Saturday, May 4, 2024

Temp Greens Coming to Clay/Kizer

New Grass is Planned for Clay/Kizer!

Golf ATX has recently announced the planned replanting of all 18 greens at Clay and Kizer. Below are some details as recently disseminated.

We want to provide an announcement regarding the conditions at Clay/Kizer of the plan going forward for the next couple of months.  The reason this has taken so long is due to planning, sourcing and weather.

We have been in discussions with our grass farms and it has been decided we will replant all 45 greens at the Clay/Kizer Golf Complex.  From the beginning of our communications, we have pained over this decision and we are to a point where this is the quickest way to get a resolution to the situation.  Not a single thing we have done is a result of neglect or incompetence. If we have lost your trust, I understand and that is regrettable.  Here is what our timeline looks like.

  • Week of May 13th-Begin preparation of the greens surfaces
  • Week of May 13th--Begin preparation of the temporary greens surfaces
  • First week of June--Transition to temporary greens (highly discounted rates)
  • 2nd-3rd week of June--Sprig all 45 greens (5 day process)
  • June-July--Continue play on temporary greens
  • Middle August--Fully re-open better than ever.
Items of note:
  • We will not be closing and will have the best temp putting surfaces we can on as many holes as possible.
  • We will be adding 120 days to full golf memberships and 60 days to half golf memberships
  • Range grinders and $5.00 resident cards will not see an increase in time.
  • This plan is still fluid but as solid as we can get it right now.
  • 45 Greens? 5 short course, 2 Practice Greens, 2 Nurseries, 36 playing greens.
  • Sodding is not an option because our supplier does not have 8 acres of sod.
  • The practice range will be unaffected.

Play Well!
Steve Hammond

Golf Division Manager

We will advise the membership on any effects this may have on our events at Clay/Kizer.