Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Summer Scramble and Other Notes

Riverside! Awesome!
Riverside Next Tuesday

Two-person scramble next Tuesday at Riverside. Be sure to sign up by Friday as Riverside wants a 72 hour notice for our lineup, so we will be closing Tee Time Registration late Friday night.

Also with our first tee time to be scheduled for 8:00 a.m., please show up early so more members can beat the heat.

(Update 6/20: First tee time will be 7:40 and we've been approved for 48 hr. notice, i.e. Tee Time Registration will stay open Saturday as usual).

(Update 6/22: First tee time will now be 6:40.)

Member Passing


Longtime member Lino Oballo passed away May 20, at the age of 84. Lino joined us in 2016, playing in over 200 events, retiring just last year. 

An excellent golfer (usual handicap of 6), Lino almost always played in the 1st flight, racking up more than 55 first place finishes, many with his usual partner Mike Sobremonte. Even more important he served as our Vice-President for two years during Covid, leading us through that unique period.

A memorial service for Lino was scheduled June 17th at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church. 

An obituary for Lino may be found here:


Pace of Play Update

Last week at Lions, groups improved their speed significantly. Late starting foursomes finished 20-30 minutes faster than prior 2024 averages.  Please Keep It Up!

Say "No" to Slow Play

Here are some tips as shown in our Pace of Play Video.

Thanks as always for your support,


Bruce Jones