Tuesday, May 28, 2024

ATX Temp Greens Update

From Golf ATX:

Preparations are in full swing to resurface the greens at Clay/Kizer, things are going as planned so far and we are super eager to put this chapter behind us. The temp greens are surprisingly decent but I am not going to overstate what they are...they are still temp greens. Below you will find some important dates over the next month that will help you plan your visits to the courses.

Maintenance Closures:
June 24-25 -- Kizer
June 3-4 -- Jimmy Clay
June 10-11 -- Morris Williams -- Aerification
June 17 -- Lions

Events of note:
Monday June 3--8 AM Shotgun--Lions
Thursday June 6--11:00 AM--STPGA Lil Linksters -- Morris Williams
Monday June 10--8AM Shotgun -- Lions
Thursday June 13--11:00 AM - STPGA Junior Tour--Morris Williams
Wednesday/Thursday June 12-13 -- AWPLGA Event-Should open by 1:00 -- Lions
Monday-June 20--11:00 AM -- STPGA Junior Tour -- Lions
Saturday June 22--Firecracker Qualifier -- Lions
Thursday June 25--11:00 AM-STPGA Junior Tour--Morris Williams
Tuesday June 25--Firecracker Qualifier--Lions

Play Well!!