Sunday, September 24, 2023

Oct. 24 Event Banquet Tickets Now Available

The Ticket

Fall is finally least on the calendar anyway.  And that means the  President's Cup and Annual Banquet are right around the corner.  The Annual Banquet will be October 24th at Jimmy Clay.  Banquet tickets are now available online.  Click here to purchase your tickets and select your meal option  Your ticket purchase also enters you in the raffle.  Tickets are $13--save $2 if you buy online.  Payable with a credit card or Paypal.  

If you prefer to purchase with cash, board members will have tickets available beginning October 3rd.  Tickets are $15.

Questions?  Contact me or Allan Myers. We're listed on the website in the Organization section, Board of Directors.


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Attention Members

 Tuesday 9/12/23 Jimmy Clay Golf Course:

We had a member hit very hard on the knee today by a golf ball from a player in the following group on the fifteenth hole. The incident occurred because a member playing behind them hit his shot before the group in front had completely cleared the green area.

I can share that the few times I have come close to getting hit by a golf ball happened near the green while trying to access my golf cart to leave the area.

Please exercise a little more patience and wait until the members playing in front of you have cleared the green area before hitting your ball. Even if you are a low handicapper and feel you can control your ball, things happen. Fortunately, it appears that the person who was hit today will be OK but he is in a lot of pain this evening. Again, please take a few extra moments and allow the group in front of you to clear the green area before hitting your next shot.

Your patience and courtesy is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Lewis Howell

ASGA President

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


The Trophy

Our President’s cup competition is right around the corner.  For those new to ASGA this year, our golf event is a match play competition with a shotgun start where each of us is either "RED" or "BLUE" team. For whichever team wins the most matches, each winning team member receives a $10 credit to his/her account.

This year’s competition, which historically closes out our annual season, will be held on October 24th at Jimmy Clay.  Then immediately after golf, we will have our annual banquet and awards presentation.  

This year's banquet menu will be your choice of a deli box lunch.  The box will include a deli sandwich, granola bar, chips, and a bottled water.  Your sandwich choices are Ham, Turkey, or Veggie.  Iced tea will also be available.

Banquet tickets will be available online beginning September 24th.  Tickets bought online will be $13 each.   The online registration form will ask you for your choice of deli sandwich as well.  Or if you prefer, you can still purchase your ticket from an ASGA Board member.  Board members will be selling tickets at our golf course events for $15 each beginning about Oct 3rd.  In that case let your board member know which deli sandwich you prefer when you receive your ticket.  We hated to raise the prices, but food costs have taken a big jump over the last few years.

What do you get for your ticket? You not only get to eat the delicious meal described above but you’ll also be eligible for the many door prizes to be given away. The prizes have a value of  up to $100. But you must be present to win.

Following the meal, President Lewis Howell will call the Annual meeting to order and conduct ASGA business, including award presentations, President's Cup and Grand Prix winners, conduct the election and conclude with the drawing of the door prizes. In addition, you will be able to pay for your membership renewal for 2024.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone there to celebrate another fun year and another great match play challenge.  And of course, bragging rights for the victorious team.

Contact myself, Allan Myers, or any board member if you have any questions.


Greg Marshall