Wednesday, April 24, 2024

April Updates

 Annual Spring Event Update

Results are posted—we have a tight race among the six flights—all but one twosome signing up braved the 70° weather to put up some great scores! Thursday is the two-person Scramble—flights were created using Total Team Handicaps. Scheduling for Thursday will be low-handicap flights first, and within each flight, highest scores from Tuesday are scheduled earliest. Remember there are Grand Prix bonus points for this event, as well as an ASGA 50% match to payouts!

Member Passing

Member Clifford Rierson recently passed away on April 14th, at the age of 84. A long-time member, Cliff joined sometime before we started keeping computer records,i.e. prior to 2006. He played in over 350 ASGA events since that time. He won his flight in the 2010 Annual Championship, tied with Ken Eppright, another long-time member of that period. He remained an active member through 2024.

President Greg Marshall recalls: “I played many times with Cliff.  He loved the game and always had a smile.  He was really smart, and really curious.  He was a huge fan of the NFL and cosmology and could hold court equally well on the Big Bang or the West Coast offense.  A renaissance man if ever there was one.”

A memorial service for Cliff is scheduled for May 17th at St. Theresa Catholic church at 10:00 a.m. An obituary for Cliff may be found here:

Recent Golf ATX Update (4/18)

“Soil Testing from Clay/Kizer yielded two active ingredients from in the crab and goose grass application.  Although those two ingredients were well within the tolerable thresholds, we are confident in saying that application contributed to our conditions.  We don't know why and neither does the manufacturer because as stated previously, all application labels, rates, post application watering schedule and time of application suggestions were followed.  It is just too peculiar that we went south shortly after the application.  

“Winter damage and Poa annua are both significant factors in our conditions.

“With the above, I am pleased to report that we are seeing significant growth at Morris Williams and Kizer and we are seeing growth at Clay.  Growth does not mean immediate improvement but it does mean hope.”

Steve Hammond
Golf Division Manager

No-Shows at 2-Person Events

We have lots of members who like to play with different members each week. If you are assigned a partner in a 2-person event, don't have his/her email, and are not planning to play, please advise the webmaster (email preferred) so he can pass along that information to your partner. Let’s not leave anyone “high and dry” in future events.

Thanks for your support,


Bruce Jones