Thursday, February 22, 2024

February ASGA News

 ASGA Long-Time Member Passes

Many of you may remember Robert Amaro, who passed away earlier this month. A long-time member (our first recorded finish for him was July 2009), Robert was our last winner of the Hole-In-One pot last June.

Robert retrieves his hole-in-one
golf ball at Morris Williams #14

As a senior member of the ASGA, Robert took part in over 400 tournaments, finishing first in his flight over 20 times. He usually led off on tournament day, as he and his group would consistently finish in under 3 hours, 45 minutes. Oh that we could all be this quick on the course!

Our hearts and prayers go out to Robert's family.

Further information regarding Robert’s life and funeral arrangements may be found here


No Fee Increases at Austin Courses for 2024

At the latest Parks & Recreation Board Meeting it was announced that there will be no fee increases for 2024. If you play the Austin city courses more than once a week, consider an Annual Senior Membership to save money. Look for "Annual Card: Senior" on this city website page for more details.

Let's Get Rid of the Poa Annua Grass on the Greens!

As each of us plays a round of golf this Tuesday at Morris Williams, use your divot tool to take up one piece of poa annua grass each green when you putt. You know this grass--it's the one that causes all the bumps in the greens. For each usual tournament of ours, that would be more than 1,800 pieces of grass removed!

Here's what you're looking for!

See you all at the course,

Bruce Jones
ASGA Webmaster