Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Earl Klattenhoff claims Hole-in-One Jackpot

     Earl Klattenhoff has been playing golf for well over fifty years starting back in 1955 and in that time has made nine hole-in-ones including the one at the recent tournament held at Jimmy Clay. Klattenhoff was playing with partners Lee VanBurkleo and Willard Hebbe when he hit a nine iron to the newly revamped #5 green at Clay and holed the ball for his ace.  This hole-in-one, however, had a big payoff as it was worth $385 which comes from the Hole-in-One Contest administered by ASGA board member, Travis Eckert.

     Travis has been busy lately paying off the winners as Klattenhoff is the second winner in the last two weeks and with Don Akers scoring a hole-in-one on September 15th at Morris Williams.

     Klattenhoff is a long time member of the ASGA having been a member for the last 15 years. Asked what he planned to do with his big payoff, Klattenhoff said, "I'll probably take my wife, my son and his wife, along with several other close relatives and treat them to a nice dinner somewhere."