are right around the corner.  The Annual Banquet will be October 24th at Jimmy Clay.  Banquet tickets are now available online.  Click here to purchase your tickets and select your meal option  Your ticket purchase also enters you in the raffle.  Tickets are $13--save $2 if you buy online.  Payable with a credit card or Paypal.  

If you prefer to purchase with cash, board members will have tickets available beginning October 3rd.  Tickets are $15.

Questions?  Contact me or Allan Myers. We're listed on the website in the Organization section, Board of Directors.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Attention Members

 Tuesday 9/12/23 Jimmy Clay Golf Course:

We had a member hit very hard on the knee today by a golf ball from a player in the following group on the fifteenth hole. The incident occurred because a member playing behind them hit his shot before the group in front had completely cleared the green area.

I can share that the few times I have come close to getting hit by a golf ball happened near the green while trying to access my golf cart to leave the area.

Please exercise a little more patience and wait until the members playing in front of you have cleared the green area before hitting your ball. Even if you are a low handicapper and feel you can control your ball, things happen. Fortunately, it appears that the person who was hit today will be OK but he is in a lot of pain this evening. Again, please take a few extra moments and allow the group in front of you to clear the green area before hitting your next shot.

Your patience and courtesy is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Lewis Howell

ASGA President

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


The Trophy

Our President’s cup competition is right around the corner.  For those new to ASGA this year, our golf event is a match play competition with a shotgun start where each of us is either "RED" or "BLUE" team. For whichever team wins the most matches, each winning team member receives a $10 credit to his/her account.

This year’s competition, which historically closes out our annual season, will be held on October 24th at Jimmy Clay.  Then immediately after golf, we will have our annual banquet and awards presentation.  

This year's banquet menu will be your choice of a deli box lunch.  The box will include a deli sandwich, granola bar, chips, and a bottled water.  Your sandwich choices are Ham, Turkey, or Veggie.  Iced tea will also be available.

Banquet tickets will be available online beginning September 24th.  Tickets bought online will be $13 each.   The online registration form will ask you for your choice of deli sandwich as well.  Or if you prefer, you can still purchase your ticket from an ASGA Board member.  Board members will be selling tickets at our golf course events for $15 each beginning about Oct 3rd.  In that case let your board member know which deli sandwich you prefer when you receive your ticket.  We hated to raise the prices, but food costs have taken a big jump over the last few years.

What do you get for your ticket? You not only get to eat the delicious meal described above but you’ll also be eligible for the many door prizes to be given away. The prizes have a value of  up to $100. But you must be present to win.

Following the meal, President Lewis Howell will call the Annual meeting to order and conduct ASGA business, including award presentations, President's Cup and Grand Prix winners, conduct the election and conclude with the drawing of the door prizes. In addition, you will be able to pay for your membership renewal for 2024.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone there to celebrate another fun year and another great match play challenge.  And of course, bragging rights for the victorious team.

Contact myself, Allan Myers, or any board member if you have any questions.


Greg Marshall

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

$450 of Additional Prize Money! And a New Goal For Senior Golfers

Our 2023 ASGA Championship event happens in a couple of weeks. On September the 12th we will play the first day at Jimmy Clay golf course. The second day of competition will happen on September 19th at Roy Kizer. Last year we saw a membership participation increase of around 40%. Hopefully this year we will see even more members playing in the event. 

You only sign up one time for both days. On day one at the Clay golf course, members will play with the groups they sign up with. Tee times are distributed and assigned as we normally do. The second day grouping process at Kizer will be a little different. Participants will be placed into flights based on your handicaps and grouped with competitors that shot similar scores as you on day one.

If you have a bad day one, you may be asking why bother to play on day two. One answer is the $450 of additional prize money you can win.  Each day of this annual event we will have closest to the pin and longest drive competitions.  Participants will be divided into three groups so you will compete against members with similar handicaps. On day one at Clay, winners of the competitions will receive $25 each. On day two, that amount doubles to $50 each. Winnings will be distributed at our Annual Banquet Meeting on October 24th after the President’s Cup Competition at Jimmy Clay. 

In addition to the winnings above, you also can win via the flight competitions.  Our Low Gross ASGA Champion receives $100.  We also pay $100 to the member who achieves the lowest NET score for the two-day competition. All flight payouts are doubled.  Since this is a two-day event, you will pay two event fees. Let’s say you win your flight which would normally pay $20. Being a two-day event, that amount would grow to $40. For the ASGA championship, that amount doubles to $80.

As you can see, there is plenty to play for. The event is a lot of fun and we hope to see everyone there. In years past, we played the Championship on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week on the same course.  Since we now play on different courses and separate weeks, paying for both days on day one of the event has not yet been finalized. Of course, when we learn of any changes, we will keep you updated.

May your drives find the fairways and your putts find the bottom of the cup. Good luck!

Lewis Howell


A New Goal to Aim for in This Heat

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Strategizing for Tuesday--Jack Scruggs Memorial Service Scheduled

 Strategizing for Tuesday's Scramble


So far this year we’ve played two 4-person scrambles—one at Jimmy Clay, one at Morris Williams.

The Jimmy Clay results (from February) showed the usual tight scoring. The lowest among the flights was 47, while the highest score in the money was 53. That 53 would only have won money in one of the three flights—the others required a 51 or 52. But that was cold weather shooting.

The Morris Williams results in June were tighter still. 49 was the lowest, and 51 was the highest. Was it the heat or the course?  We’ll know more this Tuesday as we take on Jimmy Clay once again. By the way, in September, 2022 we played Jimmy Clay--the low score was 48—the highest money winner was 53. Bring your ‘A’ game!

 Jack Scruggs

 A memorial service for Board member Jack Scruggs has been scheduled for July 28th. Details may be found here.  Our heartfelt sympathies go to Jack’s family.

Jack & friends at the course



Monday, July 3, 2023

Notes from the 19th Hole

Hole In One

At our last event at Morris Williams, Robert Amaro had his first Hole-In-One on #14. As he had entered the Hole-In-One Jackpot Contest, he will be collecting the substantial pot.

Robert collecting his ball
after his Hole-In-One

If you wish to partake in the next Hole-In-One Jackpot, contact Shawn Higgins, Event Director

Drinking Water to Be Added Back to the Courses

According to GolfATX, “A decision has been made to re-introduce water jugs back on our courses.  You should see the water houses by mid-July.  This is not an overnight process as we have to make some ice machine and water house repairs.  Small cone cups will be provided but in an effort to reduce waste, we encourage you to bring your own reuseable bottles.  You have made it 41 months without them, hang in there for a couple more weeks.”

In addition GolfATX is asking us to help out when using carts: “With the elevated temperatures, our courses are drying out quickly.  Dry grass is delicate grass--anytime you have the opportunity to keep your cart on the path and/or utilize the 90 degree rule, please do so.  It will go a long way to ensure we maintain excellent playing conditions through this sweltering summer.”

Tuesday July 11, 2-Person Best Ball

Starting Wednesday, July 5, Tee Time Registration will once again be open to sign up for our next event. You will be part of a 2-person team where for each hole, the best net score will be used, then totaled for a final score. You will need to complete each hole, as we will be using your individual gross score for handicaps. We will assign you a partner if you don’t have one. Remember that if the total number of players is an odd number, one person will need to hunt down a partner!